Unable to reconcile that Robert Reynolds, the Sentry, and the Void were the same being, the Sentry contained the Void in a vault in the Watchtower. Unfazed, Sentry punched Ash so hard that he ripped through the fabric of reality, sucking both Ash and Sentry into the Earth-2149 universe. Robert Reynolds In one instance he projected the Void as an entirely separate entity, a giant monster. Since the Void and Sentry are one and the same it could also be presumed that the Sentry shares the same powers that the Void does. Causa Mortis.

and any equipment Banner is wearing or carrying isn’t transformed. Maybe it’s something I’ll revisit. Rage Transformation. Seriously, I have an issue. Invulnerability/Regeneration: Sentry is one of the few superhumans to be considered invincible. I’m also a professional blogger, author, and graphic designer. This will pertain to D&D 5e, if there was any question, and while you are free to debate these choices, no one can ever hear the sound of one hand clapping. The target takes 56 (9d10 + 7) bludgeoning damage and must succeed on a DC 23 Constitution saving throw or become stunned. In an attempt to destroy his fragile mind, the Skrulls invade New York, attacking the watchtower where the Sentry's wife is living. 12:17AM Sentry appears in 919 issues. One example would be when he was able to heal his therapist daughter who was suffering from a catatonic state and had major spine issues during his second volume. On a successful saving throw, the target takes half as much damage and isn’t pushed or knocked prone. Invisibility: Sentry can turn invisible by deflecting light and radiant emissions. He talks about a dream of darkness, the Void, engulfing him and Strange asks how he feels about the dream. Follow along with the blog to get INSTANT notifications when new content goes up. Sentry defeats Thor with relative ease and returns to guard the Tachyon Dam where he encounters the Wasp. After having his head torn apart by Thor's Mjolnir in a surprise attack, Sentry simply reconstructed it within seconds. As Osborn's secret weapon, Sentry is the first to attack the city and does battle with numerous Asgardians, including Thor. Or if Banner takes damage he must make a Charisma saving throw with a DC of 5 + the damage taken. Learn how your comment data is processed.

They soon realize that the Void is actually the result of a cerebral virus created by Mastermind. On a successful check, Hulk grabs the creature and slams it repeatedly on the ground around him. In a cry for help and an amazing show of power, Sentry transferred his memories into comic book writer Paul Jenkins, who transferred those memories into a popular comic book series.

As such, he automatically passes all of his death saving throws in either form and cannot be killed by taking massive damage. It now seems that the Sentry has merged with the Void. Also, their file size tends to be smaller than scanned image books. Hulk deals double damage to objects and structures. The Sentry then visited Dr. As a result, the Sentry performs the bloody task, leaving doubts as to whether the Sentry was still in control, or if the Void had once again taken over.

He has not been sighted since. The Skrull believe that the Sentry was most powerful of Earth's heroes and that the only way to deal with him was to induce a mental breakdown. If angered or excited, Banner must make a DC 10 Charisma saving throw. Stat Anything – Hulk | New Monster for Fifth Edition, Knights and Nerds Podcast | Episode 51 – Fractured Alliance, Knights and Nerds Podcast | Episode 50 – Face To Face, Knights and Nerds Podcast | Episode 49 – No Place of Peace, Knights and Nerds Podcast | Episode 48 – Friendly Fire, Ice Geist | New Monster for Fifth Edition.

A battle ensues in which Noh Varr begins to blast and throw cars at Sentry, to little effect. Sentry panics and flees to Saturn in the middle of the battle, where he deals with his fractured mind. The attack makes Bob to accidentally open the force field, but he eventually escapes. All the while, Invisible Woman and the President try to call the real Sentry, but he ignores their pleas. Sentry had helped Hulk keep control of his rage; later, this was revealed to be a product of a calming aura the Sentry can give off, which helped the Hulk work to be a force solely for good and to gain public approval. Keen Hearing and Smell: The grimlock has advantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks that rely on hearing or smell. If you are the artist of a work and would like credit or to have the art removed, please contact us immediately. There is a brilliant flash of light as they arrive and the Sentry is seen alive and well, hovering in front of his tower. These products were created by scanning an original printed edition. Wasp appears, as well, on a suit designed by Bob which would later be used by Hawkeye. This leads to Sentry having enough power to kill the Avengers and anyone who stands in his way. In this alternate reality, instead of Caiera , Hulk is the one who dies on Sakaar. When asked to find Noh Varr again, Sentry states that he used to have an aura which is no longer present, so he cannot. The Sentry then reveals the true way he gained his powers.

A husk also gains a slam attack. Matter Manipulation: After being blown apart by the witch Morgan Le Fay, Sentry later reformed at Avengers Tower under his own power.

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