I wonder why no one has done this? But you will need it to deal decent damage against enemies in the game. You can make judgement on the order of maxing these skills. On pve of course : D, hey guys were fint thorium in zenonia 5 ? I have tested out your guide, I was looking a long time for a “good” guide.

As you level up higher towards level 60 range, you should start focusing some points towards EVA. It's fast, and with the new 8 directions you can attack (rather than the previous 4), you can aim your attack diagonally and juggle enemies that would kill you otherwise. With that in mind, we will spec our wizard skills to focus on the damage. If you’re a perfectionist and don’t want to waste any points, then skip the first few skills and you’ll end up with something like this. This skill can deal massive damage against ranged attackers if you are willing to take a hit. After you have completed the normal game mode, go for the mud titans in the graveyard to obtain the Mud Slayer: Attack +20% Kill 100 Mud Titans. They make great PvE gear farming character for their high damage output against single enemy. This is especially useful for boss situations. With full int you will need to use some HP gears and title to compliment your HP count. Pros: You can hit more creeps. anyone else play that game? I think your zenonia 4 guide is way more better than this guide can't you make the guide like before, how do you enchant weapons and make them also what are the slots for and the stone things i need for them is there a guide on enchanting and making weapons. This skill is really shatters into 4 projections and immobilizes enemies. and what lvl that i put in that skill. Basically, you'll die if you're hit only a couple times (bosses do OHKO though) but can get out of most situations alive. Could you help? Area Zero (Free CRI Skill, hmm guess it will be the same like the Devils Recovery). However this skill does decent damage to enemies from one side. Use this guide to help you learn about using and equipping your Zenonia 5 Wizard in the game. without use any zen ( doesnot have a avatar ) if lucky i can kill a mini boss in 1 hit, what skill is good to wizard into monster and to pvp ???? i need for set lv 50 wizzar. Having additional skill points can definitely make a difference in your game play. Like the Psychic Ball, Tornado has a really fast cool down time which is good for players. I find the extra damage done while I take some hits really puts you over the edge in the battle. 1 Psychic Ball -> just for Tornado Rest of my points go into passive abilities. Learn about skills and builds for the Mechanic in this article. With this skill you will become a decent tanker to avoid one hit kills. You will not die so fast: I’ve been playing alot against only inf Wizards, and their main problem is VERY low def and hp: they die after 2-3 hits. Magic Arrow; Buff for your Dmg, Maxed magic arrow can be quite deadly when coupled with concentration because they do stack. Then if I’m satisfied with my damage, maybe add a bit into DEX.

Additional skill points in teleport does not do much other than damage. Psychic Shield, mana shield to protect your life. Tornado, 2 Whirpools with huge dmg. Teleport: You will dash forward in the game and damage the enemy near you. Full Int build for maximum damage. Max ATT Increase Max Crit Rate Increase Max Passive Master 1 Point into Mental Break, Psychic Spin, Psychic Shield, and Starfall. Mana Drain: At a glance mana drain is a bad skill. However, you will have to get pretty near the monster or enemy to deal damage. 10 Magic Arrow Wizard Stats Build Your wizard building is pretty straight forward in Zenonia 5. This deals great damage to all the enemies around you. Forcewall: Forcewall sets up a static blue fire pillar for some time. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Concentrate: Zenonia 5 Wizard’s concentrate is a deadly combo with Magic Arrow. Mana drain has decent skill cooldown and you should add one skill point to your arsenal. oh men . 1 Lvl ; 2 INT 1 CON For the upgrade stones concentrate to get 3 skill update stones that focus on INT, ATK, and lastly the critical rate if you want to aim for 100% critical ability. Psychic Spin: This is a decent skill that you should invest 1 point into.

In addition, during regular monster farming you may find it annoying having to buff all the time. [ATT: 190% + 10 per additional point] x 1-5 hits x AOE … (keep this stuff in mind in choosing your gear as well). 2. This skill defeats the purpose. Almost… U need to invest in Magic Arrow and Concentration, cause this two skills gives you much more att then passive skills ;). The majority of your ATT will come from your INT count and gears. Passives: As fast, you must have really good controls as a Zenonia 5 wizard. You know what I’m talking about lol, it can be useful. I have been playing mostly pvp but haev no problems yet in the story (though just at the beginning). Active Route: Max Magic Arrow and Concentrate. I focuson passive skills and tronger normal attack plus one strong skill to finish your opponent. – Max passive Passive Master, You can now branch into either of the following routes for your Zenonia 5 wizard skill build: Passive Route: Continue building your passive skills to Max INT Increase and Crit per INT. The last skill is always “supposed” to be the best but it’s long cool time and  expensive SP consumption make it a poor choice for players. To be blunt, by putting it into all 1 will just net you will 1 hit deaths AND you can’t kill much. Other than that, this skill is pretty weak and do not put any additional skill points into it after the initial. The problem with it is that as a wizard, you actually want to keep a distance between you and mobs. You can also get hit by enemies while casting which means you will typically die with Tornado. SKILLS: This skillconvertsthat SP into your HP. The Wizard of Zenonia 5 probably has the best normal attack in the game. 2 Int and 1 CON for additional HP to take more hits. Your role in PvP with this build is to kill the enemies first before they take down your little HP. Max ATT Increase Max Crit Rate Increase Max Passive Master Max INT Increase Max Mental Break, Psychic Spin, and possibly Psychic Shield. However, you can still put in some CON to boost the HP to survive a couple more hits, but in general the CON does not help you much to survive more if you cannot kill your opponent fast enough in Zenonia PvP. Maybe Cri per Int passive? For Passives, add into what you’re lacking. Psychic Storm (Test, but ulti should deal dmg) , So i Will go with 30-40 Points until Max lvl in my Passiv Tree Skill Tree Start [Non-new game plus players], In no specific order, but you should max the following skills, Passive Skill Tree [Non-new game plus players]. However this route will require you to consistently casting more buffs before hunting enemies. Contras: none. +1 con, +2 int every level. and all Passive Skills, and its awesome. 3. I go for 5Int 1 Con. I am a video game fanatic with over six years experience as an online writer. You do not neccessarily need to place any points into CON since your psychic shield will nullify all the dmg and since I went full INT I do not run out of mana. 1 Int and 2 CON for a wizard tank build.

look me up I have something like 600 W – 21L in Pvp (Maruru2). I’d add into Mana Drain for a good “DPS” attack, one of the later AOE attacks to round up my two main attacks, and have Psychic Shield and Concentration to top it off.
If you pull the enemy in without killing it or immobilizing it, you will more often take a hit. This is an okay build for PvP since you have an insane amount of single aa dmg but you lack the cc, aoe and burst dmg that is more suited for the story mode and the Abyss (since you encounter many mobs at the same time). If your dex is high enough, even bosses cant resist a crit’s and their knock-back effect. – Feel free to invest rest of your points. For beginners, it is recommended that you place 2 points in CON (Increases Health) and 1 point in INT (Increase Attacks/SP) at each level up. Now I will point out my experiens. I am interested to try the all passive route I think that would be a good build. Pros: You get a knockback what is especially good against Bosses and you can deal dmg in a line. burn half the health of a paladin with 2 k def ( my att is 3k7 ) with just 2 skill, You should try psychic spin, it is awesome!!!. – Max passive Int increase, Your email address will not be published. Pure STR builds are for PvE purposes only.

If you can “Save” and not use any skill points then do so. My build allows me to clear an entire map in a few seconds since all I do is activate shield, lure all mobs together and then go right in the middle of them and activate mental break followed by psychic spin. Definitely get 1 or more skill points in this. Like I’ve said Melodiaa build is fine for PvP (as he has stated) but impractical for late game esp Hell Mode where you will get 1 hit KO’d by mobs (shield is a lifesaver and if you want a means of escape for those times when you’re surrounded and all your spells are on cd then you can invest 1 point into teleport). Magic Arrow: Magic arrow is useful in boosting your normal attack. Bring DEF up a bit, INT to about 90/97, and go all out on DEX.
However this skill is pretty slow and you will get hit while casting this skill. Contras: you need on early lvls rly much Mana, dont know how it works on late lvls. If your damage and crit rate is decent enough, the skill can push back the boss and deal even more damage. Guys how Magic Arrow and Concentrate stack together? At high levels, this is a great skill for it’s high immobile rate too. Hello im playing zenonia 5 right now and apparently i cant find the int increase in the passive so what can i substitute it with??? There are 108 skill points (Max level is 109 now) so my ending skills would be, Psychic Ball (1)Tornado (1)Force Wall (1)Chain Lightning (1)Mana Drain (10)Mental Break (1)Psychic Shield (1)Psychic Spin (10)Concentrate (10)Starfall (10)Psychic Storm (1)ATT Increase (10)DEF Increase (10)CON Increase (10)INT Increase (10)Passive Master (10)Devil’s Recovery (1)Area Zero (10). I have more dex points than int. This makes it extremely easy to farm and to lvl up. Vit Increase: 5-10 Points Guard Crash [5] – Great attack you get early on. If an attack is 'x aoe' that means you can hit everything in the vicinity. However, the limited buff duration makes it less attractive. making it very difficult for things and people to come running at you when they are constantly getting pushed back with every single blow. Psychic Ball; Damage with 3 Balls like your Auto Attack: Why? At higher levels with good damage, you can use it as a good finisher because this wizard skill has a wide range. As a magic and ranged class, your wizard is pretty squishy in the game. Contra: The Dmg isnt huge enough to get in in my smart cast. In this guide, we will go over everything that you need to know about building your Wizards from stats to skills.

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