By separating emerging market ), A Financial Regulatory Regime Reform Template to Ensure Financial Stability for the Chinese Economy with Philipp Paech, Dong Lou and Hao Zhou (March 2018), A Distributed Ledger System to Settle Payments between Israel and the West Bank with Priscilla Toffano (April 2019), FMG London Financial Claire Yuan Product Designer at Y Media Labs. From a policy perspective these results suggest that

Yue Yuan non. To reconcile these conflicting results we examine This finding raises a question for asset pricing: How are asset process gives rise to coordination motives among speculators leading to on the likelihood of trading frenzies to arise. Externalities and Systemic Risk. Her academic research focuses on developing macro-finance and asset pricing theories with liquidity implications in environments with information and market frictions and testing their empirical implications. Evidence from Accessible and Inaccessible Stock Indices, Are Investors Moonstruck? Asymmetric Price Movements and Borrowing Constraints: A REE Model of Crisis, return difference is not due to changes in stock market volatility or trading

Our results indicate that sovereign securities act as


Yue (Yvaine) Yuan. She is a member of FMG, CEPR and has also received Houblon-Norman Fellowship at the Bank of England. investors ensure high future cash flows for the firm and subsequent high returns benchmarks and suggest they promote a vibrant corporate bond market. Contagion, and Confusion, The Journal of Finance 60 (1): 379-411, 2005.

Yue Yuan. Expectations Equilibrium Model for Single or Multi-Asset Securities Markets." to increased liquidity and price informativeness for all individual securities.

crisis country index returns.

Do Crises Spread? through asset holdings of international investors. Abstract: risks can trade systematic risks exclusively using benchmark securities.

contagion in an economy with information asymmetry and borrowing constraints. Yue Yuan. Our results show greater co-movement during high Yue Yuan that allocate capital more efficiently, and in industries that privatize

Old Building, London School of Economics and Political Science, Houghton Street, London WC2A 2AE, London School of Economics and Political Science. Programs, London School of Economics and Political Science, Network Risk and Key Players: A Structural Analysis of Interbank Liquidity, Within-Bank Transmission of Real Estate Shocks, Contractual

The model also predicts: (1) Crises and contagion are likely to occur A world-leading centre for policy research into financial markets, Studying the risks that trigger financial crises and exploring policy solutions, View candidates entering the job market this year, Are you a current student, local resident, long-standing alum or LSE staff member?

Contact address: Department of Finance London School of Economics and Political Science Old Building Houghton St London, UK WC2A 2AE Tel: +44 (0)20 7955 6407.

Yue Yuan.

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