Click Here to contact XTO’s Interest Owner Relations Department or by phone at 1-866-886-2613 (toll-free) with any questions. All Rights Reserved, Frequently Asked Questions regarding the system upgrade. Sincerely, Revenue Interest Owner Relations Group. The positive entry right above it will indicate the amount that should have been paid to you. A: Crude oil and natural gas are commodities, and their value is subject to daily swings in the marketplace. •, © Copyright 2003-2020  Exxon Mobil Corporation. (The royalty rate should be in your lease agreement. The income reported to the IRS is your gross income prior to any other deductions or taxes. See link below for instructions and document forms. In Texas (and in some other states), this tax becomes payable only when minerals are producing (as opposed to non-producing), and are billed and collected once per year. Phone: 1-866-886-2613 (Option 2,3,1) Address: XTO Energy Inc. Attn: Revenue IOR - Loc. Please correct the marked field(s) below. XTO Revenue You may complete and follow the instructions listed on our form below or you may use our online system to initiate or update direct deposit. Due to the proprietary nature of the information, XTO Energy may not always be able to respond to certain questions you may have regarding properties. 1099s A: Revenue checks are issued at the end of each month if your revenue reaches $100 minimum, or depending on state regulations. It is one of the nations largest independent oil and gas producers with reserves of over 2.06 billion barrels of oil equivalent. Oildex. LOC 116 Ad Valorem is Latin for "according to value." We invite you to utilize the online system, or contact us if you have any questions regarding your interest owner account. Before making any financial decision based upon information found on our website, please consult an expert to verify any findings from A: Yes. It is important payments are cashed, regardless of the amount, prior to the 180-day mark. XTO Energy has significant leasehold within and operates in the Barnett Shale, Appalachian, Mid-Continent, Permian Basin, and Gulf Coast regions of the United States. A: Natural gas and oil revenues are generally paid one to three months after the actual production date, in accordance with state regulations and lease terms. Royalty payments are dependent on production from wells. 125 2107 Research Forest Dr. Want to receive payments without all of the detail pages attached. 2107 Reasearch Forest Dr. Visit, click on Interest Owner Relations - Online System to register or log in. If the address is unknown, the funds are reported to XTO's state of incorporation, which is Delaware. All Rights Reserved, Frequently Asked Questions regarding the system upgrade. Contact Information for Royalty Owners – Tel. It is the share of gas produced from the well that you will be paid for. Please notify immediately if any inaccuracies are discovered. State governments set owner severance tax rates and levy the tax when natural resources such as oil and gas are "severed" from the earth. Coverage of all Texas Producing Properties. If your check is stolen, contact XTO immediately at our main toll free number: 1-866-886-2613. Registered users, please log in to the XTO Interest Owner Relations Online System by entering your login name and password below. Loc 116 If you have not registered with the Interest Owner Relations Online System, please click on the Register Now box below to sign up for this free service. If you lose your check, please contact our office so that we may void and re-issue the check at our next check write date. They are non-negotiable. © 2020 Use of this website constitutes acceptance of the MineralWeb Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. A: Yes. Payments will be mailed or direct deposited, and detail will be available on XTO's website. XTO Energy, Inc. appeals the trial court's judgment and award of damages rendered in favor of Elton Goodwin. XTO Energy Inc. was founded in 1986 in Fort Worth, Texas. Resources A: Due to the many variables involved in determining the estimated value of a property, we do not provide such valuations. Click Here to view Frequently Asked Questions. The difference is the adjustment to you for that specific production month. ATTENTION OWNERS: We are excited to announce that XTO Energy revenue check detail data is now also available on the EnergyLink platform.

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