If Shida is an unknown commodity, Kong is very much the opposite. There’s no official game for the hottest organisation in wrestling just yet - but you can play as its top stars in WWE 2K20 instead, using the AEW CAWs profiled below.

Learn more, Get WWE’s biggest rivals in its own game with these essential AEW CAWs. Dustin - AKA Goldust - joins brother Cody on our list of 15 wrestlers you’ll never see in a WWE game again, on account of him departing the E to sign with AEW earlier this year. A great way gamers can do that is by utilizing the Create-A-Wrestler mode, which allows people to make their own characters, which are often non-WWE Superstars.RELATED: Ranking Every WWE Video Game Of The Past Decade, From Worst To Best A veteran of the indie circuit as Scarlett Bordeaux, this 29-year-old has amassed spells in OVW, ROH, Impact Wrestling and Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide.

TheSmackDownHotel.com is the largest source for WWE 2K20, WWE 2K19, SuperCard and all WWE Games, with News, Images, Videos, Roster, Guides, FAQs, Creations and more. Tessa is the daughter of Tully Blanchard, a bona fide legend of the squared circle based on his days lining up alongside Ric Flair, Arn Anderson and Ole Anderson in The Four Horsemen. Submitted by KotaProuctions.

Please refresh the page and try again. Guaranteeing that any return to WWE screens will be accompanied by a joke about ‘hot property’.

Another strong Nic1_F creation to bolster the female side of your roster. vs RAW Here Comes The Pain More. Download Free WWE SmackDown! He's going to be a huge star within the next year so with no video game being released, he is certainly going to become someone that everybody wants to play as. This piece of pint-sized goodness is by Nic1_F. Another hayworthgang creation.

As a strictly sim player, I’m not usually one for movie protagonists/superheroes/the cast of Friends using up precious download spots. The World's Most Entertaining Car Website, 10 Best WCW World Heavyweight Champions in History, WWE 2K20: The 10 Best CAWs You Can Download, Ranking Every WWE Video Game Of The Past Decade, From Worst To Best, 10 Old Wrestling Video Games Actually Worse Than WWE 2K20, Tessa Blanchard could be a playable character, 5 Of The Best WWE Video Games (And 5 Of The Worst), 10 Wrestling Video Games You’ve Probably Forgotten, 10 Former WWE Wrestlers We Won’t See In A WWE Video Game, 10 Wrestlers Who Left & Came Back To WCW Multiple Times, Every Two-Time Champion In NXT History, Ranked, 10 WCW World Title Contenders That Had No Chance To Win, 10 Wrestlers You Totally Forgot Main Evented An ECW PPV, 10 Small Wrestlers Who Had Huge Wins Over Larger Opponents, 10 Best Gimmick Matches In WWE History, Ranked, 5 People Who Made A King Gimmick Work (& 5 Who Failed Miserably), 10 WWE Legends Who Didn't Get A Farewell Match, 5 Reasons Jon Moxley Was A Better WWE Champion (& 5 Reasons He’s A Better AEW Champion), Survivor Series: 5 Reasons The Concept Is Outdated (& 5 Reasons It's Still Relevant), 10 Times Wrestlers Made Lame Gimmick Matches Work, Retribution: 10 Facts About Mia Yim To Know, 10 Best Quotes From The Undertaker, Ranked, 5 Ways Stone Cold Is Better Than Goldberg (& 5 Ways Goldberg Is Best), 10 Worst Sole Survivors In Survivor Series History, 10 Best Times A Wrestler Wrestled Twice In One Night, 10 Pay-Per-Views Where Tag Teams Stole The Show, Hell In A Cell 2020: 5 Things WWE Got Right (& 5 It Got Wrong). GamesRadar+ is supported by its audience. Steiner has made no secret of his total disdain for WWE power couple Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, mostly using words beginning with F and C. Nor is he a Ric Flair fan. Scottish grappler Ray overcame Mia Yim in the pre-show bout, continuing her strong run as NXT UK Women's Champion - a belt she picked up by defeating Toni Storm in August 2019. Thank you for signing up to GamesRadar+. Please refresh the page and try again.

Visit our corporate site. More © Moxley has a slightly different look now that he is in AEW and it's great to see that within the video game. Cover Superstar Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, Bayley and Sasha Banks The Four Horsewomen describe the journey to bring womens wrestling to the forefront of WWE in their own words with exclusive live-action footage. Here’s a name you really won’t be seeing in WWE again until the depths of hell devolve into an icy tundra. He's doing pretty well for himself too, capturing the Cruiserweight Championship from Angel Garza at this year's World's Collide. CAW stands for Create-A-Wrestler, and via the excellent Community Creations option in-game you can nab fan-made versions of all the new stars to keep your WWE 2K20 roster up to date. The new man-beast of NXT hammered long-term favourite Tommaso Ciampa at June's Takeover: In Your House event, and boasts one of the most startling ring entrances around alongside real-life girlfriend Scarlett. Doing so is as easy as starting up the game on PS4, selecting Community Creations, then Downloads, and searching for each wrestler by either their name or creator. Back on goggleboxes in AEW as Pac, the pinballing Geordie is again at his high-flying best, and can be reinstalled to 2K with this GoncaMarcos18M CAW. The number one WWE …

vs RAW 2006 SmackDown! And hey, Reeves vs Schwarzenegger would be a more watchable WrestleMania bout than anything involving Baron Corbin.

There will be no new wrestling sim this year, but WWE 2K20 CAWs enable you to keep up with the 'real' thing regardless. WWE 2K20: The 10 Best CAW's You Can Download | TheSportster

This creation is the work of RunZekeRun.

He's appeared sporadically in the WWE games over the years, but you'll need to utilise a CAW if you want to feature him in 2K20, and this effort by trudypoo2 is the best available. Here Comes The Pain. vs RAW 2010 Legends of WrestleMania SD! You won’t be able to use his current theme, but Nikki Cross’ music is very close to the one he used as a member of Sanity; edit that in Create-An-Entrance for the most realistic Dain possible.
She flopped during a WWE stint under the ring name Kharma, but is still considered a dominant force thanks to her days warring with Gail Kim in Total Nonstop Action (TNA). CAW Archives 2003 - 2013 . While they don't come with their usual powers, it is certainly a lot of fun to pit the likes of Iron Man up against the WWE heroes. The must-add CAW pictured here is the work of Bhangra22man.

Revealed one day, retracted the next: the curious tale of WWE 2K20 Lio Rush, Feature Known as Jack Swagger during his WWE spell from 2008 to 2017, Hager spent two years on the independent circuit before signing with AEW in 2019. 2K Games has acknowledged the title has some, erm, problems, News This is a fantastic example of the former IMPACT Wrestling star, with an incredible amount of detail being placed into her in order to make her look as realistic as possible.

There was a problem. Jordan Devlin wasn't the only WWE newcomer to impress at Worlds Collide in January. All rights reserved. Fiddly, but it only takes a couple of minutes.

Developer: Yuke’s. I'm GamesRadar+'s sports editor, obsessed with NFL, WWE, MLB – and very occasionally things that don't have a three-letter acronym. Until then, enjoy this Onligne76 CAW. Go on then, let’s draft the whole family into WWE 2K20.

This way you can return the likes of Chris Jericho and Dean Ambrose to the series they departed this year, or add newcomers such as Nyla Rose and Pentagon Jr. So I told Vince, at the end of the day, I wanted to come out in a white sheet. Your best bet for replacing him is this effort by hayworthgang, though he has two versions on the Community Creations servers - be sure to download the one marked ‘no text logo’. The must-add CAW pictured here is the work of Bhangra22man.

A great way gamers can do that is by utilizing the Create-A-Wrestler mode, which allows people to make their own characters, which are often non-WWE Superstars. GamesRadar+ is supported by its audience.

Namely: Bill Bryson, Pitch Perfect, and the Streets Of Rage series. It showcases that wrestling fans don't just like to push for AEW wrestlers, but also other talents from outside the world of wrestling. One of the most menacing, nefarious heels of early '90s WWF was the evil clown Doink - portrayed by the technically excellent Matt Borne, who sadly passed away in 2013. Making wrestlers in masks reduces those issues, and Pentagon Jr is the best of the AEW bunch - we’ll keep an eye out for Lucha Brothers tag partner Ray Fenix as a candidate to appear in this feature’s next update. It isn't really a surprise that CM Punk is a character that is available through the Create A Wrestler mode, as he is one of the most popular WWE Superstars of all time. There's a good chance that by the next time there is a 2K video game, Tessa Blanchard could be a playable character. Return him to your NXT show in Universe using this Onligne76 creation.

(Release date still TBC.) You will receive a verification email shortly. His creations starred in both our WWE 2K18 CAWs and WWE 2K19 CAWs guides, and he’s back again this year, with this attempt at Jericho the best effort so far. Contracted wrestlers being axed from the roster is a major GR bugbear, and former Sanity member Dain suffers a similar fate to Lio Rush.

Dominant in TNA, WOW and AAA, she’s held her own against men in inter-gender matches, already surpassing her dad's achievements by capturing the Impact world title. It’s made by marcoandtarma, who also has a Conan The Barbarian creation that looks just like Arnie available.

Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, Another strong Nic1_F creation to bolster the female side of your roster. Get the best gaming deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable gaming news and more!

WWE 2K20 CAWs: 19 created wrestlers (and one John Wick) you need to download By Ben Wilson 23 July 2020 Get Chris Jericho, CM Punk and Tessa Blanchard now with our WWE 2K20 CAWs guide

The Morrison CAWs are arguably the more realistic looking as well, with some incredible attention to detail being placed into him.

The only downside is that CAWs can’t be used across platforms, so the CAWs available to Xbox are different from those on PS4. He's someone fans consistently push for WWE to bring back and someone that many fans have great memories of. He's a character that looks fantastic, bringing fans the chance to play as him.
Much like Cody, the Omega CAWs with the most downloads just aren’t quite right - so instead search for this piece of work from darren270283.

Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment and crazy facts. GamesRadar+ is supported by its audience. Goldy remains in fine fettle at the evergreen age of 50, and can be included in your game by way of this endgame3702 CAW. PCSX2 Minimum System Requirements For PC: Operating System: Windows, Linux OS and macOS. Want to know which stars past and present are included on-disc?

Empire Of Tomorrow completes this year's extra content - here's your WWE 2K20 DLC guide, Feature Still, IRONBILO has delivered a fantastic CAW here, in case you wish to unleash Big Poppa Pomp and The Game upon one another in WWE 2K20’s virtual rings.

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