That was very much brought home when as we celebrated survival, our near neighbours Bury FC folded. The fault lies with those who supposedly run football and are supposed to vet potential owners. Bit of a warning for many teams - what happens if they go / the money runs out? Maybe not for glory hunters (who don’t really count) but for fans of most clubs like Wigan or Bolton or Norwich it’s a  lifelong passion, a sense of belonging and togetherness. Perhaps more interesting is the fact that if Spurs managed to get their result then Steve Bruce would have overseen […], We’re back in a Blind Date style, trying to decide which of us w…, Cure those self isolation blues with a non invasive dose of the Pie At…, Yep, it’s a COVID-19 special. Sub-Forums Threads / Posts Last Post. Join The Vital Wigan Forum This Site Is Available Vital Latics Video & Podcasts Zone. I agree that it shouldn't be, but that doesn't change the fact that it is. They act as if they are bedazzled by the riches of Premiership football and the top clubs, and show a serious lack of vision or any plan to make football in this country sustainable. Every football fan should do what they can (if they can) to help. Add in to that the various novelty Christmas songs and generic pop songs […], With Saturday’s game against Sheffield Wednesday on the horizon, we’ve been turning our minds to things that would be worth going to Sheffield for, even if you didn’t want to pay £33 to get into a football match. Preston have bought Wigan's training ground now which strangely enough they bought from Bolton during their struggles. It's more of a general point rather than being aimed specifically at Wigan.). This is a discussion on -- Wigan Athletic || A Fans' Story within the Other Sports Dynasties forums. It’s the pure ignorance of the statement. i'm following. Fans are wrong. If clubs are continually propped up, and there are no consequences then this cycle will never end. I do share the sentiment though, probably for different reasons, not apathy to their plight but a desire that actions ultimately should have appropriate consequences and bailing teams out is not fair to teams who are run properly (again, this is not particularly based upon the Wigan situation, as I have very little knowledge of it). Join The Vital Wigan Forum. As any sensible fan is. Hope you don’t mind me coming on your forum, I just wanted to bring up the subject of Wigan Athletic. It seemed like things were finally looking up after a tumultuous few months, sadly this is Wigan Athletic we’re talking about and things are never that simple […], It’s been a bruising couple of weeks for John Sheridan’s Wigan Athletic. Uwe Rosler altered his line up from the team that defended stoutly at Brighton last week, recalling Jordi Gomez and Forest old boy James Perch for […], Spurs 0-0 LaticsSunday 21st September 2008Just incase you missed it, Spurs needed to win this game to stop themselves having their worse start to a season since Jeff Stelling invented football one Saturday in 1992. Wigan Athletic LGBT Supporters. I feel very sorry for Wigan fans and hope that they manage to raise the cash so that they can survive - football is the lifeblood of many communities and the idea of clubs folding is abhorrent to me. If you can help, as one or two of your fans already have, please do so, do it for Wigan, so they can continue to regard my team as their most bitter rivals, and do it for the greater good of the game. Let’s take a look at Saturday’s trip to Charlton shall we? For some fans who call for the club to spend more than it can afford to be so blase about clubs failing is revealing about their depth of their understanding imo. By Last visit was: Tue Nov 03, 2020 2:20 am. There are a lot of free agents out there, with so many clubs not renewing their contracts with the prospect of much decreased revenues coming in. I do like the simplistic minimalistic design and I’ve no doubt whatsoever that the material is the latest gizmo sweat absorbent away, piece of material since Noah built the ark but it looks like a cheap copy from […], Wigan continued their impressive run of victories against fellow play off contenders Nottingham Forest with four goals in a comprehensive demolition of Billy Davies’ not so merry men. If clubs are continually propped up, and there are no consequences then this cycle will never end. This may be the ideal analogy for those Clubs struggles. ». Hope you don’t mind me coming on your forum, I just wanted to bring up the subject of Wigan Athletic. Latics Chat. This is great stuff adz. I do not defend the statement, I have sympathy for the fans. City fan, not a football fan then! This Site Is Available. It's easy! When the larder has been raided, do you expect fans just to let the club die and trot off to support someone else? We can only hope they are saved, and that it took Bury's regrettable fall to focus a few minds. If a teams training ground is close enough to be of use to more than one other Club, then unless they are all huge clubs , there will be issues of support base etc. And that is why I am here – to make you aware of Wigan fans attempts to save their own club … the fans are trying to raise £500k by Monday  via a crowdfunding scheme and are well on the way to reaching that target with assistance from fans up and down the country. Vital Wigan Site Available. I agree that it shouldn't be, but that doesn't change the fact that it is. Fans are wrong. Business doesn’t come into it. First update will come shortly. Football has never been a business as far as fans are concerned. > Other Sports Dynasties It’s not been a good month for Wigan Athletic. Footymad club forum. Dancing With The Ghosts Of Wigan Casino, 1973 The cold December wind cut through the hole in the window and its […], Is it just me (probably/possibly) but the “new” England home shirt looked a tad tacky?

We possibly should have been two up, we created some great opportunities. Covid-19 Latics TV Store Buy Tickets Search. It is a business and has been for years. It's fair to say Bolton have had a really grim time of it with that *winker* Ken Anderson, then it looked like Laurence Bassini was taking over which is like getting Nick Leeson in place of Gerald Ratner - frying pan into fire isn't enough of a description. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Vital Latics Video & Podcasts Zone. That’s a truly crap response. Information for supporters of Wigan Athletic and fans attending fixtures at the DW Stadium. The Official Wigan Athletic vs Swansea City Match Thread on 13:11 - Oct 30 with 4104 views: WxmJax: Bought ours online last night after missing the deadline again for the cheaper ones. Previous Thread Imagine if people stated that about Norwich. Supporting a team is more like an emotion! They have reached thier target and its currently at £509,211. Their, just a simple little start, no fancy details or anything. However, football has to learn the lessons - most of the wild financial gambles fail. Copyright 2010 Archant Ltd « It is a business and has been for years. Sign up for a new account in our community. Join In On The Active Vital Wigan Forum. Fans. (If the money raised is not used as set out and another buyer acquires the club it will be refunded), I suppose both Wigan and Bolton had a bit in common with local wealthy men who came good trying to work their way up - obviously Dave Whelan at Wigan and the late Eddie Davies at Bolton. Whilst I don't quite agree with the insensitivity of the first post and I do sympathise with their fans, I do agree with the sentiment. They may not be rich enough to plough multiple millions in, I respect and I am thankful for them. Couldn't risk missing out on a pie if you don't get a voucher at the gate, assuming it's also pay on the day. Having lived through the crisis at my own club, the not knowing whether you will have a team to support tomorrow is not something that I had ever given serious thought to, until it happened,  and having been through it , it is not to be wished on any supporter of any club. The scene of where things fell apart last season (well if we ignore Stanley Choi, Au Yeung and the EFL that is) comparing the performance at Charlton with that of Crewe is […], In a Soulful Christmas Mood The Christmas song has been given a bad press in recent years, no doubt partly influenced by Simon Cowell and his legacy of X-Factor one week wonders that hijacked the Christmas number one for over a decade. It’s nearly happened to our club on a couple of occasions. Chris pointed us in the direction of one of Sheffield’s less expected landmarks and this article that […], Here at the Pie At Night we believe in attending a football match (or indeed rugby) involves more than just watching the game. Next Thread Looks like they've changed their target to £750k, lol. Join The Vital Wigan Forum. btw, what game are you using? If football is to be treated as a business, which it clearly is, it should be bound by the same rules. It seemed like things were finally looking up after a tumultuous few months, sadly this is Wigan Athletic we’re … If the shoe were on the other foot, I'd be devastated. I still don't know exactly what the money is to be used for.

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