Its life. my packages stuck at custom in Franklin Park, IL for almost a month, OMG! ... DHL were due to deliver my package today. Now my package will arrive tomorrow... apparently. This is not my first time with complaints about DHL. I just need the pallet of parts that we ordered so we can continue to do business. I am out $50 because some lazy idiot delivered this item 2 hours away to some random house after sitting on it for 3... DHL(USA) is terrible.  – About 3 months ago. DHL sucks!!!! Every country has duties and taxes just a few don’t have much! I've witnessed this because I have to watch like a hawk when they're delivering, because they never knock or ring the doorbell to notify the package was left, so then I worry about theft if I don't keep an eye out. This company has taken about a month and a half to get a package from the US to Canada.  – About 3 months ago. I purchased a power supply for my PC on Newegg. when i went to the service point today, they said my package was delivered at my house.

 – About 7 months ago. I contacted them and they stated that they don't have an address to deliver the package to. DHl Global mail (DHL ecommerce) shipping issues. SAME MESSAGE ON TRACKING IN TRANSIT TO DESTINATION COUNTRY 2 PAGES OF THE SAME SHIT 36X NO IDEA WHERE IT IS ....EMAILED dhl NO f%@kING REPLY ....dONT USE dhl ASSHOLES ... f%@k DHL. Half the time when I called customer service it was by people who couldn’t speak English very well. DHL drivers can't seem to figure this out and so they return the package to the... Mar 31, 2020 I have never once received a single item I have ordered that shipped via DHL. They made it work.  – About 4 weeks ago. The item was shipped on June 13,... Jul 16, 2020 They took literal weeks to tell me that my address on their end was incorrect !  – About 5 months ago. DHL (USA) is horrible with delivering items and their communication sucks. There is one called not delivered courier workload but we getting pretty big trouble if we do that Even though it would be the correct scan. DHL f****d it up every time. The tracking doesn’t work says it doesn’t exist .we order a lot of stuff for business and personal no problems. No knock, did not ring door bell, did NOT leave a door tag. I want to emphasize that my power supply is in a warehouse two towns over And yet my PC parts from California arrived at my house before my power supply. DHL SUCKS!! crooks charged me customs fee of over 300 dollars for something that is duty free.  – About 5 months ago. A local paperboy is more reliable that this shitty service! That's how you'll be seen, before being forgotten. They want a physical address but that option for me to change this is greyed out on the website. Now it's held hostage by the DHL Gestapo and after spending over 2 thousand dollars to get it shipped, it will likely never be received by family. I ordered a package from Aus to Canada on March 27 with an ETA of April 11. This is in the United stares how long should it take to get half way across the county. Was actually impressed how fast it got to the Boston facility. They've been holding it for over a week, and never bothered to let us know. Back to another phone call and find out the fees associated with the shipment are over 50% of the value of the shipment. We waited all day for them to be delivered because obviously we need to be home to receive such large packages at our apartment. Please try again later." But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap. The package was at their facility for 4 days before shipping, then it says package was "Tendered to delivery service provider" so i... May 14, 2020 I've run a speed test, and it said my download speed is greater than 60 Mb/s, but when I go to download a file, it barely exceeds 100kb/s.

It arrived yesterday, I completely forgot about the item...I know France to Seattle is a long... they are the f%@king worst I can't believe how can you f%@k something up so badly.

The package was at their facility for 4 days before shipping, then it says package was "Tendered to delivery service provider" so i checked the address that they say is "delivery service provider" AND ITS AT A TRAILER PARK!  – About 7 months ago. Package traveled the world in a few days but is stuck “ forwarded for delivery” an hour away from my house a week!!!! I went to the local garage to make sure they had not left there has some parcel companies do if they can't be bothered to go to the house but no nothing. As I said before this DHL must be ridiculously cheap, probably just outsourced to a bunch of tractor trailer trucks packed to as full as they can be and still pass the scales. It's a real... Every single time I have ever bought something online that shipped DHL, and I mean *every time*, the package somehow disappears with no updated tracking and I never receive it. It's been 3 months and the package is stuck in "scanned into sack/container" The store was kind to send me another set and ***shock*** it's been stuck at the SAME spot (Melrose Park/IL) for 2 weeks now!  – About 4 months ago. This is embarrassment to a delivery service. Two weeks ago I received an email that DHL delivered a package. Paid $400 for shipping express by the way.... Apr 7, 2020 The DHL leaflet even says that for UK/Canada parcels the transit times only one day. Join the thousands of others in a public venting! And not possible to speak to anyone via their customer 'care' number. I called the customer service and even they are not able to contact this Chicago station! I ordered car parts, waited two weeks and when I check my tracking it says attempted delivery recipient not home yesterday. I’m not making this up I’m driving down to LA to pick it up I’m f%@king over it. DHL indeed Sucks Big Time! Called DHL to find out where the... Jul 31, 2020 These morons were trying to EXTORT money from the company by charging duties/VAT not due. We have been ordering from China every week for over 3 years. From Illinois to Iowa lol. Once he opened the door, there it was.... DHL are pile of shit had order from Hong Kong and been stuck in Hong Kong 8 days now tracking just said shipment information received phone dhl they say ask the sender as saying it’s his fault and he hasn’t sent it but he insists he has bloody joke all want is an update so I know we’re my package is and still nothing can’t see me getting it ether £400 pounds worth if it’s dhl tracking system that not updated I’ll be pist off as absolutely pointless if u can’t track your item won’t be going with dhl again first time used them and be last time. Was actually impressed how fast it got to the Boston facility. I drove 10 miles to Fry's and bought one at the store. And of course the customer service for Dhl is the worst I’ve dealt with. Did the building get caught on some icy roads?  – About 8 months ago. Crazy!!!! Couldn't agree more! I guess im in the same boat , i ordered an item before the chinese holiday and it shipped on may 6th. Ordered a microscope from the US to Canada, it arrived in Canada May 15th, as of today it is still in brokerage. Original estimate was April 23rd which amazon changed to the 26th.  – About 7 months ago. Still not here after weeks! Of I would have known DHL was the carrier of choice, I would have never ordered from ESTY. Then they told me they could not deliver to that particular... Aug 27, 2020 So I decide to drive down myself to pick it up. You also do not state what you were charged for shipping — it may be that the only reason your seller could offer low (or free?) DHL are the worst. It's only there for entertainment.  – About 5 months ago. Tracking my package today and I was delivery number 34. Wrong. Im waiting on DHL to get off there asses and give the package to USPS, But instead they say there's been a delay. Never again. only after filing a complaint they thell you where your package is.  – About 3 months ago. Friday no package. On Tuesday morning (29 September) I paid nearly £40 to dispatch a parcel from London to Ottawa for my son's birthday on Friday 2nd October.

As it turned out, they too now use DHL.. It's been 3 months and the package is stuck in "scanned into sack/container". Every experience that I've had with DHL is slow shipping, never met their expected delivery date, and for what reason? USA DHL is F**ing bad, especially Chicago Franklin Facility is a piece of shit.  – About 1 Month ago. Did the building get caught on some icy roads? No updates or movement on tracking numbers. Setting Intentions For 2020,  – About 4 months ago. DHL sucks big time. USPS states they have not received this item both in writing and verbally when I have called and submitted written inquires. The proverbial "slow boat to China" is WAY faster than DHL and can probably even provide decent customer service. Geesh I hope no one ever buys from this company. I finally got to a person and when I asked her why noone has contacted me she stated I was lucky I was talking with her.

They never attempt to ring the doorbell and I think... Jul 7, 2020 Now, it is 10:00am the next day... still at the facility and now the estimated delivery date is "unavailable". Seller sent it out next day However the tracking on DHL website stopped after the very first scan on May 27th... and... Si ese color es importante. DHL SUCKS so much. Now I'm waiting outside for nearly another hour trying to get in. Called customer service NUMEROUS times and... Oct 10, 2020

I agree they SUCK the big one! They messed up my address (blamed the company/seller) when the address was right there in my invoice at the time of purchase (through Paypal). I ordered a Model O- and they use DHL as a middle man. I called immediately and they double checked it. I bought a vynil from USA to Brazil in april. What a flipping Joke!! And not possible to speak to anyone via their customer 'care' number.  – About 5 months ago.

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