It's All in the Tentacles, Vampire Bats: Social Distancing While Sick, Water Discovered On Sunlit Surface of Moon, OSIRIS-REx: Significant Amount of Asteroid, Turbulent Era Sparked Leap in Human Behavior, 2017 Pneumonic Plague Outbreak in Madagascar Characterized by Scientists, Scientists Find Medieval Plague Outbreaks Picked Up Speed Over 300 Years, Building Stronger Health Systems Could Help Prevent the Next Epidemic in Madagascar, Genomic Variation Causing Common Autoinflammatory Disease May Increase Resilience to Bubonic Plague, Infectious Disease Modeling Study Casts Doubt on Impact of Justinianic Plague, Tibetan Sheep Highly Susceptible to Human Plague, Originates from Marmots, Global Risk of Madagascar's Pneumonic Plague Epidemic Is Limited, Turbulent Era Sparked Leap in Human Behavior, Adaptability 320,000 Years Ago, Study Uncovers Subset of COVID-19 Patients Who Recover Quickly and Sustain Antibodies, Europe Took Center-Stage in Global Spread of the Coronavirus, Says New Research, Implantable Device Can Monitor and Treat Heart Disease, Researchers Engineer Tiny Machines That Deliver Medicine Efficiently, Avoiding Inflammatory Foods Can Lower Heart Disease, Stroke Risk, New Insight Into How Brain Neurons Influence Choices, Harnessing the 'Wisdom of Crowds' Can Help Combat Antibiotic Over-Prescription, Tracking Flight Trajectory of Evaporating Cough Droplets, Venous Origin of Brain Blood-Vessel Malformations, Some of the Principal Treatments for Osteoporosis Could Reduce the Incidence of COVID-19, Study Finds, Subset of COVID-19 Patients Who Recover Quickly, Europe: Center-Stage in Coronavirus Spread, Tiny Machines Deliver Medicine Efficiently, Avoiding Inflammatory Foods to Cut CVD Risks, Over 80 Percent of COVID-19 Patients Have Vitamin D Deficiency, Study Finds, COVID-19 False Negative Test Results If Used Too Early, A Malformation Illustrates the Incredible Plasticity of the Brain, Water Fleas on 'Happy Pills' Have More Offspring, Denisovan DNA in the Genome of Early East Asians, Secrets Behind 'Game of Thrones' Unveiled by Data Science and Network Theory, An Underwater Navigation System Powered by Sound, Intelligent Cameras Enhance Human Perception, Self-Watering Soil Could Transform Farming, Beetle Larvae Think With Brain 'Under Construction', Criss-Crossing Viruses Give Rise to Peculiar Hybrid Variants. A team of European scientists was sent to colonial Hong Kong in the 1890s to study the epidemic. According to historians, rats carrying plague-infested fleas likely brought the disease to Constantinople from Egypt aboard ships importing grain. This chapter discusses bubonic plague which is a devastating bacterial disease most commonly transmitted by fleas. Bourdelais, P; 'Epidemics Laid Low: a history of what happened in rich countries'; Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2006. There is a high mortality rate in infected individuals (approximately 100%) and potential for rapid spread of disease from human to human (Poland and Barnes, 1979). The Church played a significant role during the Middle Ages because religion was an important aspect of daily life for European Christians. Pneumonic plague can resemble other rapidly progressive pneumonias. The Latin inscription on the slab reads 'Hodie, mihi, cras, tibi', meaning 'It is my lot today, yours tomorrow'. "No one living in London in the 14th or 17th century could have imagined how these records might be used hundreds of years later to understand the spread of disease," added Earn.

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