The objects the Scythians buried with their dead are generally small or lightweight – such as small drinking flasks and wooden bowls. Speciality cheeses are not a modern gourmet phenomenon. As late as the 6th century AD a Byzantine writer described the deadly effect of mounted archers like these: ‘they do not let up at all until they have achieved the complete destruction of their enemies.’ If this were not terrifying enough, several classical writers state that the Scythians dipped their arrows in poison! All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God to where we all deserve death, destruction and judgement in the Lake of Fire from the wrath of God to where we need a savior to save us for our sins forever. Scythian craftsmen were good at casting metal. The Scythians (/ ˈ s ɪ θ i ə n, ˈ s ɪ ð ... Like in Early Scythian culture, the Classical Scythian culture is primarily represented through funerary sites. No longer dipped in poison at least. None of these required large amounts of equipment and Siberia is rich in metal ores, but it did require skill. If you could be transported back to any time in history what would it be.? They liked a bit of bling Scythian horse gear (saddles, bridles, bits etc) was also highly developed and functional, durable and light. Thick floor coverings were essential though – sheepskins, felt rugs and even an imported pile carpet have all been found in tombs. © The State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg, 2017. The Wikipedia article on Scythians shows some illustrations which may include some East Asian facial features, but these illustrations are not dated and may not be primary sources. Furthermore, the clothes that the Scythians wear in some Greek sources and surviving works of art seem ridiculous and out of place on a nomadic steppe people. I would be very surprised if they were blond as the peoples of this area were dark-haired until the Scandinavian invasions which probably took place no earlier than the ninth century C.E. I've seen them presented as Turks, Eastern Europeans, Mongolians and Iranians and it has been suggested to me before that they would have looked a lot like the Dothraki from game of thrones. The area of distribution of these sites has, however, changed. On the way, we’ll encounter false beards, weed saunas and even a bag of 2,500-year-old cheese…. It is made up of three major ecological zones – icy tundra at the north, dense forest in the central part, and mixed woodland and grassy steppe in the south.

These false beards might have had a ritual role in the funeral. What did the Scythians look like? The original Scythians very early integrated Cimmerian hordes, particularly of Ashkenaz, the son of Gomer. Scythians did not look like modern day Iranians. Originally known as ‘milk drinkers’, the Scythians adopted wine consumption from Greeks and Persians. This false beard was found with a chieftain’s body at Pazyryk, a Scythian burial site where the permanently freezing conditions have kept organic matter (like hair, skin etc.) They were accomplished riders and did not use spiked bits or muzzles.

All the frozen Scythian bodies examined so far from different sites are heavily tattooed. For important people these resembled log cabins that were lined and floored with dark felt – the roofs were covered with layers of larch, birch bark and moss. The famous Massaget princess was called Tomiris. They were also one of the most feared peoples of the ancient world…. Good works will not ever save you and no one and nothing else will. They soon acquired a reputation for excessive drinking of undiluted wine (the Greeks used to mix their wine with water). The Scythians (pronounced ‘SIH-thee-uns’) were a group of ancient tribes of nomadic warriors who originally lived in what is now southern Siberia.

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