Brittany then finishes up the lettering and formatting and gets it all ready with a new scrollable layout for the internet. Read comics, webcomics, manga, and manhwa online or download the WEBTOON app. Webtoon will ONLY email you if someone responds to your comment in particular. This is just a personal observation from me but LGTB+ contents aren't exactly as popular on Webtoon as Tapastic. How many subscribers do you have? I'll make the adjustments with the Tapas for Webtoons- that's a whole big clusterf**k altogether. I guess, because of that—the difference in readership—I have been more pleased with LINE Webtoon. Forums can be a great place to find new team members and friends. You seem to have researched it thoroughly. Probably the biggest difference between the two sites is the number of readers - I think webtoon has something like 10x the number of daily readers that tapas does. Which one was more successful for you? Including views, likes, subscribers, and comments. another little problem it's they re more "manga oriented" (so yeha, if u re planning to do a BL manga, look like u have got an easy jackpot XD lol)BUT they ve got more audiance than tapas, plus their management about readers it's quite wise: they dont push the readers in only 1 direction, to the "big names". What do they do differently? If you've got early access on your patreon, that's probably your selling point.I haven't checked you out on webtoons, but I would advice you to take similar measures there. More posts from the ComicBookCollabs community. Being exposed to more of this, they begin to see creators more like humans than just as vessels of comic creation. Yes you’re on top, but you must improve or one day you may no longer be the best. Maybe Webtoons is becoming more aware of Tapas as a competitor and is trying to improve the community experience since that's one big draw that Tapas currently has over Webtoons. I had little to no readership then, and very few followers on any social media site, so I pretty much went in there as a nobody. They have a much larger audience. The average Tapas reader also tends to be older, which can affect which comics/genres do well on each site. I created a sort of hybrid format whereas each 2 page spread can be linked vertically. So if you want to have a traditional page format for your comic just make sure you can read it on mobile. But on Tapas they give you the details on the entire past year of statistics. ), oh, i didnt know about that quite scared about the BL legion fans plus i dont like the gender so what i know it's what i read here and there's strange how type of comic it's liked based on platform O_o". Link your patreon up to your webtoons account, and your readers will see a small "support this creator on patreon" notice with a link to it at the end of each episode. How do they compare? 58.7K. Post your work! Let’s have a look at what makes the Webtoon-format different from other comics. I have a huge list of features that prove Tapas is better. But yeah the inability to delete an account is kind of... well, it's like the website is missing something that most websites have. Webtoons definitely leans for quantity over quality over there. They do all look very similar, but trust me they are very useful. Actually, readers tend to be harsher toward BL/GL manga and the majority of them get low rating because of that. I uploaded they first 3 chapter of my series on Webtoons (my series currently has 7 on Tap) and well I really hate the format of the website. Me personally have seen all sort of readers on Webtoon and have a fair share of them myself so despite updating roughly 20-30 pages an update, too short comment is a regular for me. It takes a little too long to load, I can't really view followers and I find the rating system weird. Meanwhile Tapas gets 8.89 million views in a month which is 5 times less traffic. If you add a very small banner to your updates (goes both for tapas and webtoons) where you mention that little selling point you've got, and just casually link it in the author's notes, that will actually be more effective and appear less naggy than if you constantly mention it in author's comments is what I've noticed. If you want to post something before a draft you already made, you have to delete the post and create a new post. I’d prefer to be notified by the app on my phone. 2 days later, 2,000. Want to have a private chat with another user? episodes. The biggest difference between the Webtoon-style and conventional … This allowed them to grow into the giant they are today through advertising and connections.But let’s give some specific examples here. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, Tapastic vs. Webtoons! It began to grown organically. Tapas. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Start a massive ad campaign. Required fields are marked *. Tapas is home to a creator community that has published 85,000 stories. If you are listening, PLEASE add these features. So this one is a bit petty, but I stand by it. imho: only good point it's the forum. I write the story and do a basic layout, Brittany fixes it up and adds the lettering, then it goes to our line artist Quincil, and finally our colorist Soojung paints in the colors. Learn how your comment data is processed. If you have ever spent more than 5 minutes on a collaboration forum, you would know that there are far more writers looking for opportunities than there are opportunities. I’m looking for advices about web comics and this was very useful. Because actually, webtoon readers do not like manga oriented. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. After reaching the 1,000 mark people began to naturally come across our comic. They are bigger. report. And honestly, I think that’s part of the problem. Publish with Tapas. And some do. Sadly, all of these points are destroyed by the one fact about Webtoon. R.n.P 2017-05-06 18:40:58 UTC #35 Actually, readers there seem to be okay with traditional page format so long as it's readable on mobile (huge text and bubbles). Publishing . And on top of that, you can schedule multiple posts in any order. Webtoon readers do prefer hetero relationship and it's why the Romance genre grows so big. It has nothing. Why is publishing episodes so much easier on Tapas? And due to the competitive nature if the contest, my comic's ratings shot down to below a 3/10. Your home for the world's most exciting and diverse webcomics and novels from every genre. Publishing with Tapas is quick and easy. What do they do differently? The daily snack is seen by all those with the Tapas app. Thank a lot. Because that just makes sense. As of writing the script for this video we have 994 subscribers on Tapas, and 12,031 subscribers on Webtoon. I agree with a lot of what has been said above. It’s Tapas. doesnt own a forum for what i konw and suffer from downvote war, something that for newbie/newcomers it's really a disaster. and to me, after 1 year + here, it's a HUGE delusion. no sorry i mean as style not how the comic it's placed on the sitemy eng it's a disaster lol XD, Also I might be popping your bubble but BL manga is easy to thrive here in Tapastic, but nowhere near in Webtoon. Webtoon also has a performance-based creator rewards system, which pays creators an additional $100-$1,000 based on monthly US page views. You see, unlike Facebook, YouTube, and most every platform on the internet including Tapas, you can’t schedule a post on LINE Webtoon. Otherwise, post it on both of those sites and any other site you wish.With said, let’s go over what this video will be about. I'd have to google it to find it as a tapastic reader. maybe just sometime tapas pick someone from the ground and give a limitated highlight, but it's quite useless. These were due to us being advertised on the website under various categories and being recommended from similar comics. (Your Honest Opinion! Thank you! Just putting a little advice out there: Right now it's really difficult to find your patreon. Well done. Not due to the content of our comic, but due to the lack of an audience.Now, what should we do now?Creators, just put your comic on both websites, but if you really want to choose, just put it on LINE Webtoon.

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