Harris took the opportunity to create a bike that is an interpretation of the original machine. The Vincent in the Barn (Motorbooks, 2009) by Tom Cotter offers 40 stories of motorcycle-hunting dreams come true. Vincent adopted this setup for all production twins in 1955. How and why did the engine travel from France to that waterlogged warehouse in Saigon? The bike changed hands several times before being bought by Herb Harris and restored to Black Shadow specifications. 1993 MERCEDES-BENZ 500E Our Price: $85,000. “They were selling the project as a standard Black Shadow,” Harris said. F40 Motorsports is proud to offer Wayne Carini's Personal 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. I had a lump in my throat—tried to congratulate some people—watched the bike on the banking in the brilliant sunshine, sound as a bell.”. In detail one might expect from a professional gearhead and a melodramatic style worthy of a Formula 1 television announcer, he carefully chronicled the historic event. Despite the fact that the team broke the engine’s crank, they set a number of records that clearly meant a lot to Richardson. 2003 BMW Z8 Alpina Call for Our Price. The motorcycles faced unusually high temperatures at the track that year. On June 26, 1969, Van Nhon got his wish and sold the “1953 or 54” engine to Bruce Clarke of Florida. A period-correct French Marchal headlamp with a yellow bulb was fitted, and the speedometer was lowered. D Owners Club commissioned the VOC Spares Company Limited to build a replica Black Shadow from new parts. Another bit of intrigue comes from the letters from Nguyen Van Nhon appealing to Lieutenant Leon to buy the bike. The speedometer and headlight are dropped an inch or so lower in the front to give the bike a racier appearance. The front cylinders flow air better than the rear on Shadow engines, and Lightning motors (as well as all 1955 Series D final production Vincents) use two front cylinders, which means they have both spark plug holes on the right-hand side. « Q&A at #TradeSummit in Birmingham- Norton Motorcycles asking about need… 2017 new Triumph Bonneville Bobber 1200 Color Options full Details » Irving Vincent Motorcycle The key to finding those Vincents may be found in a newspaper article, letter, or bill of sale tucked into a filing cabinet of Ho Chi Minh City. Save Even More Money with our RALLY-RATE plan! These highly-tuned engines were capable of 70 bhp – 15 more than the 55 bhp V-twins used in the Black Shadow. Chrome is bright and shiny after some recent TLC by the current owner which included a painstaking wash, cleaning and polishing over a 2 month period! Margin in California. The bike’s history had been publicized in MPH in the early 1970s, and readers took a keen interest in how this motorcycle had made its way from Vietnam to the United States. 500 miles completed on the bike by the current owner in 16 years. In letters Van Nhon sent to an American pilot, he described the engines in his possession. • Rare Birds: Restoring a 1907 Curtiss Motorcycle • The Super Supercharged Vincent Black Lightning • The Million-Mile 1949 Harley-Davidson Panhead. Once the surprisingly lightly worn engine was reassembled, Harris had to decide how to restore the bike. 2009 Bentley Arnage T Our Price: $79,500. “It was anything but. The Surtees engine was built alongside one other, which would go into the bike that would become known “Gunga Din” – the prototype test-bed for the motorcycles that would evolve into the Vincent Black Shadow and the Vincent Black Lightning. Almost everyone with a Vincent Black Shadow engine has been told it has race history. Richardson notes that French pit workers told the team to use a brush to lube the chain rather than just pouring oil on it, and urged them to use “some oversize flamethrower of French manufacture” rather than stock HRD lighting. Rotted bits of plants were inside the cases. “We started seeing these crazy stamps,” Harris said. Black Shadow serial number F10AB/1B/900 was a specially prepared model sold to American John Edgar for the purpose of challenging the American land speed record for motorcycles. But that part of this motorcycle’s story is yet to be told. The Vincent Black Shadow engine was built as a works motor and shipped to France just in time for the speed record attempts. your own Pins on Pinterest On the basis of this run Vincent's subsequent advertising used the slogan "The world's fastest standard motorcycle: This is a FACT – NOT a Slogan!"[11]:34. Vincent Black Lighting ridden by Jack Ehret, click here to see more or register to bid, The Valespeed 28 – A Custom Motorcycle For The Age Of Social Distancing, A Honda XR650R Custom Flat Tracker by Mule Motorcycles, Documentary: Building The Rolls-Royce Merlin Engine, The Car Of The Future (From 1977) – The Six-Wheeled Panther 6, The Super Bond Bug – A 150 bhp Superbike-Powered Three-Wheeler, Boeing 747 Wheel Table by Plane Industries, The Southern Lights Electric Original Bell Jar Table Lamp. He claimed to be courting suitors for the engines from Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Texas collector Herb Harris saw the post and noticed that the ad said the bike had a high-performance specification. The most likely scenario is that a French soldier purchased the Vincent Black Shadow engine after the race at Montlhéry and transported it to Saigon. Having received glowing reviews from the motorcycle press in the UK, the machine was auctioned by Bonhams and eventually went on display at a museum in New Zealand. Terry stated, the price should be more than a restored “C” with a fresh motor rebuild since it was low miles and a good runner. . Rumor has it that a Thai prince ordered the machines. Living as we do in the age of…, My friend Adam Lesley, whom I had previously built a Sportster 1200 Hooligan racer for, approached me with interest in building a flat track “framer” – a framer is a motorcycle with a lightweight frame designed for dirt track racing…, This documentary gives the best look we’ve ever seen into the process of building a Rolls-Royce Merlin V12. A picture taken during this run earned this motorcycle the name "the bathing suit bike". Nygrin saw the articles and letter about his bike and wrote in to describe how he had acquired it. “I have purchased the three bikes last year because first I know it must be a very good and fast bike, a famous name,” Van Nhon wrote in a letter dated October 4, 1967. One of them was a six-hour average pace of 100.60 miles per hour, breaking the old record of 96.72 miles per hour.

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