And he led his clan fearlessly into the battle with TigerClan and LionClan. How is the status on the herbs?” Wolffeather padded into the medicine cats’ den as Leafpool was sorting through tansy and borage leaves that were freshly picked in the morning. Kat Sorrow shown brightly in Leafpool’s eyes as she watched him finish the blackbird off. “C’mon!

Browse through and read warrior cat fanfiction stories and books . “What?!”. The series can be read here: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. Before he left, he turned and meowed, “Nice catch,” as he passed by the half-buried mouse on the outskirt of the sandy training area. Sign up Log in. “Yes, they were great warriors. They seem like they need help,” Wolffeather muttered, loneliness showing brightly in her eyes. “Don’t… There needs to be three for the prophecy!” Jayfeather hissed. She's barely out of the nursery herself. “Yes. We tend to keep kin to ourselves. I have two sisters,” Wolffeather mewed, her expression guarded. “Thanks Leafpool,” Wolffeather said, as she touched noses with her. And the thorns smell like ShadowClan, too!” Wolffeather cried out, whimpering as Leafpool smelled her paw. “Hi, Jayfeather, Leafpool. A creepy older warrior named Longtail pins her down and hurts her, though Hollypaw doesn't understand what he did until later. It’s sad that she didn’t join our clan. “Wolffeather, calm down,” Firestar breathed in sharply.
She was beaten up, called names, rejected, and hated on for simply being different. Spark Character Guide. “I wanted to tell you something… But I didn’t think I would run into you so soon,” Jayfeather confessed. Lionblaze went to go get some rest, since he was going to go on the sunhigh patrol and after that a hunting patrol with Wolffeather. As Leafpool led Wolffeather out of the medicine cats’ den, Brambleclaw padded up to them, and asked Wolffeather to speak with Firestar. “Go on,” Wolffeather mewed as she took Firestar’s poise again. Hey Guys! (A fanfiction of Warrior Cats with my OC's!) “Stop playing games! Don’t act dumb,” Jayfeather hissed through clenched teeth. “I don’t think any clan leader but you and possibly Blackstar know about this. Sorry Wish! “We can share it,” Wolffeather mewed, as she went to go sit underneath Firestar’s den. Hollypaw is a young ThunderClan apprentice around seven moons old. Maybe even more than you, Rusty,” Wolffeather purred out his kittypet name, even though she was insulting her clan leader. Leaves rustled around Jayfeather as Wolffeather immerged from the bushes to the left of him. I really need to stretch my muscles, catch a few mice,” Lionblaze cheerfully purred, as the rest of the patrol met the two cats at the exit to the stone hollow. “Wolffeather, temper,” Firestar mewed, amusement re-sparking in his green eyes.

What do you mean ‘the town’?” Firestar mewed, cocking his head to the side.
“You don’t want to wake up the princess,” Cloudtail snorted, looking over his shoulder at Wolffeather, who was sleeping diagonal from where Lionblaze’s bed was. “That can’t be possible! “Well, since Brambleclaw is no longer with Squirrelflight, because of a fight, Brambleclaw thought that you might have chosen him, seeing as you two have a very good relationship,” Firestar purred, the amusement that he was trying to hide shown very brightly. “Yes. Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share. Hollypaw is the youngest queen the Clans have ever seen. ... My entry's for a Warrior cat writing competition and some random stories that I wrote when bored. “Yes! I would like to get more training with fighting. Another cat padded over and nudged him in the shoulder. “Anyway, we need to ask you one more thing,” Firestar continued, his tail wrapped over his forepaws again. “Wow, well done, Wolffeather,” A familiar mew sounded from behind her. BloodClan’s leader Scourge tried to mate with my mother, but she rejected him. “Hey, Leafpool,” Wolffeather mewed, limping into the medicine cats’ den. Firestar just looked at her. “Oh. She is very agile, in fact,” Lionblaze hissed quietly, as he got up and followed Cloudtail out of the warrior’s den. “Yeah, I know where that is. “Alright, I’m sorry,” Jayfeather murmured, sitting down with a grunt. One day, Hollypaw and several of the other apprentices decide to hang around ShadowClan territory. I held a meeting to every cat, while you were on patrol. “Alright, we’re all here. “Wait… How is Tigerstar your uncle?” Firestar pondered, his tail gently flicking Wolffeather’s back, as he sat closely next to her. “Please… Don’t mention that name, again,” Firestar’s voice sounded like he was a kit again. Her expression was completely gone. Co-Founder. Brambleclaw nodded in greeting. He would understand if his kits were split between clans!” Wolffeather felt a new fury boiling in her blood, as she flicked her tail tip back and forth. One day, Hollypaw and several of the other apprentices decide to hang around ShadowClan territory. She shook her dusty pelt and then hissed furiously. Wolffeather traveled into the woods. “Lionblaze,” she whispered, as she released her grip on Jayfeather’s throat. I know it is very hard for a younger she-cat like you to trust someone that you just barely met, less than two moons ago,” Firestar mewed, his voice loving and caring. She was a fine warrior. Skypaw is just like any normal apprentice. We were never very friendly, especially when our kin got into battles with BloodClan,” Wolffeather mewed, her voice quivering with fright, remembering the stories she was told when she was a kit. “I’m sorry, Firestar,” he nodded to Wolffeather’s apology. “C’mon Wolffeather, we have herbs to get,” Jayfeather meowed to her, as he padded out of the stone hollow, Wolffeather right behind him. Wolffeather obeyed, and Leafpool got the thorns out in no time at all. Spotting the mouse rustling under leaves, she came up behind it, making sure to be downwind of it. Leafpool picked them up, and then set them at Wolffeather’s paws. “But, thank you for telling me all of this. “I don’t know if I want to do anything like that right now. Did you know she joined ShadowClan?” Wolffeather mewed in disbelief, seeing as her own mother wouldn’t want her to join this clan with her. We think that, since you’ve been here for over four moons now, that you are available to pick a mate, if that is what you would like to do,” Firestar mewed calmly. Do you know where that is?” Ferncloud explained, and then asked. “I can’t believe it… I just can’t… Believe it,” Lionblaze huffed under his breath. Hollyshine was held back a few months after giving birth. She was carrying two plump mice, one vole, and a big blackbird. Brambleclaw just nodded to his leader and sprang away, heading towards the clan’s camp. “Don’t defend her; I’m sure she is perfectly capable of defending and protecting the clan. “We want to talk to you about our grandchildren,” Sandstorm meowed, flicking her tail. Did Lionblaze or Jayfeather tell you?” Firestar asked, wondering how she knew so much about ThunderClan in the short period of time that she had been with them. “I don’t need saving by a princess,” Cloudtail snarled, hissing under his breath. She is great in battle, loyal to her clan. “I’m going to go out and hunt.

This incident leads to Hollypaw becoming pregnant. 34.9K 1.3K 128. The medicine cat falls in love with the leader and gets her pregnant. Her name is Nightblood. We use cookies to enhance your experience, analyze site traffic, and for our marketing purposes. Let’s get a move on!” Brambleclaw yowled, dashing off into the forest towards the ShadowClan border. “Nothing’s wrong, I just wanted to talk to you,” Jayfeather snickered, feeling how tense she was. Warrior cats lemons // requests O... by Finchleap 1K 2 2 these are warrior cats lemons, aka NSFW/mating stories requested by other people! We might need more, like a lot more, cobwebs,” Leafpool murmured, half to her, as she stood up and twitched her ear, hearing Whitewing stirring in the mossy bed next to her and Wolffeather. Then, Lionblaze started to share tongues with Wolffeather. “Tigerstar? “What happened to you, Wolffeather?” Leafpool’s amber gaze instantly traveled from Wolffeather’s luscious green eyes to her paw. She heard a bunch of little scrambling noises, too quiet for a cat, but too loud for a clumsy vole. I bet she would even save you,” Lionblaze mocked Cloudtail, just a little. That’s his name,” Wolffeather mewed, closing her eyes and lifting her chin. “Yes, how did you know? TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. “Hawkfrost was actually going to be my mate, even though we were kin. “I’ll see you around! “She has greencough. “Yes. Kin isn’t a loud to train kin,” Wolffeather hissed again, her fur standing on end so she looked three times her size. “I will!” Wolffeather mewed, touching noses with him. “Who else did you think?” Wolffeather asked, her gaze softening. He was the ruler of ShadowClan at one time,” Wolffeather shuffled on her paws as she tried to remember his name. “Sure, Leafpool,” Wolffeather nodded, brushing past her and going into the storage area where the herbs are kept. if you're not interested in such a thing, i'll politely ask you to just kindly leave! Sniffing, Wolffeather knew it was a mouse. “Yes, they are our grandchildren,” Firestar nodded as Sandstorm confirmed. “He was the best! Sell custom creations to people who love your style. I’m on the sunhigh patrol,” she nodded half to him and half to herself as she sprang away, and out of the tunnel. Her mother wants justice but Hollypaw is too embarrassed to tell anyone. “I can’t control my temper if you keep fueling it, Firestar,” Wolffeather tried her hardest to calm down. “Well, at least we got that out of the way,” Brambleclaw muttered, as Wolffeather stood and shook her pelt, sand flying all over the place. “Oh, Whitewing! “Yes, unfortunately, it was her. Heading into the stone hollow, Wolffeather had a mouthful of prey. “Alright, I guess that works with me,” Wolffeather nodded.

This is a story about a mixed up clan.

“Bye, Birchfall!” Lionblaze called out to his clanmate who was guarding the entrance to the clan’s camp. “We have business to discuss, by the way.”. “I have an uncle. Lionblaze also seems like he is distracted.

“Greetings, Wolffeather,” Firestar’s calm mew sounded around her. Jayfeather seems to be slightly distracted, and we think it might be because of you. I want to make sure those kits get as much milk as they can possibly get!”. “Mate? “But, he was still a good cat!” Wolffeather’s pelt bristled, her teeth almost bearing in a snarl.

Read Chapter 3 from the story Paw pregnancy by Bluestripedagreat (THE BLUE) with 361 reads.I weezed heavily as the mouse I was trying to catch ran off. Brackenfur took up the rear of the patrol. “Sure,” she purred as she set her day’s catch down on the fresh-kill pile. The longing to be with his littermate touched Wolffeather’s gentle but fierce heart. “Prophecy?” Wolffeather asked, her head cocking and the hostile gaze slipping out of her eyes. “Dustpelt…” He whispered the rest as Wolffeather backed away. “I believe his name was Tiger,” Wolffeather muttered out the name, as she licked her chest fur. Wolffeather settled back down, her eyes still guarded, as she meowed, “Why should I tell anyone who I want to choose as my mate?”.

Leafpool sat, watching his son and Wolffeather. “Lionblaze is falling for you, Wolffeather.

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