Each thrust went so deep into Heatherpaw, she was screaming in pleasure. "Sit down, Heatherpaw. They handed the box and Cherrypaw to the other twoleg. Lionkit echoed the word. Warriors and all their concepts and characters belong to the Erin Hunters, their writers. "Fuck! "Cinderpaw? Currently I'm not taking OCs, but anything else I could try and do if you Request! Fox Dung, Brambleclaw! Remember my deal with you, because I mean every word of it. It is the most common position a tom and she-cat mate in. "It's not painful, it feels really good for both of them. "Ohhhh fuck, that's was hot Heatherpaw." . "Fuck her again like she ordered. "What? The she-cat can release this as well, but it's different. She had taken so much of his cum inside of her that she started to look bloated, when Axel thrust hard enough to shove his knot inside of her, and cum one last time. She felt him pick her up by her the scruff and carry her to another room. You're not supposed to do this in front of other cats. You flattered me. I want it hard!" Heatherpaw begged. Summary: A cat is abducted by twolegs, goes into heat, and gets fucked by a dog. tip: "uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto" angst kudos>10. Fuck me again, dammit!" Heatherpaw started to moan, finally feeling much more pleasure than pain, and even more pleasure then when Crowfeather was eating her out, only getting stronger. "Ohhhh fuck! She bucked back hard against his thrusts, grinding against Crowfeather's balls. ... Summary: A cat is abducted by twolegs, goes into heat, and gets fucked by a dog. "What I'm about to do is called a mount. Just make sure to include that in your Plot though, so I know. Don't tell me how to run my life!" "Ohhhhhh, Who said I didn't want it do it again? I DO NOT. Crowfeather pushed his muzzle into her core and licked her deeply and quick. Lionkit mewed innocently as Brambleclaw picked him up by the scruff. Squirrelflight argued. He started to increase his speed while Heatherpaw's moans started to get louder and higher-pitched, until Crowfeather hissed at them, interrupting their mating. She moaned, rubbing her belly and purring in delightful pleasure. The closest thing she could detect was a bird up in one of the trees. It could be a danger to the clan, or Cinderpaw!" (Y/N) is just a normal girl with an ordinary life... That is, until the transformation occurs and she is sent to ThunderClan. Before Lionpaw could respond, she started lightly stepping around the mouse in a half-circle. Cherrypaw woke up to find that part of her felt strange, her rump was tingling in an unfamiliar fashion, and it showed no signs of stopping. He then flipped her over and stepped on her stomach, forcing the massive amount of cum inside her out and onto the floor behind her. (Except blood) I know, hard to believe, right? "I couldn't help myself... You two, put on quite a show." Heatherpaw came with a howl of pure pleasure, tensing and constricting hard against Lionpaw's member while covering it in her fluids. She had only been at it for a coupe minutes before she felt hot breath on the back of her neck. His moderately fast thrusting wasn't matching Crowfeather's at all. One of them started gesturing in her direction, and she saw another one start to reach for her, opening the cage and placing her inside a box with a door they had in their hands. She squealed in pleasure and closed her eyes as she howled in ecstasy from Crowfeather's, rough, passionate fucking. That's how you were born, you and your littermates." She had so much excess fluid, the barbs glided across her walls with ease without tearing. "Heatherpaw! Heatherpaw howled in pleasure, digging her claws into the ground to hold herself steady as Lionpaw complete ravaged her core. Crowfeather came with force and a howl, rope after rope of fertile cum shot directly into her womb and filling her. She was brought inside of it and let out of the box. The Ice Didn't Thaw (Warriors, Scourge x Reader), Various Warrior Cats X Reader (One-Shots), Warrior Cats x Reader One Shots!

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