The Smith & Wesson Model 13 revolver was a combat classic back in the day. Then there are the hybrid pistols that combine the tactical polymer configuration with match-grade performance, such as the Walther Q5. While I really liked the classic PPQ grips, the SF’s grips with the beavertail combine for a decent grip that won’t disappoint. What I did have a bit of an issue with, however, was muzzle flip. Let us know what you think in the comments section!

The comparatively long sight radius makes for easier accuracy and the slide cuts and ports removes weight, reducing the recoil impulse. (CW2), View all items by any one manufacturer by searching or selecting it from the dropdown. The pistol comes with three (!) Sam is an avid firearms enthusiast who loves sharing his knowledge and experience with fellow gunivores.

Especially since almost everyone has a different definition and expectation. By adding this item to your Wish List, The finger grooves are subtle. I instantly became a better shooter. I find the Q5 Match to be among the most accurate pistols I’ve ever shot. Walther provides three RMR adapter plates that fit most popular electronic optics. This newest trend in handgun use has led nearly every manufacturer to offer at least one model that is ‘optic-ready’ out of the box. Explore Walther’s performance leading lineup of competition target and specialty pistols and rifles.

De groeven aan de achterzijde zorgen ervoor dat het pistool veilig en snel geladen kan worden. This adjustability also provides access to the magazine and slide releases without shifting your hand. Walther Arms has been at the forefront of pistol innovation since their not-so-humble beginnings and heyday back in Nazi Germany. Here are the included red-dot mounting plates: The controls are also very nicely done. Shoot a Walther PPQ & PPS for FREE for 30 Days! Concealed Carry / Tips for daily carry (Video). 5.3″ The Q5 Match Steel Frame is a testament to the level of excellence found solely at Walther. The only tweaking was a lighter trigger spring (1minute job) for a pull of 3 lbs and good lubing and cleaning. Required fields are marked *. Lastly, you might consider the Q5 Match if you’re looking for a great value and you’ve got a fairly hefty budget, since its MSRP is $849.

The subtle relief cut opposite the ejection port is another place where Walther combined weight removal and aesthetics. The result, even with the removed slide weight with the cuts and ports, was quite a bit more movement than I’m used to. Holosun and Trijicon mount on the same plate) but it is still wise to research what will fit and what won’t before you make a costly investment in that new optic. Cost $ 660.00 (shipping and transfer fee included).

below, to find the closest FFL Dealer in your area. Its steel frame – precision machined from solid steel billet – improves ergonomics with a wrap-around grip panel, extended beavertail, full-length picatinny rail, and recessed slide release.

It’s easy to presume that everyone has shot a Walther PPQ M2, but even amongst the most serious of competitive handgun shooters, I constantly encounter people who have not, and are curious what I’m shooting and how I like it. The Q5 Match is superior performance taken to […] The Walther Q5 Match pistol was built to handle competitive shooting while retaining a tactical and practical look and feel. This pistol was exactly what I ordered. That was my question for a long time before I was able to test one for myself. No issues, just mag after mag of flawless fun. Layaway is not Available on Orders which Contain this Item. The pistol includes three plate adapters for various red dot sights – Aimpoint, Leupold and Trijicon, or any other manufacturer that shares a similar mount pattern. However, there are not very many that began their life on the drawing board as carry optics handgun and in virtually all cases this is a factory retrofit. Pop the top off your PPQ and install the Q5 kit, and you now have a Q5 Match. SAFETY: Once mounted, the optic sits respectably low on the slide.

It’s likely better, with the upgrade to the Q5 Match Grade barrel – but you’d need a far more skilled shooter than me to see the difference! Find dealers for where to buy your next Walther. Familiarity with your trigger pull is critical in defense and competition. The P99 gave way to the PPQ, and when the M2 version (American-style mag release) came out, we shot one extensively on the set of “Handguns & Defensive Weapons.” I liked it so much I bought it. I grabbed my PPQ, the conversion kit and my Q5 Match Steel Frame and headed for the range with Remington 124-grain full metal jackets and Federal 150-grain Syntech Action Pistol. A fully adjustable rear sight and a fiber-optic front sight allow precision accuracy without a reflex sight installed.

While both firearms are part of the PPQ line, there are a few slight differences that make them unique. Yes I used a viper on my q5 for over a year. It’s a five-incher, so it’s got a longer sighting radius, and it’s ported to reduce slide weight and thereby diminish muzzle jump.

Pistol, Walther chose to mount the rear sight onto the removable cover for the cutout, so there is no opportunity for co-witnessed sights and RMR.

The pistol includes mounting plates for Trijicon® RMR, Leupold® Delta Point, and Docter Optics sights.

The Q5 Match is specifically made for competitive shooting. Accuracy is every bit as good with the Q5.

Then choose "Find Dealers". Mine didn’t.

That Walther included all three in the box is pretty awesome, I think. Pros

The PPQ is based primarily on the Walther P99. I have to believe this is merely a training issue for a new gun with different dimensions than I’m used to, but I confess I was quite frustrated.

Please click HERE to learn more about Qualified Professional discounts. I too have enjoyed my Q5 Match. You get a Q5 Match slide, barrel and spring/guide rod assembly. The pistol comes in a foamed out, plastic case with three magazines and a magazine loader. Built around Walther’s PPQ platform, according to the manufacturer, the Q5 Match “is built for the production class competitive shooter.” While I’m a competitive shooter, I stay in the stock/production divisions and appreciate out-of-the-box qualities on pistols that lend themselves to fast and accurate running.

I’m a firm believer that competition is the best—and most fun—way to build basic shooting skills.

This item NOT eligible for our “UNDER THE TREE GUARANTEE”. A lot of folks like to compare the Walther Q5 Match M1 with the Walther Q4 Tac M2 pistol.

The kit couldn’t be simpler.

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