This and the fissure strength isn't mentioned either. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Its not Low Strength Charge for Low Strength Fissures, Med for Med, and High for High. Hint: Pristine reserves, or any type of reserve amount, has no effect on core mining. Ideally, these should be in uninhabited, low-traffic systems that are not being exploited by groups of other miners, as extensive mining activity can deplete Hotspots and make crackable asteroids more difficult to find. I've never seen the dark lines show up. As you said, This only happens when keeping the button pressed,so it might be a bug? I checked four hot spots outside the bubble (only by 100-150 LY or so, but still). Under certain conditions, specific markets will temporarily buy Void Opals for over 1.6 million credits per unit, making them the most lucrative commodity in the galaxy. 40 tons of the bloody stuff. Although Void Opals can be found in any icy rings, which occur fairly commonly throughout the galaxy, the locations with the highest concentrations of asteroids with Void Opal cores are Void Opal Hotspots within high-mass icy rings orbiting Gas Giants. Literally go to any icy rings. To prevent it from being any larger than it already is, I'm instead going to include a link to u/Arch3591's guide on how to actually crack an asteroid - Commodity

Minerals Edit: Fixed the link for the updated guide. ALWAYS keep pressing that Pulse Wave-button. If a typical hotspot was 15Mm in radius, then there's 210,375 runs in a hotspot. Galactic Average Price

There will be times when you will see a nice, strongly glowing rock and fire off a prospector, only to discover that there is no core. Hint: Pristine reserves, or any type of reserve amount, has no effect on core mining. I guess the bug's been patched.

It certainly makes finding them a lot easier. — In-Game Description Void Opals are a rare and highly profitable Mineral Commodity that can be mined from crackable motherlode asteroids in Icy Planetary Ring Systems. My info could be outdated at this point, I did core mining around Xmas last time, but as far as I know once folk blow up asteroids in hotspots the goodies are gone and it'll take time for the place to reset. Putting a high-yield charge in a low strength fissure saves a ton of time placing charges.

I've been finding that White Dwarf systems tend to be relatively untouched because people usually avoid White Dwarves in their route plotting. This is my improved Void Opal Mining Guide. There is a learning curve. 4/4 were marked as pristine on the system map. The abrasion blaster bit about multiplying surface deposit output is a bug, and is due to be fixed soon (with the next update) so use it while you can. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

Void Opals are a rare and highly profitable Mineral Commodity that can be mined from crackable motherlode asteroids in Icy Planetary Ring Systems. I included a few new things such as the tools you'll need on your ship and how to find a hotspot.

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