You may be more concerned and focused on your public image and your need to receive recognition for your efforts. My Ceres is 14°28′ 6″ and my ASC is 16°15′ 4″. I have Vesta in Virgo conjunct Sun, in the 5th. You may be attracted to work that brings your creative imagination and inspiration to the fore.

Your devotion and trust is pleasing to your mate and loved ones and you can enjoy friendly relations and sharing in social activities together. Since your instinctual responses might not be as sharp as usual, you may unwittingly involve yourself in tense emotional exchanges, and then withdraw from the battle with coolness and indifference. I am rather disappointed and shocked at where my “Vesta” is! My small town has an artisan fair every Sunday. If you can withstand the delays and limitations in your daily work environment and make a conscientious effort to work in a constructive, patient and organized manner, you will be more equipped to manage your duties and obligations. They both make a square with the Moon in Virgo 11th house. Before dedicating yourself to a specific task or purpose at work or at home, be very careful to avoid hurting anyone’s feelings, especially if you have turned away their help or involvement. , Your email address will not be published. You may feel like rolling up your sleeves and getting some important work accomplished now. I am just learning about Ceres and have it conjunct my ascendant – 29 59 Gemini or 0° Cancer depending on the software. Lovely person with a lot of wisdom, Faith. It may be difficult to avoid confrontations with the women in your life, especially if you have been placing your loyalties and enthusiasm elsewhere. Vesta in Sag, 9th house. This helps with a current connundrum. Pandora Conjunct the ASC—Pandora opened the box and let all those bad boys out. I don’t have the Women Who Run with Wolves in print but if I did it would be there. I have always felt tremendous love and compassion for people, animals and humanity. I dunno…. This work did produce a great deal of friction and conflict for me and for the people who had to give up our dead. You sense a purpose and meaning behind your achievements, and may want to put your best efforts forth to gain the recognition and respect you require now. Good for projects that are new and “different,” even a bit shocking. Sun in Cancer conjunct Compassion (11th) it just shows the issue has fire for you. Your goals and ambitions are likely to undergo a change or transformation at this time. I have Vesta in Virgo in the 12th house, squaring my Sag sun in the 3rd. Due to your commitment and purpose, a long-awaited goal may be achieved now. On some occasions, this period can indicate a time when a loved one is enduring pressure and difficulties on the job, and you are called upon to sacrifice your own interests in order to strengthen your dedication and loyalty to the relationship.

I have both venus and vesta in capricorn. However, the hard work and commitment you are applying toward your job requirements may take precedence over any leisure activities you would enjoy with your mate or family at the moment. Allow yourself to be more receptive and sensitive to the emotional needs and desires of your loved ones and try to appropriately channel your inner motivation.

My Vesta is in Scorpio…. Cuz I just used 10 to make it easy to read.

1. Engaging in meaningful work, especially that which brings travel, more prestige, or overall expansion of your skills and knowledge will appeal to you. For a long time, I have felt Vesta might the true ruler of Virgo. Lie conjunct the ASC–This is what you think it might be.

An increase in your work load is highly probable, but you have the ability and perseverance to keep everything running smoothly.

This is a favorable period in which to focus on your career ambitions and professional responsibilities. You can intensely focus and concentrate on your work responsibilities and are motivated to take on challenging and competitive activities. You will be dedicated to anything you value highly, especially personal or romantic relationships. and then have to withdraw and rest, in isolation preferably.

Ceres conjunct the ASC–This is one of my favorites. The aspects to this conjunction are that it sextiles my Saturn in Aries in the 10th and trines my Eros in Libra in the 4th, squares my Lilith in Taurus in the 11th, and squares my Juno in Scorpio in the 5th.

It actually makes sense! Thank you for the info on Pallas. You are more prone to delusion and deception in your work environment at this time. Your focus and attention may be directed to the more private areas of your life. Now, due to prostate surgery sex is pretty much a moot point. SN (Scorpio, 2nd). You may feel you are being pushed to your limits, specifically because you may be working hard but receiving little appreciation from others. However self-absorbing this sounds, it can still be a fortunate period in which to find your own satisfaction and rewards in your work and personal endeavors. It is essential to balance your strong commitment to work with your loyalty to the intimate and long-standing relationships in your life. @abluelily Yah!! That’s interesting, VirgoLeoRising – my Vesta/Venus exact is in House 5 too and that’s very true of me. You may be putting in a great deal of time and effort toward a specific task, only to discover you might not receive any compensation or rewards for your labor. It is possible that this period brings both uncomfortable changes and a chaotic work environment where you are forced to prove your loyalty by working long hours and taking on extra responsibilities. For me it was more like being called on to take care of a longstanding issue for my people (to repatriate and rebury our dead held in museums and elsewhere & to protect our sacred places). I have been forced to have sex with two then-husbands I was in a committed relationship with, but no longer had a spiritual connection to, which disgusts me. I have vesta in Aries conjunct mars in 12th and a tight tribe orb to Uranus … along with a few other trines, sextiles and squares. Try to avoid behaving indifferently or unpredictably toward loved ones, as you may be unaware of the ramifications of your behavior. It’s also in the same house, but out of sign, with Juno (which I’m still trying to figure out as well)… Great stuff Satori!! Sent 3 times a week. I’m a virgin at 25, but not very devoted to it….I wanna be Samantha(satc), maybe I am devoted to that. 21 deg Virgo 8th. You are inclined to become impatient with boring and tedious tasks and would rather apply yourself to an activity which is stimulating and totally absorbing. In the 2nd house? My Vesta is in Taurus, 11th. I think this is meant to say that I am dedicated to developing my mental abilities, my career and my exploration of the physical and spiritual world, and that I can focus on creative communication. A male friend of mine has Vesta tightly conjunct Black moon lilith in his 4th house. I’ve been puzzling over the meaning of this particular asteroid for some time, since an astrologer told me it coloured everything in my chart, being on the asc. A work or relationship situation can leave you drained or hinder you from pursuing your own self-interests. If you concentrate wholeheartedly on your own purposes, you may succeed in attaining your goals, but at the expense of alienating yourself from close relationships. definitely… perception and the sense would figure in highly as well. but I have issues about peps, and maybe because of pluto, I have this exact placement! You are more determined to resolve any ongoing dilemma in order to restore a sense of loyalty, trust and security in your work or social environment.

not sure what to make of it… but surely I don’t waste time in relationships unless there’s some depth, some juice.

I also have so much Neptune in my chart….a lot of the time I feel like my connectedness with humanity is kind of like a family for me because it’s so hard for me to separate myself from the whole….I don’t know;-), sabian “The bluebird, as a symbol of good luck and happiness, alights at the door of a little cottage on the highway.”, “Because of this it is most straightforward to look at the Vesta position to note what a person holds sacred, the center of their fiery devotion, the hearth they tend and protect. Also, Relationships!! Myself? Thoroughly investigate the true intentions of people who try to exert pressure or influence over you. vesta and ceres in 7th house taurus,hmm mother my mates maybe, a continual quest to find the perfect man yep, just hope like vesta in mythology I dont have to be stopped from having true love in order to keep the flame a burning, oh just a thought i wonder if that endless search is what keeps me so deeply psychic….

Even the job I am going to take involves massive communities. Who has this?

While I was there, I saw a stand full of these bright, colorful, radiant hanging creations with religious images like the Saints and Mary. He keeps his tantric massage practice very private as with 4th house. 5th house Scorpio vesta conjunct pluto. I have moon+Mercury conjunct vesta (0 degree orb, 21 degrees) in scorpio in the fifth house. Think of the surrogate mother who carries a baby for a woman who is infertile. AstroCharts says yes, however i believe i read only valid with actual planets.. also; According to “AstroCharts”, this a valid “Kite”: Mercury in 25° Gemini Vesta in 24° Aquarius Pluto in 24° Libra Neptune in 25° Sagittarius … Would you concur? So, would a twelvth house Vesta placement be even more private? If you undertake an important project, you will work with dedication, concentration and purpose.

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