Actually, since the company was first to market with this style of jack, it’s no surprise all others in this category look pretty much the same. When you go to lift your UTV, it will be relevant where you place the jack, especially if you are using cement blocks, a car jack, or jack stands. Most of the time, however, you want your jack nice and level. It looks like the poster child for high-lift jacks. If your ATV is 800 pounds, a jack rated to carry 1000 pounds leaves too little buffer for failure. The tall wheels also raise the overall height of the jack to reduce the need for jack blocks for long-travel cars. For some people, the original always equals best. A lift table is a large plate in which the ATV basically sits on an elevated floor. Black Widow ProLift Air/Hydraulic ATV … The Smittybilt 2722 Universal Trail Jack is a good choice for anyone who hates being stuck indoors when there are trails to explore out there. This increases the potential of it failing substantially. Follow any instructions provided with the jack you end up using. As the handle is pulled down, it disengages a climbing pin. SNO-1512. Follow the link for info, pics (some of which show you how NOT to use a high-lift jack), and to buy yours now. But, if you always insist on the best and love to put your gear through its paces, you should strongly consider picking up this jack. So, where’s the high-lift jack for the small-but-mighty off-road warriors? Cross-country and off-road journeys are a lot of fun, so we don’t blame you! Yes, you should use gloves, but still, this seems like a no-brainer of a feature. UTV jacks are also ideal but tend to work better in controlled environments like a garage. It’s an amazing tool, but must be handled with care and treated with respect. They’re perfect for changing tires, or making small repairs, like bending back a damaged body panel. How To Use Jack Stands: What You Need To Know To Stay Safe! This has no effect at all on the eventual price you pay. Position the jack on flat, even surface, and pull up to a height just under the front bumper and insert the pin. There are several different types of ATV jacks that are specifically designed to safely and securely lift an ATV (this is our favorite). 99. Here’s how it’s done: You should never rely on any jack to support a vehicle while you work underneath it. If you love your UTV, side-by-side, or ATV, you should stow one of these aboard whenever you head out. 36". When it comes to maintenance, however, that height can suddenly be a disadvantage. There will come a time in your ATV ownership life that you will really want to take a look at something under the hood, or rather under the machine. Comes in a 60” version, too. Brushed Stainless Steel construction makes it look great and will last many many years. Hi-Lift UTV Jack $ 124.41 – $ 128.78. They use a ratcheting system to lift a vehicle in small increments gradually. Can you even remember the last time you went a week without another backwoods exploration or desert safari? The ATV/motorcycle jack lifts from the center of the ATV which means that all four tires will be elevated at the same time. This is also a great way to store your ATV if you are trying to save the suspension on your ATV during the times you are not riding it. Worth knowing: This is your lowest cost option other than borrowing the bottle jack out of your pick up to carry along. For your money, however, you get 100 years of expertise backing your purchase, and a super-durable, high-quality jack. Never rest the entire weight of your UTV on a single point. How to Use a Hydraulic Bottle Jack? Typically, with an ATV/Motorcycle jack, you will position the jack at the side of the ATV and slide it completely under the ATV. Worth knowing: The Big Wheel kit allows a Harbor Freight’s Pittsburgh Automotive brand aluminum 2-ton jack to be easily rolled under a UTV on hard pack and soft dirt. One of the best names in automotive jacks and equipment – Torin – also makes high-lifts. If you’re tackling giant boulders in a super-high vehicle, go with a 60. 36. For serious automotive adventures, you want equipment that’s going to stand up to extreme conditions and continuous use. What Should I Carry In My UTV – 12 Useful Tips, Protips for Jacking Up a UTV on the Trail, Tricks for When You Have No Jack on the Trail, What To Wear When Going On A UTV Trail Ride, UTV Winter Storage – How to Store a Side by Side, The 10 Best UTV Trails in Florida – Ride Side by Side in Florida. If you’re into adventures beyond the pavement, you probably drive a tall 4×4 vehicle, or something similar? You can use multiple jacks or use materials like cinder blocks under the frame as an anchor point. For a more detailed look at the workings, please see our guide on how to use a high-lift jack. They are small, only weigh around 13 pounds, and are easy to use. As basic as jacks come, they’re also easy to maintain and operate. Most likely it would work fine, but when the cost difference between the different jacks is so little, it is always wise to be safer. 8" long lift tongue allows plenty of reach This handy universal … An affordable and lightweight bottle jack with capacity and height optimal for use with trucks an... Costing a fraction of most jacks, this ultra-compact scissor jack is perfect if you need somethin... SMALLRIG Super Clamp Mount with Mini Ball Head Mount Hot Shoe Adapter with 1/4 Screw for LCD Field Monitor, LED Lights, Flash, Microphone, Gopro, Action Cam - 1124, Hi-Lift Jack HL484 48" Hi-Lift Black Cast and Steel Jack, Pro-LifT T-9456 Grey Scissor Jack - 3000 lb. The cost is a little higher at $89.95. Can be mounted to roll cage with quick release fire extinguisher style mount. Lifting from the wheel gives a very secure connection and a height advantage since you’re not fighting the suspension for lift. How Does a High-Lift Jack Work? Here are some tricks for how to expose the tire so it can be changed without the use of any devices. How to Use a Floor Jack Correctly and Safely: A Step-By-Step Guide. The Hornet Outdoors Universal Quick Lift Jack was designed for off-road ATV/UTV use and also makes a great jack for your snowmobile or ATV/UTV Trailer. Advantages of High-Lift Jacks Over Other Jack Types, What to Consider Before Buying a High Lift Jack, WARNING: Never Work Under Your Vehicle Using Only a High-Lift Jack, Additionally, their enormous height allows them to lift tall vehicles. Able to fits most motorcycle models including cruisers, trikes, off-road, ATVs, UTVs, dirt … The 6061 T6 aluminum body has 9 mounting locations for the adjustable hook and only weighs 23 pounds. Contact:, (800) 841-2960. It keeps the tire low to the ground for quick and efficient repairs. A Step-By-Step Guide. The handle seemed a bit short at first, but since this is a 54” jack, it’s actually longer than I realized. Carefully remove the blocks or jacks once the jack is secure. For more details, check out our article: Best floor jack – Buying guide and reviews. The red, powder-coat finish looks great and should be durable. He then ratcheted the straps until the ATV was about 24 inches off the ground hanging from the ceiling. High-lift jacks have very narrow bases. Below we have step by step instructions for some more common lifts. View Product. Compressed air, hydraulic and air-over-hydraulic options provide a variety of lifting mechanisms with capacities up to 2,500 lbs. A large billet foot ensures stability and can support over 2500 pounds. in. A portable jack is a must-have for anyone that uses their UTV off-road in rough terrain or on long trips.

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