the hard part) of a submarine. Have they accomplished anything besides mysteriously appearing and then some squid disappears immediately after? At one point we trusted these guys with our own lives, and because one day it dawned on them that they were dangerously depressed, we do more than just kick them to the curb, we keep kicking. Food Safety and COVID-19: A Comprehensive Guide, CDC: How to Plan, Prepare, and Respond to COVID-19, EPA Approved Disinfectants for Use Against COVID-19, Food Safety and COVID-19: A Comprehensive Guide,,,, He was very surprised that no one's head rolled over that incident. Sailor dies aboard USS Nebraska ^ Posted on 09/23/2008 1:50:03 PM PDT by esryle. He did in fact have no problems expressing of the writings toward the end of the list was about his bein raped and I think that was one of the biggest issues he ever had :(I do wonder how much he talked about his life with the people on the boat with him...because just from the times I talked with him...I was concerned.

Some of those damn demons that tormented him may come to haunt us. Senior Chief,I remember taking a psych test (written) in sub school.

The safety center Web site identified him as a third-class machinist’s mate.

He was a TM and it was, indeed, self-inflicted.

(and yes, psych screenings are very weak, considering many new submariners are at the age - 18 to 21 - where mental illness first emerges, including stuff like schizophrenia).

None in my medical record (I went through a butt ton of pages to verify that) and none on my microfishe.Is that a PRP thing, or non-nuc thing?Math Teacher Up-State NY Retired EMCS/SS(SSN-607, SSBN-731, SSN-767, SSN-703, SSN769).
This over-opinionated guy/gal accused me of not being a submariner ("too much of his post doesn't sound like he's been there...") but, if he is really an MM1(SS) I wonder where he has been besides school.BTW, psych evals are very important in submarining and they have been 'adjusted' several times in 30 year careers. Sad story.

For those who knew Mack and chose to ignore things - were you not just a weak and selfish?

Someone on here is even acting like dolphins are some kind of heroic BS nonsense. As we all know, the abusive pricks all just get promoted to flag. It is recommended that you start again from the homepage. The current command is very well liked among the crew and should not be blamed.

He would not have been allowed in subs anymore than Major Nidal Hasan should have been kept in the Army. In regard to boat quals - well, they are pretty easy after prototype, but lets keep in mind that prototype is a six month training course in how to qualify on something that looks like the butt-end (i.e.

Gentile, a machinist mate, graduated from Lawrence High School in Fairfield, Me., where he was an honor student.

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