We don`t sell shit, we just make hits, yeah Turn up I stick it in, she feel it in her gut (in her gut) Shout out Swishers Sweet, they keep me rollin' Let lil' bro hit the stick, had start gettin' old It’s safe to say the kid gettin’ older We don't run from our problems, we stackin' up guala and guala I'm tryna get that mega bucks (Racks) Big dripper, stand up in the ocean I am not a killer, but don't tempt me (Nah) He ain't 4PF if he ain't got motion If we be ackin up, You best be backin up This top shelf, got forty designer belts If we be ackin up, You best be backin up In the bo truck I feel like a tourist 8x in background Got this bitch out there callin’, she suckin’ and swallowin’ Keepin' my composure, never sober I'm getting sick of the game Head bussa from Augusta, went to talking about Fuck 'em if they gettin' over He can't put on that drip, he ain't one of us Makin' hit after hit, call me Barry Bonds (Hits) “Baby Lyrics BY Lil Baby & DaBaby” Yeah, rest in peace to bankroll, show ’em hook to do it Baby goin’ crazy, he been gettin’ straight to it I done caught so many flights, I end up f—— all the stewardesses Catch me in atlanta, no security with my jewelry Found all them rings, my baby mama talking’ suin’ me He can`t put on that drip, he ain`t one of us It's little Peter, the ity-bity, short ass color I crack heads till I'm fed, and I dodge tricks Ridin’ ’round with Dracs’, like we OVO Advisory - the following lyrics contain explicit language: (Cook that shit up, Quay) The track, produced by Quay Global, is centered around a simple string instrumental featuring three notes played on a violin, with a relatively-stripped back bass and drum line in the background. Ain't no key in there 4PF look like the new BMF Wake up, have a hard time findin' what to wear But if we catch the opp, we gotta smoke ’em Oh, she bad with no swag, I can pipe her up Turn up Used to drive in a Buick 4PF look like we hit licks how we sell bricks I got some racks and I want some more I’m the one from the bottom, ‘most sold out my partner Take the roof off the car, let her feel the sun On my birthday, I just wanna lift the door Keep a nigga main bitch in a figure-four It's safe to say the kid gettin' older On a light day, I keep me a honey bun (100) They have collaborated on both Baby’s and Gunna’s songs and have been good friends for a long time. Shooters fallin’ behind in the years Glocks and choppers and FN's for everyone (Grrat) Keepin` my composure, never sober Made my last one my last one, I'm wifin' her And ain`t no rules, you got racks, you can get it done (yeah) I’m Heatin’ Up Hah, hah, hah Une erreur dans nos lyrics, proposez-nous une correction : Mentions légales - Politique de confidentialité. And ain’t no [?] My bro go see his barber five times a month (Yeah) Never chokin', always smokin doja Artist: Lil Baby Song: All In Album: My Turn (Deluxe) Year: 2020. On my birthday, I just wanna lift the door Count the money up fast like I`m typin` somethin` Take that roof off the car, let her feel the sun (Wow) Hold it light baby, I keep me a hundred buck How you got everybody lit, pipin' up? Forever gang, I'm never switchin' over Made a half a ticket off promotion This top shelf, got forty designer belts (Drip) I'm the one from the bottom who sold all my partners them pounds I am not a killer, but don't tempt me (Nah) Shooters follow behind in a Urus We them drippers, lil' nigga, best watch your step (Them drippers) Think I'm deaf, got stones in my right and left (Ice) This top shelf, got forty designer belts (drip) For this Christmas, I bought everybody guns (Swear) Rarely get a pack and looking over Made my last one my last one, ain’t no wifin’ her

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