DJ Mag's Anna Cafolla meets her in Ibiza to talk artifice and authenticity, and a new era of live performance. I think it’s really important to break down those binaries, and not feel that because you are making ‘weird’ music, that you are a ‘weird’ person", Copyright Thrust Publishing Ltd. “The marriage of sound design, songwriting and hooks is so refreshing to me across all of her productions,” Calum continues. I would play them on my toy keyboard until I could go see them for myself.” Age 10, she went to her first festival, a ravey event in Scotland, and as a teenager, she visited a half-sister — another raver, naturally — in Lanzarote, where she ended up DJing in bars and at a wedding.

New World!" Recent Instagram posts suggest that SOPHIE and Tzef are still together though.

“We had these conversations that referenced really obscure psy-trance tapes that were so important to us.

“I do tend to make those opportunities for myself where possible,” she says, laughing softly. I think anyone claiming that they are limited in their ambitions to be underground is just selling themselves short,” she says matter-of-factly. Going to art school to study sculpture, she found herself drawn to contemporary multidisciplinary artist Matthew Barney’s transworldly, body-centric aesthetics, and themes of the superhuman and depraved.

For me, transness is taking control to bring your body more in line with your soul and spirit so the two aren't fighting against each other and struggling to survive. Then came her ascension from a relentlessly mythologised, anonymous producer fronting a pulsating micro scene to the ultimate apex of pop, with last year’s ‘It’s Okay To Cry’ video. Who are some of the voices that you think need to be heard? “I want to live in that strange, amorphous zone of discomfort, when it’s facilitating exactly what I want to make and achieve with my music,” she says, letting words form slowly on her rosebud lips. I needed music to serve that purpose, for the me now, and the me next.”. “It is so important for queer people, and for anyone making music that’s deemed to be somehow alternative or inaccessible,” she says. sophie sophie msmsmsm msmsmsm tzef montana like staring into the face of god truly. Sometimes, it’s enough just to be yourself and be comfortable in you. New World!" But because of the body that you're born into, it's your obligation to satisfy as many of those as possible and that defines being successful. Her Fabric show last year was a monstrous, hypersexual cabaret of a live performance that saw SOPHIE flanked by dancers in latex and leather, whereas her DJ sets are mostly her original music — testing new, as-of-yet-unreleased material — pocked with leftfield choices, from hard dance to Kate Bush vocal snippets. Sophie, in a regal Balmain blazer and chunky diamond-encrusted necklace, leaned over her DJ gear with an air of concentrated precision, Tzef swaying behind her in hip-bone-hugging jeans and a strappy black top. Cras mattis consectetur purus sit amet fermentum.

It creaked a lot, and I could feel the resistance in my body with each swing. The really interesting thing about that is how the universe and sound waves are connected through something like physics.

That's what I think. ‘Oil Of Every Pearl...' oscillates across curated, aerated eclecticism, pulling together SOPHIE’s impressive technical prowess — all of her sounds are made from scratch — and her knowledge of expansive, genre-refuting sonic scapes. “When she sent us ‘BIPP’, I smiled for about a month,” says Calum, who plays as Spencer and runs Scottish label Numbers. sophie and tzef montana talk about the power of love. It's worldwide. How does embracing being a trans girl affect your life?
Do you think it's something that is new today? Dropping her bracing, carbonated pop sounds in 2013, which culminated in the celebrated ‘PRODUCT’ compilation album in 2015, SOPHIE led a new wave that obliterated all the old guard held dear — disorientating, saccharine tracks like ‘BIPP’ and ‘Lemonade’, paired with the unbridled ‘Hard’, blurred the boundaries of electronic music and its ideals.

SOPHIE & Tzef Montana on the 61st Annual GRAMMY Awards Red Carpet.

“I want to normalise myself and my ideas — I’m making music about connection, feeling good, it’s personable and down to earth: very simple themes are important to me right now.

Well, it's a bit of a trojan horse situation where things have been superficially embraced for a long time based on a media circus of superficial acceptance. “That’s one of the reasons I was intrigued to come here,” SOPHIE, the Scottish-born, LA-based musician and producer says.

On a breezy June evening, this particular cynic was strolling through a seaside town in Crete, where avant-pop musician Sophie—who has produced tracks for Madonna and was nominated for a Grammy last year—was headlining an electronic music festival called Nature Loves Courage.

“That’s not our style.”.

And while I go enjoy those copies, I am more interested in the original.

underlines this proposition, making it impossible to imagine any future without SOPHIE on top.

You can choose to abuse the power a catchy song gives you, or you can use it to your advantage for good purpose.

Amazon They were thriving apart, but we all know they're best when they're together. “SOPHIE can turn anywhere into a studio.” “Not that that’s always to your taste!” says SOPHIE, the two exchanging a giggle and quick cigarettes, smoke wisping between them. “She’ll bring people into her studio or wherever she’s making do, and people in the know will always ask to see the black box, like her little party trick.”.

The Scottish label released the artist’s first remix and debut release, 2013’s taut, glittering electro-house number ‘NOTHING MORE TO SAY’, which would have come out earlier and the wider world would have met SOPHIE sooner if, according to Thomson, distribution hadn’t been as slow.

An embrace of the essential idea of transness changes everything because it means there's no longer an expectation based on the body you were born into, or how your life should play out and how it should end. Aenean eu leo quam. Vince was playing it all the time. I do, yes. If you're straight from the factory, your life should have a certain look and come with a certain short list of factors that you have to fulfill in your own way.

SOPHIE also tells us of the sprawling amount of collabs that have yet to see the light of day being kept under wraps. “When an artist has such clear and exciting ideas, it’s a pleasure to help refine them. She talks of more pop collaborations and studio production, speaking frequently of the push-pull in compromising sound or message, of resources and the economic viability of self-funding to make her shows how she wants them to be, with frustration.

The people that have the loudest voices that need to be heard are gonna be the ones we're gonna be listening to, and not the voices of people manipulating them from whatever sources of power they have. “And a tip for the trans girls out there,” she says in a coy aside, pointing to her shin-high combat boots. To see her in the studio with Rihanna was more of an affirmation than a surprise — a matter of when, rather than if.

Really, it’s a nice fantasy to do it all without compromising your core values, that’s the real challenge. What's the relationship between your music and sex? I think I have some more clear ideas about that right now. On a breezy June evening, this particular cynic was strolling through a seaside town in Crete, where avant-pop musician Sophie—who has produced tracks for Madonna and was nominated for a Grammy last year—was headlining an electronic music festival called Nature Loves Courage.

Maybe there were reasons for a breakup. this is a really difficult situation as we don't know the private lives between tzef and SOPHIE while they were together, though this also brings to mind gross and unfounded doubts from years ago that SOPHIE was a woman and was blamed for being a man attempting to use women's spaces before she came out as trans publicly.

We're all thinking, feeling beings in a very complex world, and we should be using every technology and information around us to adapt us in this world. For PAPER Pride, we invited SOPHIE and girlfriend/model Tzef Montana to sit down and talk candidly about making hit songs, embracing transness and taking hormones. I was young, trying to flirt, though I didn’t really know it,” she laughs. The couple shared their story while visiting Mexico City during Pride.

"Ponyboy" immediately destroys expectations for something tender, with its bone-crushing synths and sexually charged lyrics: "Spit on my face/ Put the pony in his place," SOPHIE demands, her voice pitched down with a devilish bite. She’s most dynamic when faced with contrast and new experience, which plays out across her creative and career trajectory. Tel: +44(0)7940488008, “It is so important for queer people, and for anyone making music that’s deemed to be somehow alternative or inaccessible. Your debut album just came out. As a trans individual, it's more about going through a personal journey of discovering yourself.

Which one of your songs would you play while having sex?

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