But back on board, Dr. McCoy and Lt. Mary Sue found out that the men who had beamed down were seriously stricken by the jumping cold robbies, Mary Sue less so.

If anyone ever says anything bad about Eevee, she and her Pokemon kick their butts.

Example one (Pokemon with writers favorite Pokemon as Eevee): Mary-Sue owns all of the Eeveelutions.

How to fix this: It’s perfectly okay for an OC to share interests with this canon characters (especially if it’s something like liking duel monsters in yu-gi-oh), but when said OC is better at everything than anyone, they become a Mary-Sue. We call these types of characters “Mary Sue” after a Star Trek parody of a fanfiction story (see here for the origins of Mary Sue), but it’s not just females that make Mary Sues, the same annoying qualities can be given to males. I really don't care. If a student at almost any school beat up another student, the faculty wouldn't be turning a blind eye. A footnote states this was reported to her by Judy Chien, who attended the panel at MostEastlyCon 1990 in Newark. A Mary Sue is a generic name for any fictional character (usually female) who is so competent or perfect that this appears unrealistic for the world's settings, even in the context of the fictional setting. A character full of angst, this is a type of Mary Sue who wants your sympathy. She quoted one as saying "Every time I've tried to put a woman in any story I've ever written, everyone immediately says, this is a Mary Sue." Itachi has no way to know that she has it, but he still goes out of his way to kidnap her. A few things might vary from the original, like they might have swapped gender, or changed the hair colour, or removed a few character traits they weren’t quite sure about, but more or less it’s a copy of the original. The main goal of these is often to have the OC cuddle with a canon character. While the four officers languished in Sick Bay, Lt. Mary Sue ran the ship, and ran it so well she received the Nobel Peace Prize, the Vulcan Order of Gallantry and the Tralfamadorian Order of Good Guyhood. He is unbelievably handsome, and females will swoon at his very glance. This type of Mary-Sue is created to positively represent the writer’s ideas and beliefs. Example one: Mary-Sue has rage problems.    Other: Nationality:   <3 Thanks again for such a gorgeous guide.    Pants/skirt: The different types of Mary Sues 580 4 9. by Azurphra. Three dimensional.

He’s strong, daring and athletic and can win any fight. Their bio’s are very similar to that of at least one canon character, often taking the form of a sibling or a cousin. Gender:

Give your OC their own skill set, weaknesses, and hobbies. [28], Other writers, such as Tasha Robinson of The Verge, have defended the idea of Rey being a Mary Sue, stating that "for women who've felt underrepresented through decades where most of the ladies onscreen were victims, tokens, rewards, or shrews, it's natural to feel a sugar rush of fulfillment over [strong] characters like Katniss Everdeen and Imperator Furiosa", though these two characters are often not considered Mary Sue characters due to the villains occasionally overcoming or outsmarting them. A Mary-Sue who is thrown into the canon, with the author usually thinking that said OC will be part of the canon. The types of Mary-Sue's, how to avoid them, and a few examples. Example one: Jake has been practicing flute his entire life and is basically a professional. Skin tone:   Example one: Joe accidentally breaks Mary-Sue’s 3DS. Example two (Pokemon): Gary Oak has been searching for a shiny for years and has invested thousands of dollars into it. [5] The story starred Lieutenant Mary Sue ("the youngest Lieutenant in the fleet—only fifteen and a half years old"), and satirized unrealistic characters in Star Trek fan fiction. Is there a polite way to tell her that it's a Sue? This type of Sue is created for people to feel bad for because of some dark past. Well I found more types that I want to speak of as well, so hopefully I'll get to that soon enough.

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