By this measure, as of March 2020, Ninja comes in at 12th with an average of 43,458 viewers – so a good-sized sports stadium worth. Microsoft’s Mixer has proven to be a particularly big draw, with Gothalion (million followers on Twitch), joining Ninja and Shroud on the young platform. 2400: 3726 (incl. In April 2020, Twitch hit 4 million concurrent viewers for the first time, driven by the beta release of Riot’s VALORANT. The latter, the piece notes is better suited to produced and edited videos, compared to Twitch’s livestreaming and constant interaction with viewers. By May 2018, investment nearly matched the entire year of 2017 – which itself represented a $15 million increase on the 2016.

But it gives us an idea of the quantity of top content makers it considers essential enough to its popularity to give a cut of Twitch revenue. Fortnite is the most-popular game among creators, with an average of 9,435 channels streaming Fortnite content at any given time over the week in question (10.2%). Then you will be able to mark statistics as favourites and use personal statistics alerts. The top-five titles alone accounted for 53.2% of viewers. After the acquisition by Amazon, Twitch began to allow non-gaming content through Twitch Creative. At any given time in the week in question, 45.5% of channels were broadcasting ‘other’ games – that is, those outside the top-19. That leads us to average viewer count per channel. 1 or more Bits, 100 or more Bits, 1000 or more Bits, 5000 or more Bits, 10000 or more Bits. Total VALORANT hours viewed in this one-week period came to 149 million hours. TwitchCon 2018 hosted the finals of Fortnite’s Fall Skirmish tournament, which saw a total of $10 million in prize money distributed among the winners. with an 86% increase in those bringing in revenue between 2017 and 2018. Die nächst teurere Stufe (Tier 2) schlägt mit $9.99 (aktuell ca. You can only download this statistic as a Premium user. A report from Interpret estimated that around the same time female viewers accounted for 30.4% of the esports audience – up 6.5% on 2016’s figure. (October 2, 2020). Beyond the above, Warcraft-spinoff Hearthstone (31,496 viewers, 238 channels – 131 average), tournament favourite Dota 2 (57,677 viewers, 687 channels – 83 average), and the modern update of schoolyard favourite Magic: The Gathering (7,532 viewers, 105 channels – 72 average) deliver strong viewer to channel ratios. neymarjr. Mixer once again offers the worst possible ‘value’ in this department – by some distance. Mixer isn’t even in the mix, with a paltry three viewers per channel on average. TwitchMetrics shows that the most-viewed streamer on Just Chatting is Evelone192, who logged 3.6 million viewing hours over the 30 days up to the time of writing (mid-April 2019). It also inspired creativity, with a 3.3% increase in new channels – the second-biggest increase since January 2019. By combining your Tiers and your polls, you can restrict voting to only certain members of your community on Twitch.

Coming to the end of Q1 in 2020, a figure of 3.84 million for the year-to-date suggests this slowdown is likely to continue. Twitch Subs Count & Stats. Top streamers by number of subscribers as of November 2020. Twitch subscriber revenue. According to Crunchbase, Twitch has held two main finding rounds, in September of 2012 and 2013 respectively. Through the Partner and Affiliate schemes – particularly the latter – high-profile streamers are potentially able to make good money streaming on Twitch. Influencer Marketing Hub purports to have a tool that allows subscriber count to be measured. Twitch Subs Count & Stats. prime) 42: 32 #142: 381 Zizaran: 3660: 3660 ? Curse was sold to gaming wiki/community empire Fandom in December, in the wake of allegations that auto plays of Twitch streams on Gamepedia were artificially inflating view counts. The two ELEAGUE records are some way in front, with the rest of the top-10 ranging from 585,000 to 698,000. As VALORANT was only available in beta at this point, we can remove some of the newness bias by looking at the most-broadcast games by number of channels. This puts Twitch well ahead of many traditional media outlets.

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