“Her generous gift serves to further the school’s legacy of excellence and innovation, and I am ecstatic that the school will bear her name.”. The role of the nurse in providing safe, quality care will be discussed. Developing, evaluating, and applying an evidence-base to address nursing care issues will be explored. Accelerated Program, Computer Science, B.A. NURS 4820 - Role of the Nurse Case Manager I. NURS 3807 - Conceptual Framework for Practice. Yet in the end, what you'll learn about most might just be yourself.. SLU has been a national leader in nursing education since 1928. The role of the nurse in promoting health and reducing risk behaviors of individuals and families across the lifespan is the focus of this course. NURS 4814 - Ethics in Nursing and Health Care. At Saint Louis University’s Trudy Busch Valentine School of Nursing, you’ll be challenged to learn more about the human body than you might have thought Accelerated Program, Applied Behavior Analysis, Post-​Master's Certificate, Criminology and Criminal Justice, B.A. The influence of advanced practice nurses on policy in health care delivery, outcomes and nursing as well as skills to analyze policy processes and politically competent actions are emphasized. A National Leader in Nursing Education. to Law, J.D. This course provides students with an overview of the major functional areas of health care management and shows their relevance to the safe delivery of health care services in a turbulent and very complex interprofessional environment. Accelerated Program, Clinical Psychology, Ph.D. &​ Public Health, M.S. The role of the advanced generalist nurse in the provision of quality cost-effective care in a variety of health care systems will be emphasized. Busch, Gertrude Trudy Buholzer died at her home on May 11, 2016 at the age of 89. An interprofessional team approach is emphasized in the delivery of safe, effective, and quality care. &​ Social Work, M.S.W. Barriers to implementation of evidence based practice and strategies to address those barriers will be considered from an individual and an organizational perspective. Enrollment limited to students in the BS Nursing-Accelerated program. Issues affecting curriculum design and development of curriculum outcomes will be analyzed. Overview of different methods of data collection and analysis frequently used in research literature. The student's project will focus on a practice change initiative in risk reduction. &​ Chemical Engineering, B.S. For more information, please email slunurse@slu.edu. Emphasis is placed on theoretical knowledge and evidence-based practice findings as the basis for nursing strategies to promote, maintain, and restore health. Examines the philosophical foundations and epistemological perspective of qualitative research; includes study of traditions and methods, scientific and ethical issues, and techniques of data collection, analysis, and interpretation. Department of Operations and Information Technology Management, Supply Chain Management, Post-​Baccalaureate Certificate, Business Administration, M.B.A. &​ Educational Leadership, M.A., Dual Degree, Business Administration, M.B.A. &​ Health Administration, M.H.A. Emphasis is placed on the performance of comprehensive health assessments and the development of advanced assessment skills. Email: slunurse@slu.eduPeople Finder Directory. Critical appraisal of evidence and the use of evidence in practice will be emphasized. NURS 3470 - Nursing Care of the Older Adult. The impact of contemporary health care policy, and other legislative proposals regarding quality, cost and access to care will be integrated.

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