She was able to offer up 200 million Yen (roughly 2 million USD) to buy Tooru.
Despite his merciless nature, he is usually carefree, nonchalant, and dispassionate, so he appears to love his mother dearly as he was crying out for her after Kaneki beat him. It took an extensive team of skilled investigators and Quinx for her to be exterminated. When she was pleased, she could be feverishly enthusiastic, with an odd habit of drooling with excitement.

He is even entrusted with Arata Joker, proving as a testament to his ability and will to defeat Ghouls. However, under Shinohara's tutelage, Suzuya gained a much greater sense of empathy, becoming an extremely competent, if eccentric, Ghoul Investigator. Her face was easily recognizable for use of heavy makeup, tinted sunglasses, and braces. This same experience has made him an incredibly efficient killer, easily slaughtering entire rooms of ordinary Ghouls with an assortment of firearms, knives, scythes, and cleavers with equal proficiency. In addition, Shinohara's influence has made Juuzou a much more empathetic individual and a capable (but unnerving) leader of his own squad as well as lead operations to storm Ghoul strongholds. In order to escape the pain he was going through, he pretended that he was the torturer and one day when he broke free, the roles were reversed and he felt a thrill that he had never felt before and did great harm to his former torturer. After he got out, he remembered what he went through and decided to use the same torture methods on ghouls and he ended up torturing countless ghouls and ended up building a reputation of fear to the point of being referred to as Jason. However, he can be killed by other ghouls and by CCG's weapons like Quinques and Q-Bullets. He's seen wearing a black shirt with white pants with a small white mask that covers the lower half of his face. He also was 'grateful' to Tokage for teaching him a certain perspective of the world; that 'all individual weakness stems from a lack of individual ability'. However, Big Madam defeated Urie without much difficulty and swallowed him whole. Big Madam (ビッグマダム, Biggu Madamu) was a powerful and influential Ghoul, with an extensive black market network. Yamori is a very tall, 6'ft ghoul and is very masculine and well-built. Every point chalked up to one stitch with a needle-- perhaps how he learned how to body stitch.

Yakumo Oomori Despite his power, Yamori is actually very weak when compared to, Yamori's appearance is similar to that of. In the side story Tokyo Ghoul: Jack, Yamori appears as a much thinner person. In the face of the CCG assault, Big Madam retreated along with many of the auction guests to the Zeum hall's underground area. Attack Potency: At least Street level (Physically superior to normal humans), likely Building level with Quinques (Slaughters entire cohorts of ghouls with ease.
This was later echoed to Kaneki who repeated many similar actions. Not much is known about Yamori's life other than that he was born in Tokyo and had lost his mother at some point in time. When this approach fails, she lashes out, telling him how she never really loved him. He then fled but was then captured by the CCG and was taken to the Cochlea jail in the 23rd Ward when he was captured.

Madam was first mentioned by Abara Hanbee during her Nutcracker briefing to the Quinx Squad about a certain "ingredients list."

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