This^. I do not give a hoot what anyone else says about this letter. ( Log Out /  And if he ever does, I hope he is surrounded by kinder people than himself. And I very much enjoyed his foray into fable-writing, which reminded me of my beloved Fractured Fairy Tales from the Bullwinkle series. Portraits and family photos fill file boxes in her stuffed spare room. Check out all the blog posts and resources on this site to help educate and inspire you to take action, because there’s no shame in seeking help for mental health! [quote] But don't try to play victim to her suicide if you're still alive. Good writers can create fiction from personal experiences. I never thought Sedaris' family essays were realistic.

I own a book by AS.

Yes, yes and this quote (below) is proof of his "howling pain.". Siblings born years apart met their parents under different circumstances. I know, or can logically guess at, reasons small and large why she committed suicide. - R363, [quote]hatever you say, dear. His little sister. David should consider the payment for his article about Tiffany’s suicide to be a debt paid in full. 393 points out nothing. WE can only sympathize and look at our own relatives. I used to live in Somerville and was part of the artist community.

Who didn't? Hello and thank you for being a DL contributor. It's a long road back.

I only wish I could have saved her and have her back in this world. Great poat, r462. He sounds kind of ignorant about human behavior. Yes, I'm quite sure that's something you hear often, r313. Amy remains my favorite Sedaris. They tore us down and never built us back up.

She has been hospitalized, and she can only get her meds refilled monthly so as to avoid another OD. Figuring out a way to piece it together and make sense of it is very much like arranging a glass mosaic, only with words.

Many pedophiles have a tendency to find employment at institutions and then when the heat is on them they just move on to another institution. Like a penance of sorts, he doesn’t shy away from essentialy presenting himself as a total asshole, judging his sister’s fragility. What a mystery, Tiffany's troubles. Fortunately for David Sedaris, the mainstream is not as crazy as you are, R299. Mocking her after her suicide is absolutely the lowest that a person could go. From everything I’ve read (and I once was a fan of Sedaris, actually read his very first piece in Harper’s when it came out back in the day), he is a funny, narcissistic, reflection of our shallow, narcissistic culture, which can be a great deal of fun when you’re not at the receiving end of the inevitable discharge. I know, because I have a dear friend attempt three times. Damage control is being witnessed on this very board. You agree that I have not expressed that opinion, yet you want me to defend or address it...?

Seriously, a marijuana leaf- drawn in the late 70s- is as indicative of someone becoming an addict as a peace sign from the 60s was indicative of someone becoming a preist. Yet he is defended and I am attacked. I saw David Sedaris in May in SF. The most expensive orchestra seats are long gone and being scalped at $250 per ticket. The worse off they are the more difficult they make for others to help them until they've alienated everyone who does care. Maybe he even killed her. He did not write an essay shitting all over his sister's grave and wishes.

Her story is very sad, but blaming her wretched existence on the most visible member of her dysfunctional family is as pointless as it is wrongheaded. :). Then I remember, he's used his family for material from the start. They wern't and aren't close, and probably don't know each other any better than they knew the one who just killed herself. Enough with the photos. They did play a lot of tricks on each other and everyone else. He didn’t realize how much he failed her by not attacking the programs very minute she returned home telling her family what Elan School was really about. You pretended not to hear it. I don’t know whether that is partly intentional in some recess…to *not stop* acting out, but to continue what appears to be looking down his nose at a sibling, critiquing their situation. I believe the story of the kids going through the suitcase and showing up at dinner with the clothes on. I think it’s perfectly acceptable for David and his family to express their shock, grief and loss in any way they want because I assume they’re a loving family, trying to accept each other. Want to agree/disagree wildly? The fascinating thing is how narcissistic he is; that he wouldn't have considered the pain he might be inflicting on his own family members, with his vicious remark, or on members of the public who might have lost loved ones to suicide. Obviously, she didn't suicide just to hurt them. Sedaris wrote an essay about the complicated, contradictory and confusing reactions of a family dealing with suicide and mental illness. If you or someone you know is struggling with this, please know it’s so important to seek treatment and I’m here to help. I'm sure it will make a fabulous story!!

'Joking' that you'll never get back the money you gave a sister who just committed suicide, in a public forum, is sick behavior AT BEST. Sure, for somebody like Tiffany Sedaris—an obviously fragile person who had understandable resentments toward her family dating back to her youth—it wasn't ideal to have a famous brother who achieved his fame writing about the foibles and eccentricities of the family. [quote]Never does he delve deep into the hidden meaning. Till then, it's mine.". At the worst he is using her suicide to get his name in the papers. I guess that means I don't like DS. Yeah, I'd say there's a genetic predisposition. Okay, dude; I will let them know that if they pick my pockets after I am dead, it won't matter to me. A writer gets in a lot of trouble with the people he/she knows, the way he/she remembers things, and the boundaries that inevitably are crossed in sharing personal things. I understand that grief is a funny, tricky and wholly individual business. But to me, THAT WAS THE POINT OF THE PIECE. Sometimes people are responsible for their own behaviour. Give my regards to your rape victim room mate with a heart of gold, some mangled fingers and a dusty violin in the corner, darling. There were fantastic art materials; milk crates full of angular rocks (good ones), each crate containing one round stone, which perfectly fits the hand, bearing signs of some form of unorthodox flint knapping to bash and hammer the rocks into shapes she needed; dozens of boxes of antique broken ceramics or stained glass for her mosaics (many dug out of the ground from a hidden 19th century dump whose location she shared only with me); my favorite broken bit being the bottom part of a piece of green McCoy pottery, that now only said “Coy”, (pure Tiffany wit); ephemera, old cdv photos, old letters; fragments of vintage children’s books, her collection of antique baleen corsets, an original picture sleeve from the Little Richard 45 “ooh! All I said was that his comments don't bode well with the masses.

The rest of the time he answered stupid questions from his rabid fraufans. This isn't 'gallows humor' being expressed within a family to ease tension...he said it publicly, and in response to a serious question about whether or not he had regrets. Then why can't he just say/write that, R222?

At the worst he is using her suicide to get his name in the papers. I hope life gets better for you. Everybody in the world knows about your cancer, and think you're cool with talking about it. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is so common that it should be listed as a subject on the graduation paper from a residential program. If I was the youngest in that family I'd kill myself too.

How is any of this a surprise? Family memoirs break taboos – and trust | The Sineater, Pingback: Friday essay: Can you keep a secret? Medical bills are no reason to give up on life, R346. She was P-O-ed she couldn't even get a laundry product commercial!

How could anyone ever expect a mentally ill person to come to terms with being abandoned by her family? His response was Sedaris-like; he chose to gloss over it and go about his own life. Funny, hah, hah, but after numerous bouts of this sort of thing, one has to wonder if humor was the sole intent. I just recently saw the piece. I'm enjoying the "Dude, chill." It truly is astonishing. Instead of the snark? Pain from his verbally abusive father and alcoholic mother and the horrible scenes in their family.

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