Some islands cater to tourists with resort packages, and others are much more laidback. That’s not to say you can’t eat vegetarian, or that there aren’t vegans in Spain, but the traditional food in Spain does tend to involve meat. The list of taboos in American society is particularly long, though a lot of these practices are slowly gaining public support and thus becoming acceptable. Fiesta de San Isidro: This fiesta takes place in May in Madrid. In Spain, it’s common to sit at your table eating and drinking for hours and ask for your check to leave once you’re done. Be prepared to negotiate and compromise. The Spanish take this in their stride and seem to accept that sex in Spain is something to be treated robustly. The interview on cultural travel tips for Spain is a brief snapshot of conversation guidelines for Spain, tips for communicating in Spain, and strategies for doing business with Spain to help with understanding the culture in Spain. These practices are referred to as taboos in accordance with that particular culture, region, country or society. Typical breakfast foods in Spain include a pan con tomate (toasted bread with tomato), eggs, and coffee (always). Cultural Clues & Communication Guidelines for SPAIN, 5 Keys to successful cross-cultural communication, circles of excellence for corporate education. That being said, do not assume everyone is home sleeping, as this can be considered quite offensive. But that’s not always the case. For example, the Spanish accent in Andalusia (a region in southern Spain) is quite different from anywhere else in Spain. It’s easy for business travelers to think that even when they travel, business is going to be done pretty much the same way it is at home. My main tips for hitchhiking in Spain: stick to service stations and know some Spanish phrases! If you really feel like your waiter deserves a tip, then go ahead an leave one. On the other hand, you should definitely travel to Spain in the summer if you are visiting the northern parts of Spain that see much more rain than the rest of the country (Asturia, Galicia, etc. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Gayle’s Bestselling Book: SAY Anything to Anyone Anywhere! (For more information on the best and affordable hostels in Madrid, Barcelona, and Seville, and Valencia, see the links.). They are made with eggs, potatoes, and onions, salt, and lots of olive oil. My suggestion is to do as the Spanish do, and take a mid-day break yourself. Want to learn how to travel the world on $10 a day? Consequently, it’s important that you work at building a good rapport with your Spanish counterparts. A final tip on food I swear! It’s better to spend time with those who would be considered your “business equal”. This means that if you book your accommodation, buy a book or sort your insurance, I’ll earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Cultural Clues, Do’s and Taboos for SPAIN – A Series of Cultural Tips for Countries . Don’t expect to discuss business at the start of any meeting. This included Moors who practiced Islam and did not eat pork. The more drinks you order, the more food you get, so you can basically eat dinner for free while catching a buzz. Indeed, if you have illusions about Spain being a prim nation and one that is a bulwark of hard line conservative Catholicism then think again. A taboo is something you shouldn’t do, this could be a gesture of something as simple as a handshake. Happy traveling! This country is relatively affordable to travel in, especially if you are traveling outside of the major cities. There are certain food and cultural taboos in Spain, as well as cultural etiquette to know about the many regions in Spain. If we missed anything, let us know in the comments below! Extend a brief but firm handshake while maintaining eye contact. You’ll find mega nightclubs in the cities year-round, live music and salsa clubs, quirky bars, and more. Ah, speaking of food. The idea of a “tapas bar” in other regions of Spain is mostly for tourists. Change ), Nonverbal Communication and Social Taboos of Spain, Indirect v.s. In Spain, it’s considered rude to rush a group out of a restaurant, so you may “served” as often as you are used to in, say, the US. Call a Catalan a Spaniard or disrespect a Basque, and well, you may learn a few swear words in a new language. Cultural differences can have a big impact on a social and business relationship. That’s why it’s important for business travelers to make sure they understand the culture of the country that they’re taking a business trip to. The city of Granada, specifically, still serves a free tapas with every ordered drink. I mentioned earlier that summer in Spain is unbearably hot for sightseeing. Unfortunately for you, they mostly target naive tourists. Spanish people typically stand closer to each other and touch each other more in conversation. Clubbing Together, Brothels in Spain and Spanish Culture, Corruption in Spain, Marbella, the Godfather, a face lift and Mr Clean, Hooked, drugs in Spain and the gateway to hell, On the rocks, divorce in Spain and domestic violence, Politics in Spain, the Transition to democracy, Sex in Spain and the confessions of a call girl, The big issue, how immigration in Spain is changing the face of the countrypain, The history of Spain, Spain’s unification and elevation to world power, Confessions of a Call Girl in Spain » Culture Spain – for all things Spanish. When it comes to cultural taboos in Spain, here is one of my most important Spain travel tips for tourists. Each day there is a running of the bulls where locals (and tourists) do as the name suggests, run with – should I say from – the bulls. 5 Keys to Successful Cross-Cultural Communication’, which is available on Amazon as a Book, eBook, or Audio Book. They are a quick snack to have over drinks. Even in Granada, a city that sees quite a few tourists, many tapas bars’ idea of “vegetarian” is tuna. beach. Each region has its own traditions, food, art, and cultural etiquette. Certainly, the Clubs de Alterne in Spain are prolific and can be seen on the outskirts of almost any town of any size. Home » Europe » Spain » 33 Need to Know Spain Travel Tips. Indeed, the culture of Spain is far more complicated than it looks and the country is now one of the most liberal in Europe, having long escaped from Franco’s imposed time warp. One is a hiker’s paradise, and the other more for the city slicker. Even in Barcelona, a massive metropolis that isn’t necessarily “traditionally Spain”, local shops close down near the city center in the afternoons. Good, wine, and especially the food or wine of the regions in Spain you are visiting. from A to Z . My top backpacker tips are: eat the meal of the day for lunch and cook for yourself often, walk, hit up museums when they offer free admission, indulge in the tapas life, drink the local stuff, visit smaller towns and villages, and visit Spain outside of summer. Check out the Broke Backpacker’s Bible…, “Yay for transparency! This is because smoking is common-place in Spain and so. Direct Communication Round 1. Spaniards want to become acquainted with you before proceeding to business, so be accommodating and answer any questions they may have about your background. I’ve covered a lot of famous regional dishes above, but I want to highlight that the food really does range quite a bit by region in Spain. Earlier this year, the biggest brothel in Spain opened up and made national news. Mind you, it is clear that even brothels in Spain are suffering from the economic crisis. ), the mountains specifically for hiking or climbing, or the beach for Spain’s best parties (like Barcelona or Ibiza). The shoe or your foot is unclean part of your body. There is a number of cultural taboos prevailing in and around the world. Lol. Bullfighting is a revered art form here. Some taboo’s you should know before going to Spain can be key to getting along with citizens. That said, it seems like waiters in high-end or touristy restaurants seem more likely to expect a 10% tip. Spain relies heavily on body language, Spanish citizens will talk over each other when arguing, and will use different hand gestures to express their frustration. For many, this is still a personal pilgrimage, and every walker has their reason for walking 500 miles or more to the cathedral in the city of Santiago. Most people do not eat much, if anything, for breakfast in Spain, though Madrid and Barcelona will still have some pretty good brunch spots from my experience. and one thing everyone seems to have in common is socializing over drinks, whether it’s coffee or something stronger, and food of course. Most people who live in Spain speak Spanish, though it is called Castillian Spanish, but five regions have their own language and speak Castillian Spanish as a second language to their native tongue. ( Log Out /  This is much different than affection in the United States because in the U.S. people typically keep their distance while in conversation and generally do not touch each other unless saying good bye.

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