And I had students say to me, all of the kids at my mostly black or mostly Hispanic middle school were smart. Like, I just wanted to be among, I just wanted to be among, like, the brilliant people and to have those opportunities," she says. You can’t —. And people are talking about it, and they are preparing for it. And it’s also so quickly paced.

So a single test is all you need to get in. And there was this immediate backlash from the alumni of the schools, from the leaders of the schools, to say, our schools are under threat, and we need to do something to protect them. Well, now, to those disturbing admissions numbers in New York City’s elite public high schools — a new report is intensifying the debate of racial disparity. I’m currently serving as New York City public advocate, and I’m running to be your mayor. Our capital. It sounds like you’re saying in certain, for example, Asian communities in New York City, that this test is just known.

Just seven of those students are black. Of the nearly 4,800 students admitted into the specialized schools, 190 are black — compared to 207 black students admitted last year out of just over 5,000 offers.

You have Bronx High School of Science. So in the ‘20s and ‘30s and ‘40s, the schools were mostly attended by immigrants from all over Europe, Jewish immigrants in particular. — the best. And the meritocracy was based on the idea that you passed one test and you got in.

So this gets back to this huge question of quality. But poverty doesn’t mean the same thing for every student and in every neighborhood. But Mr. de Blasio’s proposal to scrap the entrance exam for the schools and overhaul the admissions process has proved so divisive that the state’s most prominent politicians, from Gov. And that shows just how uneven just the knowledge of this system really is throughout the city.

At Stuyvesant High School, out of 895 slots in the freshman class, only seven were offered to black students. But now that this test is part of the state law, there’s this growing obsession with this exam.

And it’s this really safe place for smart kids. You have to go in knowing what to do. Attempts to diversify the schools without touching the test have failed.

But in the 1960s, in New York City, as school segregation became the biggest boiling point in the city —. To attend Stuyvesant, she had to score well on the Specialized High School Admissions Test, the sole basis for getting in. I think that’s the fear. You have Stuyvesant High School. Why aren’t black and Hispanic public school kids getting into these elite schools?

And the number of black students is shrinking: There were 10 black students admitted into Stuyvesant last year, and 13 the year before. She received admission offers not to just one but all eight Ivy schools. The numbers at Stuyvesant are not a surprise. Stuyvesant made 33 offers to Hispanic students, up slightly from 27 seats last year. If you step forward and you sign up, then you’re up for the challenge. It’s called Stuyvesant. The admissions process for the city's selective public high schools is facing new criticism, after only seven black students scored high enough to be admitted to Stuyvesant this year.

That sounds like a racist statement to me. — not only is it clear that this test is missing some of the brightest black and Hispanic kids in the system, but that diversity is in and of itself a value and something that will make these beloved schools even better and stronger.

Dulce Torres Valdivia -UC Riverside -CSU San Marcos -CSU Long Beach -CSU Northridge -Univ.

"It makes you want to become more active in seeing what we can do to make a change in the statistics," she says. And I also just saw, in this time we spent together, this really profound sense of camaraderie — that they’d gotten themselves through Stuyvesant together as a group. Sorry, one more quick thing. And they lobby politicians to make the test a law. The whistleblower, a manager involved in White House hiring, told a House committee that the original denials had been based on a variety of factors, including conflicts of interest, financial problems, drug use and criminal conduct. Students at Stuyvesant High School, where only seven black applicants gained admission on Monday. 50 people have been charged in a nationwide admissions scam, many of them well-to-do parents trying to get their kids into some of the highest profile schools in the country. The only way to get in is by taking the test. So it’s mind-boggling to me that we think that that test is like a good way of measuring anybody’s —. The schools that are now about 10 percent black and Hispanic would become about 45 percent black and Hispanic. And some kids, particularly white and Asian-American students, will prep for months, if not years. Dani Lever, a spokeswoman for Mr. Cuomo, pointed to the governor’s previous comments on the proposal, saying, “It’s a legitimate issue that there are two sides to, and that should be looked at in the wider discussion of education in New York.”. But at the same time, a slew of prominent Democrats in Albany and downstate, ranging from the city’s public advocate to the Democratic leaders of the Assembly and Senate, either declined to comment or issued statements that indicated the latest numbers are unlikely to change their positions. How do you ace this exam to get your way out of poverty? Pascack Hills High School » Services » Guidance & Counseling Services » College Acceptances - Class of 2019. Hi, I’m Bill de Blasio.

"I know the struggle of not having the funds to prepare for this test myself so having to self-study and go through all that, I know the struggle that it is. [APPLAUSE]. But the percentage of black and Hispanic students has only shrunk. It’s very true that in this circumstance, black and Latinx communities and Asian communities have been pitted against each other.

We have to make sure the very best high schools are open to every New Yorker.

You have to take a test called the SHSAT. “These numbers are even more proof that dramatic reform is necessary to open the doors of opportunity at specialized high schools,” Mr. de Blasio said.

There are low-income Asian-American students whose parents have said they scraped together every last dollar for test prep.

You, just a few minutes ago, said that the city is kind of obsessed with the tests.

And then that’s how I knew about it.

And I think right now in New York City, we are in this really intense moment of reckoning with whether that’s really true, and whether that’s going to change. Their parents decided to put their money towards that best. h��Z]o9�+~_��=ҪH�

We set the all-time record for graduation rate in New York City. I’ve been told that the only reason I got into Stuyvesant was because I’m black, even though the test doesn’t even factor that in. So people get angry. Right. So as the years go on, we see this enormous rise in an industry to prepare for this test.

Here’s what else you need to know today. Whether or not you support affirmative action, I think it’s an important time to be critical of Harvard and to look at how affirmative action policies have impacted or discriminated against Asian-American communities.

Why should some kids who are clearly bright, who have aced these tests, lose their seats in the name of diversifying the entire schools? And I was talking to one of these students who remembered that his mom said to him, you’re going to be one of the only black students at this school. And I think what it’s so important for people to realize is that when we have a more representative school system, when we have a school system in which everyone has an equal opportunity, that benefits all of us. It sounds sort of like it, because what people are basically saying is, hey, this school is too Asian.

Nicolette, who grew up in East Flatbush, Brooklyn and attends Stuyvesant High School, reached her goal -- eight times over. Right now, we’re living a tale of two cities — one where the rich keep growing richer, while middle-class New Yorkers struggle, and nearly half our city lives at or near the poverty line. It showed implicit bias when he said, all Asians are economically sound. And in some schools, you might be really still on the basics.

Eboney Martinez -Hawaii Pacific -CSU East Bay -CSU San Marcos -CSU Channel Islands -CSU Dominguez Hills -Chico State.

How have Asian students that you’ve spoken to explained their awareness of the test?

The White House is allowed to overturn denials of security clearances. She recommended that I buy the Barron’s book and start studying for it.

So I’ve spoken to many Asian-American graduates of these elite schools who said, from the earliest age they can remember, their parents and their teachers were encouraging them to study and prepare for this test. And there’s not much we can do about that. They did.

Over the last few months, city officials have taken their plan to abandon it on the road, trying to sell it in local town hall meetings. "I feel like getting into Stuyvesant, that was more geared around test prep," she says. Edit header links and footer links here. Last year, 10, and 13 the year before. How much has that been seen as part of a solution to the problem? Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a plan to diversify the high schools last summer.

And how can that be, that they don’t know?

And they were wondering, can we change something about this admissions process to help our kids get into these schools and have their own path into the middle class? The city is relying on a less sweeping part of its plan to help force a measure of integration as soon as this fall: the expansion of Discovery, a summer program that prepares students who just miss the cutoff score for admission into a specialized school. The percentage of black students at Stuyvesant has been declining for two decades.

And they seem to be working the way they were designed to work. Whereas in other communities — black, Latino communities — that may not be the case, for whatever reason.

That, to me, it’s just wrong. And what becomes of these schools once this single-test admission system is codified in the law? And remember, these schools were created to find the diamonds in the rough, the kids who needed a push into a better life.

They personalize these issues, because these are your children. A recent report found that offers to Asian-American students, who now make up about 60 percent of the specialized schools, would drop by about half under the mayor’s plan, while offers to black students would increase fivefold if that plan is approved. “The question is what do we do about it, how do we do it without needlessly pitting communities against each other?”.

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