Featuring 6+1 bearings and a … The latest Shimano Stradic FL will carry forward the majority of the Shimano technologies that have made the Stradic series what they are today. This creates stiffness and impact resistance, while at the same time eliminating flexing of the body. It’s the fruit of Shimano’s inexhaustible pursuit for durability; the strength and power of forged metal continues to represent the fundamental concept of Shimano reels. Its a stradic. Avec un pick-up monobloc, la ligne ne peut plus s'accrocher sur le moulinet en action de pêche. Have you ordered your Shimano Vanford yet? Ive used it for schoolie striped bass, lake trout, and LMB. Like any reel, you can’t and shouldn’t fully immerse it in water. accurate casts. The only description I can come up with, is it feels “gravelly”. Subscribe to the Ocean Blue Magazine, Get the latest specials, offers, reviews and inspirational travel articles for FREE and receive $100 off your next OB adventure. Shimano Stradic FL ST2500HGFL – A great all-around size for estuary and river fishing that suits a braided line from 6lb to 10lb depending on the target species. Just one look at the new Vanford reels from Shimano and you’ll immediately think Stradic Ci4. It feels so smooth but at the same time is really strong when dragging the fish. Another major factor in the smoothness of the reel’s cranking is the internals system made up of the MicroModule II, Hagane gears, and X-Ship technology under the reel’s hood. Euipped with a heavy duty Cross Carbon Drag system, the Shimano Stradic FL is poised to be put to the ultimate test against the hardest pulling inshore species. This is perfectly fine as Stradic Ci4 is the direct predecessor of the Vanford. This abrupt downward sweep from the rod mount to the reel certainly made it less comfortable, and even somewhat painful at times for my bigger hands. Overall great value for what you are getting. Including reels that cost way more than it. Bien entendu, ses qualités mécaniques le rendent tout autant adapté pour une utilisation en eau douce. Rotation Smoothness (MicroModule II, Silent Drive) 2. I fish for speedy fish like Bluefin Trevally and Bonefish here in Hawaii and have never had use for the anti-reverse function on spinning reels.

Both benefit from trickle-down technology from the Stella, so we know they are well built. As mentioned above, the main body is constructed with Ci4. dannyplug1 .SeLmuHkhie .progress-bar-value{ Along with the Hagane Gear, this means that winding is silky smooth and pristine silence has been achieved. L'avis du fabricant :Le STRADIC est un moulinet spinning déjà bien connu et très apprécié, il est utilisé par des centaines de milliers de pêcheurs à travers le monde. I’ve bought a lot of cheap combos over the years, and some not so cheap from other big names. G-FreeBody – technology has been developed to shift the reel’s center of gravity closer to the rod. X-Ship – provides improved gear durability. Shimano Stradic FL ST1000HGFL – A finesse reel, designed for light lure casting for bream and trout using fluorocarbon or braid.

6 roulements à billes S A-RB + 1 roulement à aiguilles. The food was amazing breakfast lunch and dinner, and… Read more “Already missing the place!”. height: 33px; The Shimano Vanford takes over the reins of the Stradic Ci4 series of spinning reels. Pros – Long Casting Nice Drag System Very Lightweight Looks Sharp as a Tack }, .GlGthjTjzr{ We’ll break down Ci4 later on in this article. OTL – On Top Lures: What makes them one of the best handmade lures in the market? The contact type triplelip structure is introduced to the roller clutch, the pivotal point concerning water resistance. It’s a minor gripe, but for long 8-10 hr fishing sessions like I do (dusk till dawn if I can some days) it can cause some pain. I CAN say that including a link gets your post automatically blocked until a moderator edits out the link, so you might as well leave the links out of future posts. I for one am glad that Shimano has removed the anti-reverse lever on this new reel.

For the first time in Stradic’s class, Shimano has implemented a Long Stroke Spool for better improved casting distance. En plus, le FL sera doté de caractéristiques très intéressantes : fluidité de rotation (MicroModule II, Silent Drive), longévité (robustesse des engrenages Hagane augmentée, X-Protect), performances de lancer (bobine à grande ouverture). With the proliferation of variants (from Shimano, Daiwa, Penn, etc) gauging the trade offs between models became less clear. Featuring 6+1 bearings, 6.1:1 gear ratio and an upgraded Cross Carbon drag system with 20 ib of power. Outdoes anything in its category. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; Le Moulinet spinning Shimano Stradic FL. This reel is the best bang for buck out there right now on the market. I purchased the FL series of the Stradic elsewhere and saved twenty bucks but was cruising for some fishing tackle and decided to leave a review about this reel. The Daiwa BG 3000 which is pictured. This has resulted in an increased casting distance, which is proving very popular among anglers. The Shimano Stradic has built a deserved reputation as a stalwart of light tackle angling – the range are refined, tough and have always been at a price that experienced enthusiasts and intermediate anglers respected. The new STRADIC FL - successor of the FK - will of course carry this same identity: strong and reliable. The 2019 Stradic continues with it’s reliable and smooth pedigree. } The HAGANE Drive Gear is produced by Shimano’s coldforging technology, without the need for additional machining. .GlGthjTjzr .pb-label{ The max drag for this reel is quite powerful as well. The cross-cannibalism of the Stradic FL and Stradic Ci4 series of reels caused too much confusion and the Shimano crew had to sort it out ASAP. Grâce aux différents modèles, taille et ratio, il y a forcément un STRADIC au sein de la gamme pour chaque pêcheur. color: #ffffff; Lorsque l'on doit conseiller un moulinet pour une utilisation régulière en mer mais avec un budget un peu serré, c'est généralement vers le Shimano Stradic à bâti aluminium que nous orientons nos clients. The standard Stradic FLs are a different reel to the Stradic Ci4s in terms of some features and technology. Another area of improvement is the corrosion resistance. Discover Shimano Spinning Reels. .ZyATglERpv .progress-bar-value:after{ Lighter rotor, means less rotation resistance, resulting in an overall smoother and lighter cranking experience. This reel will take all the abuse that you can throw at it, all day long. C3000 4000 and C5000 models come equipped with shimano’s cross-carbon drag system designed to endure and conquer the most blistering runs from the most powerful fish. The 3000 is my favorite freshwater reel ever. (le successeur du moulinet stradic FK) est un moulinet shimano très réputé grâce à sa robustesse et sa fiabilité. Super smooth, holds a fair amount of braid for its size, should work great for schoolies and inshore. The HAGANE Body is produced from highrigidity aluminium or magnesium.

The Stradic FL is the latest version of this model to be released, and it is stacked with the latest Shimano reel technology. Having said this, the Vanford lucks out with the X-protect waterproofing system similar to the Stellas and Twin-powers.

I’ve always reiterated how important maintenance is to your fishing gear. .GlGthjTjzr .progress-bar-value:after{ The Stradic FL have the Hagane body, which in layman terms is a mixture of aluminum and magnesium, cast into molds of the body and parts needed to build the reel. I’ll definitely recommend! On the Shimano website, the c5000 and 4000 sized reels topped off at 11kg of drag, c3000, and 2500 maxing out at 9kg and the smallest 1000 sized reel maxed out at 3kg. Either way that?s up to you. Réalisé en inox, il réduit les frictions et permet à la tresse (ou nylon) de passer plus rapidement sur le galet.LONG STROKE SPOOL : le nouveau design de la bobine à grande ouverture plus haute de 17% à taille égale augmente la distance de lancer de 4%. More for light surf, bay, or boat fishing. The 1000 size uses a 1 set felt drag washer system, the 2500 size uses a 3 set felt drag washer system and the C3000 sizes above use a higher grade 3 set cross carbon washer system with excellent wear resistance. The key features that the Stradic FL has that the FK did not is the Micro Module Gear II, silent drive, NEW Hagane Gear, X Protect, Long Spool, Carbon Cross Drag Washer. Sign up for a new account in our community. Shimano reels with Ci4 bodies have proven themselves time and again, with only a few occurrences of major damage that can be categorized as freak occurrences. Made of Stainless Steel, it reduces friction and allows the line to get onto the line roller quicker. How to save time changing lures? Added by Kosta Linardos on July 19, 2019.

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Standard sizes from 1000 – c5000 are available. Take note that the c5000 size comes with a foam ball crank knob. All versions of Stradic’s have given anglers years of faithful service, and this version will be no different. The latest evolution in the Shimano Stradic FL range brings anglers into the next generation of fishing.

AR-C spool that has been lightened with Shimano’s original processing technology in order to balance the two goals of “without trouble” and “extending flight distance”. Depuis des années, tous ces pêcheurs bénéficient de la même expérience d'utilisation avec leur STRADIC : un moulinet qui ne les laissera jamais tomber.

Pros It also happens with Saltist vs BG! For the first time in Stradic’s class, Shimano has implemented a Long Stroke Spool for better improved casting distance. The new Shimano Stradic FL saltwater spinning reels are the latest edition to a line of saltwater spinning reels that for generations has served as a benchmark by which all other reels in its class are measured. The roller clutch and line roller adopt X protection that enhances waterproofness. Smooth.

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