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, A brief guide to getting the most out of Hangar Pets,, Tac Slots: Rare Male Tacticals with Superior Romulan Operative (Fleet Embassy – Recruitment Tier 2, required), Eng Slots: Jem’hadar Vanguard (Big Vanguard Pack) or Nausicaan (Diplomatic Commendation Rank 4 or Exchange for KDF) and Kentari (Fleet Colony -Tier 5 Morale, if you have 2 Eng slots), Sci Slots: Jem’hadar Vanguard (Big vanguard pack) or Hierarchy Boff (Episode “Alliances”) and Kentari (Fleet Colony, if you have 2 Sci slots), 4-5x Boffs with Superior Romulan Operative (Exchange rare/very rare usually cheap, if you own the Delta Operations Pack, use the Eng Boff from that Pack), 1x Reman with Superior Infiltrator (Only when you’re flying a ship with Battle Cloak, if you own the Delta Operations Pack, use the Tac Boff from that Pack), Kentari (Fleet Colony, if you have one already otherwise not really needed), Tactical Team (I, defensive cooldown with small damage boost, can help a lot to survive. (I also have the other 2 Lobi Ba’ul pieces and Lorca’s Custom Fire Controls). But the unlocks are pretty obvious anyway.

Sample BO setups are included in this guide. "I'm not big on telepaths myself. Dr. Shivnath Mazumder. Department of Chemistry, Wayne State University, 5101 Cass Ave, Detroit, MI, 48202 USA. the prolonged console isnt great at all more a discount choice, same with some of those +20 ap dmg consoles, defnitly have a look at the ap example ship to get an idea , and feel free to join our discord, might be easier to help you directly.

Each time you are hit, a damaging pulse is directed at the attacking ship. Consoles… I’d rather use cheap Bellum consoles from the discovery rep. Discount options for I have the evasive maneuvers one as well, but I don’t seem to get as much use out of it as you suggest. the CC rep one or purchasing an altamid instead? Engs have some decent traits and abilities so they can keep up with tacs when flying beam boats. Excellent Guide!!!

I appreciate your help! its usualy just not worth it to use. Strongly recommended for tanks), Auxiliary to Battery I (For cooldown reduction management with boffs, usually the lowest possible), Directed Energy Modulation (The rank you have room for, lower priority than Emergency Power to Weapons), Reverse Shield Polarity (If you have problems with surviving, can replace Directed Energy Modulation), Engineering Team (Heal, normally a filler ability if you have room for it as Ensign ability), Hazard Emitter I (Heal and cleanse, normally used as ensign ability), Science Team I (Shield Heal and cleanse, normally used as ensign ability), Photonic Officer (For Cooldown Management, in case you don’t want to use Aux2Bat), Subspace Vortex (Additional EPG AoE Damage, for high-end runs or if you have nothing better to slot), Very Cold in Space (additional EPG Aoe Damage, for high-end runs or if you have nothing better to slot), Tractor Beam (trigger ability for Unconventional Tactics personal trait, highly situational choice), Narrow Sensor Bands (Miracle Worker –  Highest rank possible, usually III), Mixed Armaments Synergies (Miracle Worker – Rank I or III depending on the ship and if it does not interfere with your Fire mode for example), Override Subsystem Safeties (Intel – Preferably the highest version if it does not interfere with other abilities with higher priority like fire modes), Recursive Shearing (Temporal Operative – Rank I or III depending on the ship, lower priority than fire mode), Pilot Team (Pilot – if you have nothing better to slot), Intel Team (Intel – if you have nothing better to slot), 3x Technician: Auxiliary to Battery CD Reduction (required for A2B builds, discount, can be obtained via B’tran Cluster chain for free or via commendation ranks store), Energy Weapon Officer: Chance for CRTH (expensive, rare is usually good enough), Energy Weapon Officer: Chance for CRTD (expensive, rare is usually good enough), Emergency Conn Hologram: CD Reduction for Evasive Maneuvers (Phoenix store, just get one!) Sorry to waste your time. As for the Consoles, all tactical slots are reserved for the listed consoles. Spiral Wave Dual Beam, What are your thoughts on the torp launcher for the Ba’ul/Kemo AP build? I’d use an Altamid.

also, what are your thoughts on Console – Engineering – Trellium-D Plating and All weapons should have [CrtD] or [Dmg] and [Crtd/Dm] mods. Controlled Countermeasures (Temporal T4):  +addtional DMG against controlled targets => Only for A2B Builds, Tactical Advantage (Dyson T2):  More Armor Pen, Magnified Firepower (Gamma T4): +5% DMG (I) or +6,3% DMG (II), Enhanced Armor Penetration (Delta T2): +5 Armor Pen (I) or + 6.3 Armor Pen (II), Emergency Weapon Cycle – (Arbiter/Morrigu(cross-faction)/Kurak), Entwined Tactical Matrices (for Fire at Will and/or Torps) – (Gagarin / Qugh), Redirecting Arrays (for Fire at Will) – (Tucker/Tebok(cross-faction)/Klothos), Superweapon Ingenuity (for Beam Overload) – (Xindi-Primate Ateleth Dreadnought Cruiser – Lobi), Weapon Emitter Overdrive (Vaadwaur Juggernaut – Promo), Calm Before the Storm (Cardassian Intel Flight-Deck Cruiser), Terran Goodbye (Mirror Warship – Infinity), Cold-Hearted – Must have for A2B (Breen Plesh Tral Heavy Raider Winter 2017/18), Superior Area Denial – If you don’t have A2B or the raider or as an addition (Mirror Universe Engle-class Strike Wing Escort/Infinity Pack: Starship Trait), Vaulting Ambition (Styx Terran Dreadnought Cruiser), Super Charged Weapons – if you’re using a torpedo this has high priority (Kopesh Tactical Dreadnought Warbird, cross-faction or one of the other Tactical Flagships), Promise of Ferocity (Thozyn/Vandros/Xechas), History Will Remember (Support Cruiser T6), Improved Unconventional Tactics (Strategist Spec, Discount version if you don’t have anything else to use), Superior Command Frequency (Command Spec, Discount version if you don’t have anything else to use), Elite Fleet Intervention Protomatter Deflector Array [EPS] [ColCrit] [DrainX]x2 – (Fleet Colony Holding, Re-Eng DrainX to something more valuable like HullCap, low priority), Prevailing Innervated Impulse Engines (Competitive Reputation) OR, Combat Impulse Engines [Spd]x4 (Discount Version, Crafted via RnD), Mycelial Harmonic Matter-Antimatter Core (Discovery Reputation) OR, Mycelial Harmonic Singularity Core (Discovery Reputation) OR, Elite Fleet Plasma-Integrated Warp Core [AMP] [ECap] [Eff] [SSS] [W->A] (Fleet Spire – Research Tier 3) OR, Elite Fleet Thoron-Infused Singularity Core [AMP] [Res or OLoad] (Fleet Spire – Research Tier 3) OR, Deuterium-Stabilized Warp Core [Bat] [W->A or E] (Discount Version, Crafted via RnD) OR, Thoron-Infused Singularity Core (Discount Version, Crafted via RnD), Tilly’s Review-Pending Modified Shield (Discovery Reputation) OR, Hyper Capacitor Shield Array [Cap]x5 (Crafted Via RnD, as much cap as possible, min.

with the introduction of the Ba’ul Weapons AP builds are pretty strong now. Are you really sure that those fleets were T5 in Morale? Or just sell it and buy one or two other great ships, i.E. Why is emergency powers to engines required? The last example is the layout for the Ba’ul AP build. I still prefer Graviton Implosion Charges, it’s mini gravity well helps to get NPCs into the area of ‘small’ aoe effects. Do you have a guide for Experimental Weapons? Could someone show me a good anti-porotn build? For example I don’t know when it’s better to use a generally good console like Bioneural Infusion Circuits vs something that gives a specific boosts to my energy type like Voth Phase Decoy which has +20 AP damage? you have a mission reward shield discount option. Here, diboron is used as an effective interfacial modifier between SnO 2 and perovskite. T5 confirmed twice. Several of the other comments here are also from people asking what consoles are pictured.

Piezo-Plasma Beam Array Thanks much! This guide should show you the general way of building it for different ships and layouts and what is important. Thanks for the reply. I’d get Superweapon Ingenuity for 15s uptime of BO. I will run a combo of coalition and elachi front and rear and broadside ^^, overcharge is the singularity ability only.

Altamid Modified Plasma Omn And here we have the different weapon types you might want to use. I have been using Directed Energy Modulation III for over 2 years now. DEM III now provides me about an extra 5% damage based on my energy weapons. With DEM III, I used to receive additional damage output around 10% of my total energy weapons damage; it currently grants around 5%. Means the torp won’t fire but adds a great active ability. Of course we will also post builds for other ships if enough people ask for them.

Shields: Regenerative Crystal Shield Matrix (Discount Version, Episode “Para Pacem”) Alternatively whats your discord channel ? Directed Energy Modulation (The rank you have room for, lower priority than Emergency Power to Weapons) Reverse Shield Polarity (If you have problems with surviving, can replace Directed Energy Modulation) Engineering Team (Heal, normally a filler ability if you have room for it as Ensign ability) Science Boff Abilities:

Cheapest option would be a blue Energy Weapon Officer with crit severity for energy weapons. One of the fleets was in my Armada and listed as T5 Colony World. eng => assimilated module, trilithium set console (epsiode reward combination with omni beam), weaponized helicial torsion, domino, dynamic power The spacerich would use 22 or 27 of 47 for a chance of 20% CrtD. another tactical? I’m not currently since it buffs Phaser.

Why is Devastating Weaponry (2.5% CrtH) on the Starship Traits list please?

But these three you mentioned weren’t received well by the playerbase. The Lukari are the same resource reqs and they weren’t greyed out. You definitely feel strongly that evasive maneuvers is worth pulling one of the purple Crit chances?

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