When he tried to be "funny", he came off like some immature high schooler. In closing, he addressed his friend tearfully. They then ate their final dinner at a local Mexican restaurant with Kathy Cuffaro (Dan's divorce lawyer at the end) and Bob Vaage, who was Dan's junior legal associate in the firm.

Brian Monaghan, another friend, remembered that, during a recent dinner, he, Daniel and Linda playfully acted out a scene from a Peter Sellers movie. Astonishing.Here's an example: when Betty, who was contesting the divorce, attempted to hire Daniel Jaffe, a superstar attorney out of Los Angeles, to represent her in the divorce case, Dan Broderick refused to pay Jaffe's fees. Taking Linda and burying her elsewhere is as shady as the Broderick-Kolkena liaison itself was. And now I hear that Dan was buried in the grave but Linda's body was taken elsewhere and buried. Are you a professional writer?

I cheered her for murdering the philandering ex-spouse and the tweetie bird he fucked on the down-low for years before finally marrying her. It's Emilia again. I had to laugh when--after the murders--Linda and Dan were lauded and mourned as paragons of virtue.

We all thought that she was just the eye candy on the payroll. Granted, I wish Betty could have picked up,t oo, but I don't agree that she should have been forced out of a reasonable settlement. Ronald Reagan also was shot thru his lung, he survived. A man's body processes alcohol at .015 per hour.

I'm with you. Betty had to sacrifice all her youth, voluntarily or not, to make him the professional he became.

If Linda had not met Dan she would be alive today, it was her biggest mistake in life the day that she got involved with him. I also saw the Lifetime movies and they made me see red.

One article estimates he was making $300,000 a month, so in comparison $16,000 a month isn't much at all. In the end, I think both my ex and I benefited: we parted as friends, even though we gradually drifted apart, with no hard feelings.I guess in the Broderick case, there were many 'what ifs:' what if Betty had simply waited it out (in which case she might have seen Dan and Linda's marriage implode); what if Betty had found out Linda had cheated on Dan with Steve Kelley; what if Dan had continued seeing Linda but never made any move to end his marriage to Betty. I wish that Betty could have seen the writing on the wall when she told Dan to get rid of Linda in the office by October or else. So lets say he was dropped off by the friend at 11:30. Which pretty much tells you all you need to know about San Diego. I can see why she snapped.I don't condone murder but if anyone was ever driven to the brink of destruction it has to be her. Of course not! After Larry's death, Kelley moved into Crown Manor, the lavish eight-bedroom mansion with 17 bathrooms on the Coronado beachfront that Larry had built for Shelia. He was very young when it happened.Lee is, as always, the dark horse in all of this.

Larry Broderick has been shooting off his big mouth again on CNN. That's human nature.

Did they straighten themselves out after their father was dead and their mother was in jail or did they go along the same way for years afterward? DAN BRODERICK WAS ON A SKIING VACATION WITH HIS BUDDIES AT THE TIME.Dan Broderick was making roughly $1 million annually, and this was in 1988-era dollars, at the time of the divorce. Dan left Betty for what was basically a younger version of herself. Didn't he refuse after the doctor told Betty and him that he was not able to reverse Betty's tubal ligation. What goes around, sure enough, does come around.

I also agree that Kim should have stayed out of the trial and let the prosecutors find their own damn evidence, no doubt they would not have had much difficulty with the help of dear uncle Larry. What has been done to HER? Nothing I have ever read has been as close to what I deem to be the truth, as this piece.

Well he got one! betty deserves a medal for getting rid of scum like dan and linda. Reading the books on the case, I would say any such health problems (IF they existed) were caused, or at very least, made worse by Dan's behaviour from the start of the marriage.I tend to think Dan got what he so richly deserved, in the end. I am sorry she murdered them, I do not condone it, if she could have just held it together, she would have "won" in the end. He eventually settled with the family for 200k.

I was at Dan and Linda's wedding, I went to Linda's bachelorette party in Los Cabos Mex. Linda had told Dan that if he won't leave his wife then she was going to marry Steve and Dan told both of them to "go ahead". self-defence), you should not be required to give up your own life, but you should lose your freedom in perpetuity, so to speak.That being said, I don't think I've seen any murder victims as unsympathetic as Dan Broderick and Linda Kolkena. Easier said than done, i know, but in this case extremely necessary. If they started at 7 - that's 4 hours/4 drinks, plus the 10 - yes, I'd say he's an alcoholic. After all, there was very little to like or appreciate about the victims. True, but all she had left WAS looking at the marriage like a business. Struggled for years, but that business is now worth a lot! So she loses not only her friends but her social standing too.

Ex-wife kills them both. I believe it was the combination of loosing everything she worked on with her husband and children, and unrewarded in love and in finances, that drove her to it.

Yes, it is trashy. Nope. Then there were the kids. She was 18 almost 19. Laura, it wouldn't have been a good idea for you to have made fun of Dan Broderick either behind his back or to his face. Linda was shot in the front first then in the back of her neck.

- former mayor Andrew Young on unanswered questions in the case      &quo... All content provided on this "Criminal Misconduct" blog is for informational purposes only. I feel certain that Dan would have been worth more than his brother at this point, but I doubt he and Linda would have still been married.

She had no sympathy whatsoever for a woman who was brutalized by both her cheating, lying husband and the legal system. I am sure they did not know the whole story then and I doubt they do now. murder), I think that rather than money per se, it may have been humiliation and, perhaps, the fact that she may still have loved Dan and wanted to hurt him for hurting her (I think you’re less likely to care if a spouse or lover cheats on you if you don’t have any feelings for that individual).About ‘who loved who,’ I think it’s reasonable to believe that Dan and Betty may have loved each other at one point: that is, just before their marriage and perhaps for some times afterwards.. Ironically, one source claimed that it was Dan who pursued Betty and that she was not interested in him initially.

Linda enjoyed making Betty suffer, she taunted her in many ways, let us not forget the ads in the post about wrinkle creams and treatments that she took delight in sending to Betty, let us not forget how linda would sign Betty's maintenance cheques from Dan with her own added touch by writing ' MAINTENANCE TO COW ' on these cheques, she even took delight in turning up to Kim Broderick's graduation ceremony arm in arm with dapper Dan. The only good thing is that Dan can't rape anybody else out of money and Linda can't steal anybody else's husband.

The move on with her life. She should have taken the money from her temporary alimony and written two books about it.

In speaking of Larry, I read that he is now worth around $30M today.

The Kolkena children observed strict Dutch traditions in their household, and while English was spoken in the home, all of the Kolkena children know/knew Dutch fluently.

I know he worked with kids in some capacity, at a school or something, for a while. I just happened to watch the Aphrodite's documentary on this story the other day.

She saw no other life other than the life she had with Dan Broderick, but she had so much going for her, she could have made that same life with another man. He wanted Betty when she was young and beautiful - someone who could help improve his image. He had all of these little kids, they're starving, they live in a dump, they're on public assistance, and he goes and signs up for law school, because he wants to suddenly become an attorney? )Linda was not Irish. Also did not look like he was going for the phone as the phone was right next to the bed but he ended up at least 3-4 feet away.

Women who marry for money earn every penny. No one else is in any danger if she's walking the streets. They are the real victims of this sad story. Not so.

Strictly middle class. I, too, wish Betty could have let it go and move on with her life. This out of man that was taking home 135k a month. I can't believe that after all she did for him, she only received a lump sum of $30K!!! I actually think it is one of the saddest details in the Stumbo book. !Give me a break. She should have been charged with manslaughter instead. You are absolutely correct. Her brothers, sister, and father were all alive at the time of the "funeral trip."

I can understand why Betty was driven to do what she did. The bimbo gets the spoils.

Dan Broderick in my opinion needed psychiatrict help, no sane man could be so cold, callous and downright calculating towards a woman who shared his life for so long, a woman who gave him four children, not to mention the help Betty gave him so that he could achieve his goals in life. I attended a small college near St. Vincent's and the boys and girls intermingled quite a bit as kids do.

He would not even pay Jaffe's $10,000 retainer. Speaking to the therapist, however, made me see how this relationship wasn't working.

Don't even get me started on Linda Kolkena. (I am quite sure this was a selling point for Linda at Delta...airlines love attendants who can speak another language competently.

She just couldn't behave after awhile. It didnt matter to Dan that the boys yearned to live with their mother instead of him and missed her terribly, no he needed them to use as a weapon to beat Betty into submission.

Excuses! It seems as though the lines were drawn in black and white as far as their camp or Betty's camp, even right down the middle of the four children.

It wasn't enough for him to merely leave Betty.

Betty is not a stupid woman, but for some reason, she was never able to see that. The nastiness and underhand side swipes at Betty from both Dan and Linda must have been humiliating. They expect cheated-on wives to just look the other way...please! Dan would've dumped Linda as soon as he grew tired of her.

Linda asked Steve and Steve said that if she went, they would be over. What lovely looking people. To be a father of the same child who was lost, and still forge ahead on a campaign to belittle Betty's importance and drive her to madness is a terrible betrayal, both of her as his wife and as the mother of their FIVE children. This is deeper than white grievance politics. ("The Turtle"? HONESTLY, WITH $16,000 COMING IN EACH MONTH, I WOULD HAVE BEEN INVESTING, PARTYING AND HAVING THE TIME OF MY LIFE.

Linda always talked trash about Betty Broderick.

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