Stephanie is not currently married, she doesn’t have a husband yet but has a fiance with whom she has already built the future together. Stephanie's latest video about Nick is her most dramatic yet — the proof she shows in it has fans wondering if Nick will be "canceled.". The house which was originally built in 1948 features 5 beds, four guest bedrooms & 5.5 bathrooms among others. its fucking wild. We're almost in 2020 lol. They're hugely popular with millions of people. The channel has a total of 694 video uploads as of the time of writing this, with her best video as “Why I Am Scared Of Nikocado Avocado”, viewed 9 million times already. 3 months ago | apathycollusion, 400 comments. I wouldn’t feel comfortable around someone who is that quick to “spill tea” and has shown himself to be someone who is willing to expose people who upset him. Nick knew that Veronica and Stephanie were friends, so he reached out to the latter to see if she was involved at all. But, Stephanie fought back with yet another response (and even more text evidence). So obviously most of that was me reliving what was done to me. She is also a popular presence on Instagram where she has more than 600k followers. Stephanie is not currently married, she doesn’t have a husband yet but has a fiance with whom she has already built the future together. She also claimed that Nick took photos and videos of her home security system (which she got after she was sexually assaulted in her house) while she was in the bathroom during filming. I felt so much for her, seeing the security footage was like a scene from my own life. When discussing what they would talk about in said videos, Nick said he wanted Stephanie to detail her drama with Veronica. Nick asked in their video, which Stephanie shared again in her video. Stephanie Soo accuses Nikocado Avocado of manipulation and bullying . Stephanie is not big on birthdays, The Sagittarius Youtuber was put to bed on the 27th of November, 1995. She, Nick, and Zach decided to film three videos in a row, for their respective channels. "In particular, manipulating my own words against me to make me do things that I don't want to do, and I don't feel comfortable doing. kween! it's always the lisa stans that have the WORST opinions, Can we use this post to talk about other YouTubers? I really think this is the ens fir her tbh. Some of y'all are heartless and fucking gross. Stephanie featured clips from Nick's past videos too, during which he said that he loved Stephanie, and how he had a great first impression of her. Stephanie Soo & Rui Qian are quite having a good relationship, they recently purchased a 4,000 sqft house valued at $2.29 million. TW: Rape, Sexual Assault.Curtis Lepore, the man who raped me, put out a statement nearly 6 years later about the night it happened. love her videos, especially when she drinks out her toilet bowl cup, lmao i remember stumbling upon her videos a while ago and people were making fun of how awkward she is, i'm glad she's getting even more popular despite those comments. She is an awful person and a damn LAH. The lucky man is Rui Qian, a Chinese man that’s exactly two years older than Stephanie. you literally don't have to care about her or her career to feel sympathy for her past trauma and her having to go through a triggering experience. I got sucked into the blackhole that is her last year after someone commented here about her and wow. Stephanie then described how Nick posted several things on his Instagram about wanting to do an "expose" video, and how he wanted to spill the tea about something (his Twitter and Instagram pages are private). Required fields are marked *. Yikes! As regards to her height, she is 5 feet and 4 inches tall, which points approximately to 1.62 meters. Today, Stephanie Soo Youtube channel is currently subscribed to by over 1.9 million people. It sounds like he made his move after he found out she had a concussion. I'm sure his follow up video will be up soon. I am so horrified at what he did to her. Something I dont wish on anybody and I was sad to see Stephanie or anybody go through it. i.... really don't care. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. | The Truths of the Steel Panther Bassist. She opened up about her problems with Veronica to Nick, and he encouraged Stephanie to talk about it on their video collab. At least have some empathy! ALSO READ: Swaggersouls Face Reveal, Real Name, Age, Height & Net Worth 2020. You will be connected with a trained staff member in your area. She said that she just tried to get through the rest of filming because she felt "scared" of Nick, and it was clear that she was upset. Nick slammed Stephanie's initial "exposed" video with one of his own. Stephanie is such a sweet person. Stephanie just posted a video explaining what happened, and she shared the nasty texts that Nick sent her in the wake of their problems. right like how can you trust that he won't turn on you the second that you become disposable to him? He wants to be the male version of her so badly. Hardworking Stephanie still manages to posts thrice to both channels weekly, and she’s no doubt a popular figure in the Mukbang genre. It all started when Stephanie and Nick filmed a video collab together, during which Nick asked for Stephanie to spill the tea on another YouTuber, Veronica Wang. Yea he's a nutjob, I'm surprised other youtubers are still entertaining him, he's completely erratic and I wouldn't believe a thing that comes out of his mouth. She revealed that she was done discussing their drama. 107.5k Likes, 1,507 Comments - Stephanie Soo (@missmangobutt) on Instagram: “Chipotle burritos just hit different ” Why are we posting YouTube losers? I was so sad for her and hearing what happened triggered me and made me think of my manipulative bully of an ex boss. Rui is otherwise referred to as MisterMangoButt. I just finished watching this. I'm agreeing with you. She explained how Nick took photos of her security feed when she was in the bathroom, and how she wants to release her security footage, but can't yet without Nick's consent. I went to bed right after and woke up and cried. Stephanie then detailed how her relationship with Nick blossomed after Veronica Wang shut down the site Shookbang, which had parodies and edits of popular Mukbang videos. At this point, my home safety is kind of in question.". The online reality star does not reveal details about her parents, it’s safe to assume she has a mixed ethnicity. Stephanie said it took her a while to get the confidence to post the video because she knew how many friends Nick has in the YouTube community. He also said that she made faces during their video together to make it seem like she was uncomfortable, when she actually had said yes to talking about Veronica. Just when most fans assumed it’s because of privacy, and did not want his picture printed all over the web, the face reveal of Rui Qian went life, and fortunately, it’s what expected, a perfect description of drop-dead gorgeous. mte, theres ALWAYS someone salty as fuck leaving a comment like that. She also said that he differentiated his online persona from who he is offline. Less than two days after Nick posted his "re: Stephanie Soo" video, Stephanie released what she said would be her final thoughts on the matter. Dr Disrespect Wife, Real Name, Face, Height, Wiki & Net Worth 2020, Wolfychu Face Reveal, Age, Real Name, Boyfriend & Net Worth 2020, Swaggersouls Face Reveal, Real Name, Age, Height & Net Worth 2020, Melanie Zanona Age, Wikipedia, Husband, Height & Net Worth 2020, Emily Compagno – Age, Husband, Wiki, Married, Height & Net Worth 2020, Lexxi Foxx Bio, Age, Gay? The channel soon started to receive lots of positive comments and followed increased gradually, from 100 to thousands to 100s of thousands. Stephanie declined, citing that it was too soon. He’s such a turd. I feel so bad for Jessi. I fell down the ALR rabbit hole a couple weeks ago. YouTubers such as Soo makes at least $2 – $7 per thousand views on their videos, Socialblade reported Stephanie’s earnings to be within the range of $98,000 to $1.6 million yearly. She noted that Nick opened up first about things he was going through, so she felt comfortable talking to him about Veronica. idk it sounds like clear bullying to me. "I am no longer scared of you," Stephanie said. all this drama just for the sake of views smh rme. Stephanie’s secondary channel, MissMangoButt is currently subscribed to by over 500,000 people with total video views of 76 million. The channel is currently being subscribed to by almost 2 million people globally. During the video, Nick kept pressing Stephanie to detail the drama about her and Veronica, and Stephanie wouldn't budge. The most pressing issue on Stephanie Yoon was the mystery of his long-time fiance Rui Qian. Lester Holt's Party Affiliation Changed in 2018, So What Is It Right Now. She had said she was “in and out of sleep” all day which is why she didn’t respond to him the next day. When Stephanie said she wasn't part of the shutdown, Nick asked if she wanted to do a video with him to explain her side of the drama. Me too. What's the Stephanie Soo and Nikocado Avocado drama? "I just want to take back my power to say no.". Same with foodie bootie/Chantel Marie/The Chantel Show/ Big Beautiful Me/whatever her name is this week. The issues between Stephanie Soo and Nick Avocado really begin with Veronica Wang. Her health has deckined so much quicker this year. It happened in her home and because of this she has a security system. Rui worked as Bilingual Sales Professional for Tiffany & Company, and currently works as a Sales Executive & Watch Advisor for Harry Winston, an American company that producers Diamond jewelry, and luxury wristwatches. The celebrities are disposable. But, as time went on, Stephanie began to see a side of Veronica that made her uncomfortable and felt they wouldn't get along. If I eat too fast or too much I throw up, which surprises people when they see I'm overweight. Oh and Moochy Becky's family being exposed as scammers. I know it’s super long, and I’m sorry - but I had a lot to say. Stephanie Soo is an American YouTuber and social media personality who has earned more than 2 million subscribers on her self-titled YouTube channel that revolves around food blogs, food tasting experiences, and mukbang videos. He repeatedly posted videos of him and his friends saying it. The Korean star also kept mute on her education likewise the siblings she grew up with, Social media, however, revealed she has a sibling sister, Cindy Yoon whom she featured in one of her Youtube video uploaded on MissMangoButt Channel. The compelling bombshell video also showed that Stephanie and Zach were both uncomfortable with how Nick handled their Mukbang video, and that he had sent other strongly-worded texts to her before the demise of their friendship.

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