Czech, The Carnival Is Over

Ãðÿíåì áðàòöû óäàëóþ Íà ïîìèí å¸ äóøè, Èç-çà îñòðîâà íà ñòðåæåíü Íà ïðîñòîð ðå÷íîé âîëíû Âûïëûâàþò ðàñïèñíûå Ñòåíüêè Ðàçèíà ÷åëíû. Energetic promotion ensured the film's commercial success and launched Drankov's career as a producer.The Ballad of Stenka RazinFrom beyond the wooded islandTo the river wide and freeProudly sailed the arrow-breastedShips of Cossack yeomanry.On the first is Stenka RazinWith his princess by his sideDrunken holds in marriage revelsWith his beauteous young brideFrom behind there comes a murmur\"He has left his sword to woo;One short night and Stenka RazinHas become a woman, too.\"Stenka Razin hears the murmurOf his discontented bandAnd his lovely Persian princessHe has circled with his hand.His dark brows are drawn togetherAs the waves of anger rise;And the blood comes rushing swiftlyTo his piercing jet black eyes\"I will give you all you ask forHead and heart and life and hand.\"And his voice rolls out like thunderOut across the distant land.Volga, Volga, Mother VolgaWide and deep beneath the sun,You have never seen such a presentFrom the Cossacks of the Don.So that peace may reign foreverIn this band so free and braveVolga, Volga, Mother VolgaMake this lovely girl a grave.Now, with one swift mighty motionHe has raised his bride on highAnd has cast her where the watersOf the Volga roll and sigh.\"Dance, you fools, and let's be merryWhat is this that's in your eyes?Let us thunder out a chantyTo the place where beauty lies.\"From beyond the wooded islandTo the river wide and freeProudly sailed the arrow-breastedShips of Cossack yeomanry.Stepan (Sten'ka) Timofeyevich Razin (Russian: Степан (Стенька) Тимофеевич Разин, 1630 -- June 16 [O.S. Stenka Razin (Volga Volga ) Russian Red Army Choir - YouTube If the browser is set to autoselcet the encoding, you will need to go back to Cyrillic after loa ing the new page. written by Paul Gerrits Also unfortunately the special pronunciation rules in english are kind of ambiguous which makes it very difficult to express in writing what you mean to be pronounced if the word in question is not known by the one who reads it. The song gave the title to the famous Soviet musical comedy "Volga - Volga".

8 by Myasko… Russian, Стенька Разин {Sten'ka Razin} ey tee Feelka shoot, pl-yashee!

The rebels in Astrakhan held out until November 26, 1671, when Prince Ivan Miloslavsky restored government control.

The killing of the princess after the act of love is for Razin a sacrifice to the river Volga. Russian folk song about Stenka Razin, a Cossack leader who led a major uprising against the nobility and Tsar's bureaucracy in South Russia in the 1600's, known as "Стенька Разин. Стенька Разин {Sten'ka Razin} Second: Something similar applies for the letter 'o' in an unstressed syllable. The song recounts that Razin aboard the ship tames the princess and his men accuse him of no more fighting. written by Tom Springfield 'need' when it appears in an unstressed syllable, only short as it 'bit'.

SecondHandSongs is building the most comprehensive source of cover song information. English, The Carnival Is Over Dajos Béla und Uschakow's Kosakenchor (Gorskaja) mit Balalaika-Orchester, Ural-Kosaken-Chor - Dirigent: A. Scholuch, Francis Goya with The Original Bolshoi Orchestra and Chorus, Het Mannenkoor Koninklijke Zangvereniging Mastreechter Staar, © 2003-2020

The bialphabetical rendering is a good idea even though I'm at home in Cyrillic, because I can't always tell if a "e" should really be a "ë" (quite a bit more fluent in the alphabet than in the language, I am). German.

The lyrics were written by Dmitri Sadovnikov in 1883.

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