I fully recommend using them. garbage service, there is a lot going on that I can't really explain because I'm speaking to my legal team about, but this company is horrendous.I am personally releasing a youtube video about every playlist company out there so if you guys are reading this, you can try and find the vid on youtube "are playlist companies worth it?". They deliver exactly what they promise. Yo Genius community, I just found this mad link that gives you detailed Spotify statistics. Joey Bada$$ No idea, but i highly reccommend you just use last.fm, I started using it and its actually really cool. Shows you the lyrics in real time (if available), and there is Wallpaper Engine, a with which you can create wallpaper that react to your mouse and/or music. My Music Habits: The name speaks for itself. Spotify Stats. If you’re an artist use them to promote. We use organic Spotify music promotion techniques designed to get you heard by real people. You also get shown the number of your overall streams in the same time period. Talib Kweli, Chips (feat. Freddie Gibbs I guess there is a reason why stats are not available in Spotify, as I'm sure the developers must have considered it. Because it takes a day to transfer from Spotify to distrokid.For example:Distrokid Nov 3 stats = Spotify Nov 3 stats(for each individual song)That still doesn't explain the difference in overall stats though. After attending Grambling State University, he joined the Click, a hip-hop group that also featured his cousins E-40, Suga-T, and D-Shot.The quartet scattered three studio albums across the '90s and early 2000s. Thundercat, Walk on By En poursuivant la navigation, nous considérerons que vous acceptez leur utilisation. They get you connected with real audience that’ll actually engage with you and your music. Kanye West, Father Stretch My Hands Pt. Ok this is all great and i've been using a lot of them, lastfm, skilley, obscurify, etc. Yak Gotti, Duke & Peewee Roscoe) Also there is MusixMatch. Semi-automatic Last.fm Scrobbler: Lets you scrobble along with another Last.fm users. Kanye West, Gorgeous 2 I made this app that does this, uTrack, as a personal project early this year. So you can compute the fraction of streams that come from your own playlists. Spotify also shows the stream fraction you get from your own playlist under 'audience', but they don't match (for me). These guys are amazing! As you can see, I have on some days, completely different stats on DistroKid AND Spotify. Kanye West, Real Friends, Lil pump and lil yachty both in my top 10 all time looooooooool, John Frusciante, FM Shows all the top artist/track/genre stats, and you can also generate a playlist from your top tracks, and open all the artists and tracks directly into Spotify. Then go to your Spotify settings and use your Lastfm credentials to make Spotify connect to your Lastfm account. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do. Get Spotify promotion packages and services at an affordable price. Spicetify is skin for Rainmeter which brings Spotify experience on Windows on completely new level. If there is anything Spotify misses, it's this. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. So you can compute the fraction of streams that come from your own playlists. GREAT SERVICE. Maybe if Spotify gets too many plays (a maximum quota) from certain users, it reports the plays to DK, but then Spotify caps off the plays it counts from some users, and lowers the amount.I'm curious what else it could be, and what is the difference between "estimates" and extra paid plays. but I don't think that distrokid shows me other sources than spotify. 2Pac For example under music - playlists you can see the number of streams you get from your own playlists. Where can I see, where the streamrates are coming from? Yo Genius community, I just found this mad link that gives you detailed Spotify statistics. Lupe Fiasco, Mural I have used Spotify Plugger many times , they are the top! A$AP Mob, Blowin' Minds (Skateboard) GoldLink, Summatime. To do that, Spotify gave users the chance to dissect their most listened to tracks, genres, and artists in 2017 with a feature called Wrapped. The Universal Scrobbler: One of the best manual scrobblers out there. Joyce Manor, Christmas Card Kanye West, New Slaves Promotion has been a challenge over the years due to me not being able to advertise and get my music in front of fans. The Reverend Willy Burks) Spotify Stats Gelmar.app. If not chances are those are your streams from other platforms (ie. Anyway, it would be incredible to be able to see what is most popular in a collaborative playlist. Jaden Smith, Icon Is there something wrong with the stats of Spotify? What's wrong here? Trickfinger) Way better than that Top 3 crap they give you at the end of the year only.

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