Which of the following variables have led to a stronger commitment to population-focused services?

Slope visits Eleanor and Mary Bold, winning their acceptance through flattery of them and Harding. On the Proudies' return two months later they hold a large evening reception. <> At this point in time, the lot falls to the new bishop to choose a new warden for the hospital, and to put into effect reforms there which have been instituted by parliament.

Which of the following is responsible for the dramatic increase in life expectancy during the twentieth century?

We are told the history of Mr. Slope. Which of the following interventions would most likely be implemented by the nurse? 8. 1 0 obj It is not more efficient nor more convenient, since travel time has to be considered. Chapter 01: Community-Oriented Nursing and Community-Based Nursing. Evidence that public health nurses are practicing effectively in the community would include these: organizing services where people live, work, play, and learn; working in partnerships and with coalitions; and participating in epidemiologic studies. Families, groups, and health organizations b. The key difference between community-based and community-oriented nursing is that community-based nurses deal primarily with illness-oriented care, whereas community-oriented nursesor public health nursesprovide health care to promote quality of life. 2 0 obj Partnerships are established with community coalitions. 1,800 C. 2,000 D. 2,300. Which of the following best defines aggregate? A public health or population-focused approach would look at the entire group of children being served to determine whether available services are effective in achieving the goal of improving the health of the school population. Estimate the number of 1-4 year old children who be given Retinol capsule 200.000 every 6 months. 3. The archdeacon, as a result of meeting Slope, decides to encourage high church practice in order to aggravate him. Chapter 10: Mrs. Proudie's reception - commenced. %����

Why would the nurses go to such an unsafe area? Two nurses plan to walk under a huge downtown bridge where various homeless persons live. Which of the following best describes case management? In public health nursing, the nurse often reaches out to those who might benefit from a service or intervention, beginning with assessment of needs. He tried again when Proudie became bishop but was rejected. 1. DIF: Cognitive Level: Analyze (Analysis) REF: pp. 3 0 obj Community-based care focuses on health promotion, disease prevention, and restorative care. 16. Which of the following actions best represents public health nursing?

Which of the following is the primary focus of public health nursing? People prefer to receive care in their homes rather than in hospitals. Public health nurses engage themselves and others in policy development and encourage and assist persons to communicate their needs to those with the power to take action. Chapter 16: Program Management Test Bank MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. New services are organized where particular vulnerable populations live.

Epidemiologic investigations examine the environment for health hazards. Historically, health care providers have been accused of providing care. 12. Two days after the bishop's arrival in Barchester Harding and the archdeacon visit him. Estimate the number of pregnant women who will be given tetanus toxoid during an immunization outreach activity in a barangay … Staff members at the public health agency continue to increase in number. Why would the nurse spend time meeting with community groups to discuss the most important task to be addressed first? Which patients should I see first as I begin my day? Any of these descriptions might represent a nurse communicating, cooperating, or collaborating with community residents or groups about health concerns.

1. Which of the following actions would most likely be performed by a public health nurse? Stanhope cares little for religion and his wife cares only for clothes. Mr. Harding had been warden of Hiram's charity hospital in Barchester. With which nursing assistants will I partner the most? What was the nurse trying to accomplish through this action?

a. Assess, plan, implement, evaluate b. Chapter 9: The Stanhope family. ), Economic turmoil and demand for high-technology care, Emergence of new or drug-resistant infectious diseases, Emphasis on overall health care needs rather than only on acute care treatment. ), Which of the following actions demonstrate(s) effective public health nursing practice in the community? 13. Assessing the effectiveness of the large high school health clinic, Caring for clients in their home following their outpatient surgeries, Providing care to children and their families at the school clinic, Administering follow-up care for pediatric clients at an outpatient clinic. (Select all that apply. DIF: Cognitive Level: Apply (Application) REF: p. 8. 7. The other possible responses reflect a focus on individuals. The nurse who met with several groups to discuss community recreation issues, The nurse who spent the day attending meetings of various health agencies, The nurse who talked to several people about their particular health concerns, The nurse who watched the city council meeting on local cable television. Increase the communitys knowledge about hospice care. Encourage employers to have wellness centers at each industrial site. endobj What was the nurse trying to accomplish through this action? The public health nurse has a clear vision of what needs to be done and where to begin to improve the health of the community. Nurses prefer to give home care with individual attention. 4 0 obj It is much more efficient to give care in the home. DIF: Cognitive Level: Understand (Comprehension) REF: p. 2-3. Barchester Towers Characters When talking to a womens group at the senior citizens center, the nurse reminded them that the only way the center would be able to afford to provide transportation services for them would be for them to continue to write letters to their local city council representatives requesting funding for such a service. Chapter 8: The ex-warden rejoices in his probable return to the hospital.

Improvement in control of infectious diseases through immunizations, sanitation, and other public health activities led to the increase in life expectancy from less than 50 years in 1900 to more than 77 years in 2002. <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/StructParents 0>> However, the nurse who spent the day attending meetings of various health agencies is the most representative, because in public health, concerns are broader than recreation, individual concerns are not as important as aggregate priorities, and watching television (a one-way form of communication) is less effective than interacting with others. Maryland Heights, MO: Elsevier Mosby. Health disparities among any groups are morally and legally wrong. All nurses may focus on individuals and families, give direct care to ill persons within their family setting, and help manage acute or chronic conditions. Which of the following actions best represents public health nursing? Which of the following is responsible for the dramatic increase in life expectancy during the twentieth century? a. A nurse is developing a plan to decrease the number of premature deaths in the community.

Technology increases in the field of medical laboratory research, Advances in surgical techniques and procedures, Sanitation and other public health activities. As overall health needs become the focus of care in the United States, a stronger commitment to population-focused services is emerging. Public health nursing is a with the peoplenot a to the people or for the peopleapproach to planning.

An aggregate is defined as a collection of people who share one or more personal or environmental characteristics, such as geography or special interest. DIF: Cognitive Level: Understand (Comprehension) REF: p. 4. The health of individuals cannot be separated from the health of the community. 1 Chapter 01: Community- and Prevention-Oriented Practice to Improve Population Health Stanhope: Foundations for Population Health in Community/Public Health Nursing, 5th Edition MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. Which of the following actions would be the most helpful for the nurse?

), Why are nurses increasingly providing care in clients homes rather than in hospitals? With which physicians will I be most closely collaborating? DIF: Cognitive Level: Apply (Application) REF: p. 4. Although all of the choices represent components of a decision that the nurse might consider, the dominant needs of the population outweigh the expressed needs of one or a few people.

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