The many small flowers of Spiraea shrubs are clustered together in inflorescences, usually in dense panicles, umbrella-like corymbs, or grape-like clusters.

Spirea plants are known for their vibrantly colorful flowers, attractive foliage, and for their versatility.

The triumphans spirea is one of the most popular varieties available. These plants are very hardy, and won’t require much attention throughout the growing season. These plants have simple, fine-textured leaves and short racemes, panicles or corymbs of tiny, five-petaled flowers in shades of purple, pink, yellow, cream and white. Actually, the “spir” came from Spiraea ulmaria (=Filipendula ulmaria), which contains salicylic acid from which the drug aspirin can be synthesised. Spirea plants (commonly known as spiraea, steeplebushes or meadowsweets) are deciduous perennials, meaning that they lose their foliage in the winter months, but come back up in the spring once temperatures start to rise again. It is still a good idea to handle any noticeable infestations before they get out of hand. If you do need to water your spiraea, you should only need to do so once a week in the hottest parts of the season.

However, the species Spiraea ulmaria was later transferred to a new genus and renamed Filipendula ulmaria, which is today commonly known as Meadowsweet. The ideal soil pH is between 6.0 and 7.0. The flowers are small, but form in large clusters that resemble one large flower head.

When choosing a flowering plant or bush for a garden or for landscaping, many don’t take foliage into account. The foliage of the spirea will also turn pretty yellows and reds if kept in full sun, adding to the appeal. To get the most flowers in your garden, consider planting both spring- and summer-blooms to keep flowers around longer. Aphids will attach themselves to the underside of leaves and will suck the nutrients from the plant. Roots that are left in too much water can develop root rot, which can be harmful to the plant’s health. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases (at no extra cost to you). Narrow down the species of spirea according to the size of the plant and color of the flowers. [3], Native Americans ate the species S. Spirea plants are flowering plants, and many are grown as a bush or a shrub. Spring-blooming varieties should be pruned right after flowering, as they bloom on old growth. You may also need to prune your spirea plants if you are keeping them as a ground cover. Consistently moist soil is best for the spiraea plant, but it can withstand some small periods of being dry with little to no harm done to the plant. Spirea is known for being fast growers, and are a great choice if you are wanting a mature-looking garden quickly.
This variety can also be grown well in a container or in locations where not much garden room is available, making it a popular choice for those with small yards. Whatever your need may be for the spirea, you will enjoy beautiful flowers throughout the growing season. The noun SPIREA has 2 senses: 1. a Japanese shrub that resembles members of the genus Spiraea; widely cultivated in many varieties for its dense panicles of flowers in many colors; often forced by florists for Easter blooming. Overall, spirea plants are very easy to care for. It also represents victory over hardship and creative expansion. The leaf margins are usually toothed, occasionally cut or lobed, and rarely smooth.
Once noticed, spider mites can be treated easily by watering the plant to keep it healthy enough to fight the infestation. The magic carpet spirea is considered a summer-blooming variety, but generally starts to bloom in late spring before most other summer-blooming varieties would have. The following species, hybrids and cultivars are among those found in cultivation: Spiraea contain salicylates. Although spirea isn’t classified as a hedge, this variety grows large enough to be used as a hedge-like plant for privacy needs. Powdery mildew is easily recognizable by white powdery growth that occurs on leaves, flowers, and stems. If caught early enough, powdery mildew will not damage your spirea plant. Spiraea symbolizes wealth, fortune and prosperity. Sometimes a plant that is pruned too heavily will not continue to grow well or bloom the following season. If you don’t have much time to spend watering your flowers, the spirea may be a good choice for your landscaping.

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