When we view a house through the lens of flying star feng shui, we can see whether it concurs with the findings of 8 mansions. You don't want to do anything to weaken or destroy the fire energy of the south sector. As can be observed, the front area of the house that makes up the south, southeast and east are all undesirable sections of the house. Interested in learning more? It strength is further reinforced by the 5 yellow as both are of earth element. One of the cardinal rules of applying feng shui to a house is … The feng shui … But for a single female in a house with a missing southwest, it can be disastrously inauspicious. What Zodiac Signs Say About Marriage Compatibility In The Old…, Chinese Customs For Installing A New Stove Into The Kitchen, Chinese Customs Of Putting The First Roof Beams In Place, The Custom Of Pasting Door Gods At The Entrance, Step By Step Guide To Groundbreaking Ritual, Why Spiral Staircase Is Bad… And Why Some Think Otherwise, What Feng Shui Has To Say About A Faucet’s Pointing Direction, How To Identify Peeping Tom Sha From External Environment, The 5 Big Problems With Garages And How To Remedy Them, What The 9 Flying Stars Mean And Represent, What Feng Shui Has To Say About Fake Plants And Flowers, What Is The Command Position In Feng Shui, The Sickness Star 2 Must Be Kept In Check For Good Health, What Zodiac Signs Say About Marriage Compatibility In The Old Days, The Symbolic Meaning Of A Pair Of Chopsticks, The Zither Is An Instrument That Sings Marital Bliss, Are You Suited For The Real Estate Industry Or Property Investments, The Four Friends Of The Flowers In Chinese Culture, How To Use Bazi To Determine Wealth Potential, Land Contours And How They Affect Feng Shui Of A House. This can be especially uncomfortable when the living room or bedroom is located on the facing side of the house. Making this space play a dual role and a very critical area of the house. It’s status don’t usually gain much attention in a home occupied by a married couple. For example, the east is associated with the Chen trigram. This is because the Chien and Kun trigrams are located in these two areas respectively. For the purpose of this example, the assumption is that the facing of the property is directly south at 180 ° and built during the period of 8.

Good sectors are suitable for living spaces such as the living room, dining room and bedrooms. I would never finish writing them if all possible situations are discussed. Why Do We Dismiss our Spiritual Experiences? This chi energy flow will stimulate and support your career and other endeavors that gain you positive recognition and even fame. Flying stars feng shui There are 24 possible directions of a house according to flying stars feng shui. This chi energy flow will stimulate and support your career and other endeavors that gain you positive recognition and even fame.

In classical feng shui, the south-facing house in feng shui is the recognition and fame luck sector. It would be auspicious for an apartment in this configuration to have the main door either at the west or northwest. From this example there are a few glaring flying star combinations that pop out. In feng shui, you always want the front door to be centered on the front side of your home.

With this in mind, if we are to find harmony between the two schools of thought, the a landed house might need to locate the main door at the northwest.

This is due to their differences in layout, floor plan, interiors, landscape, etc. Applying Feng Shui To A Southwest Facing House. For refinement, it should also avoid the west if possible as the west is fundamentally of metal energy. Is this bad in Feng Shui? With reference to the 4 auspicious sectors identified by 8 mansions, flying stars only agrees with the northeast and northwest as good locations of the main door.

However, these problems can be navigated with other feng shui concepts that attract romance luck. Bad sectors are appropriate for other spaces such as missing sectors, toilets and storerooms. From the illustration above, take note that the favorable sectors are SC, FW, TY and YN. It depends on many factors apart from the sitting and facing of a house. Answer: No direction is bad in Feng Shui. In feng shui, the biggest benefit of a south-facing house is the auspicious energy that pools and then enters your home through the recognition and fame sector.

When you understand some of the feng shui benefits and possible challenges in a south-facing house, you can take steps to counter them.

Get exclusive feng shui insights that you would not find anywhere else. Always keep in mind that it is just one of several things to consider to help you bring balance and harmony to your home. Download Your Copy Now! When the living room is in one of these directions sectors, the person which that space indicates would tend to enjoy much success. Literally. Ask your Feng Shui question or read more about him. All Rights Reserved. This makes it a desirable direction for anyone with a kua number 3 since it matches the eight aspirations. These three corners make up the 3 critical directions in feng shui or the trinity of the 3 Sacred Palacesn are the northwest, southwest and center. Does that mean that every area of the house needs to be perfect? To weaken this element, you need to use the exhaustive cycle. For a house that faces southwest, it would be sitting northeast. While landscapes and landform feng shui reign supreme for almost every property, the second most impactful concept is the bagua map of life aspects. Because if we say for example that the north is sacrificed as a toilet area, even though you have sacrificed the career aspect of the household according to the bagua map, you can still tap onto career enhancement energy from other areas of the house. If your kua number reveals you are a match for an east group home, you can study each good luck direction to see how it matches up with your eight aspirations. In addition to this, there is an all-conquering rule of feng shui called the direct and indirect spirit. Toilets can then be safely located in the southeast, south and west trigram sectors instead. The kitchen has a unique feature that requires it to be at a bad sector.

Get exclusive feng shui insights that you would not find anywhere else. And thus, would have the below diagram as the energy map. You can also consider the element of the sector where the door lies. Then there are the pairs of 7-9 and 2-5 combinations.

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You can choose fire or wood colors for any cushions, pillows or outdoor rugs. He is here to answer your Feng Shui questions so we can better understand the workings of Feng Shui. The feng shui element of the Southwest direction is Earth, and the corresponding feng shui bagua energy is the energy of Love & Marriage. You can calculate your kua number very easily. The unfavorable sectors are 5G, 6K, HH and JM. So the kitchen can be located in any of these areas… except for the northwest due to the fire at heaven’s gate affliction as mentioned earlier. Because if you are well versed with flying stars feng shui, you should be able to identify this natal chart for a south west facing house is the parent string which belongs to a special category of auspicious energy maps. The middle daughter (if any) would be particularly vulnerable.

And if you live in a south east facing house and the main door has to be at the front of the house instead of from the side, this natal shows that the southeast and east would be acceptable as opposed to what 8 mansions indicate. Negative energy often gathers here, and a humid gas field is easily formed. This may not be an issue for you since many people don't enter their homes through the front door. You will use this to determine each sector in your home. If your front door faces southwest it still receives a good amount of sunshine, but it is yin energy. You can use the feng shui shape for fire by hanging a triangle shaped banner by the front door.

You can string miniature lights along the porch to generate more energy. The kitchen has a unique reversal effect in 8 mansions. It’s status don’t usually gain much attention in a home occupied by a married couple. These eight directions are known as the Eight Aspirations Theory or the Eight Mansions. A south-facing house in feng shui is often considered the most auspicious house direction. But a house that faces north or south does not necessarily mean that they enjoy good feng shui. If you have a garage, chances are you use the door leading from the garage into your home. Some people are worried that the change may affect the people living in it, so they called this direction the Ghost and Human Gate direction. This chi energy flow will stimulate and support your career and other endeavors that gain you positive recognition and even fame. All Rights Reserved. This is one big reason why missing corners can cause serious feng shui issues, and square houses are always recommended. Avoid earth colors, metal colors, and water colors when choosing a front door paint color. Earth and metal weaken fire in the exhaustive cycle. 8 mansions feng shui basically demarcates the layout of the house into 8 separate segments. The same can be said of the southeast and the eldest daughter. Bear in mind that this is the case in this example, because there is an eldest daughter. Uncle Dixer is a Chinese-Australian Feng Shui Expert. © 2006-2020 LoveToKnow, Corp., except where otherwise noted. The first one being the 8-8 combination at the south. There are 24 possible directions of a house according to flying stars feng shui. In theory, it is a direction of change from one season to another. In theory, it is a direction of change from one season to another. This is because there are too many factors to consider when assessing the feng shui of a property. For a house facing southeast, it would be sitting northwest. So having a basic understanding of concepts would enable you to apply feng shui to your own home.

By looking at the classical Bagua, the energy map of your feng shui house, you see that there are eight feng shui directions that a house can face.

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