We also broke PNG graphics in the OpenGL renderer, causing some mods to instantly crash in OpenGL. The game ships with some shaders, but if your machine can’t handle them, you can turn them off. We are also including full installers for every single update moving forward. Without you, there would be no contest at all! Are you looking for custom levels, characters, and other edits for SRB2? I was going to sit down and write a nice, long post about the return of the Official Level Design Contest, but I meant to do this days ago, so instead I’ll let you read the announcement about it on the message board. It must be placed in the main SRB2 directory. For example, a model called SONC.md3 should have a base texture called SONC.png and a blending texture of SONC_blend.png. Thanks to everyone who submitted maps and/or voted on them. Added the netticbuffer cvar.

The deadline for the Autumn OLDC is November 30th, 2020 at 23:59 UTC. Though some rooms look similar, the visuals are quite pleasing overall. Sonic Robo Blast 2 – v2.2.8 App Download. Sonic Robo Blast 2 Version 2.2 3D Models Tutorial! When we released v2.2.7, we accidentally broke the -file command line parameter — loading Lua scripts that added netvars via the -file parameter would lead to desyncs. SRB2 is closely inspired by the original Sonic games from the Sega Genesis, and attempts to recreate the design in 3D. Only one such file is needed, regardless of how many models are loaded. See you in cyberspace….

models.datis a user-created configuration file that assigns the models to sprites. Hello everybody! You can check the full contest results here. Head to the Downloads page already! Thank you so much!

In the first column, there should be a option called video render. You can now play as any character in NiGHTS mode. We hope to see even more maps this time! The main path is pretty straightforward, so you won’t get too lost. Hello everybody! If you already have v2.2.6, and the app does not update, you will need to uninstall it before installing this update. This should take you to models, turn these on and boom, they should appear properly! Be sure to get your votes in before then! The Summer 2020 Official Level Design Contest has come to a close. Enjoy! We’ve also added some cool new features, such as: Windows users: we have also changed from the stinky old 7-zip self extracting archive to a shiny new professional installer that supports four languages. Added a new Black Eggman sprite render by SuperPhanto. OpenGL has received an overhaul, resulting in performance improvements and shader support. Hopefully the MB decides to cooperate by then. SRB2 is closely inspired by the original Sonic games from the Sega Genesis, and attempts to recreate the design in 3D. Both files must be placed inside a folder named models in SRB2's main directory, or inside a subfolder within the models folder.

If you haven’t checked out this season’s contest pack yet, click here to visit its release post. We have overhauled our message board rules. For each model, one line of code must be added to the file. models.dat is a user-created configuration file that assigns the models to sprites. That’s it! Since the message board is acting up, we’re giving everyone an extra 24 hours to submit their OLDC entries. I haven’t personally been able to make time to play any of the multiplayer maps, but the other winning maps look pretty cool! What are you waiting for?

Shadows now render on the ceiling in reverse gravity.

Fingers crossed. Android users will be happy to hear we fixed the issue with the server browser. To use 3D models, the console variable gr_models must be set to on. Welcome to the Sonic Robo Blast 2 Gamebanana page! This is a quick tutorial on how to download and apply 3D models (Md2s/Md3s) to your Srb2 game! Added a menu option to show joiner’s IP addresses. While SRB2 isn't fully completed, it already features tons of levels, enemies, speed, and quite a lot of the fun that the original Sonic games provided., The first parameter is the name of the sprite set or skin that the model replaces – in the example above the skin. Both stable and pre-release versions should be able to connect to the Master Server. Sonic Robo Blast 2 is a 3D open-source Sonic the Hedgehog fangame built using a modified version of the Doom Legacy port of Doom. Paste them into where you have SRB2, not in a separate folder though 3. if you do not have the models.dat file, perhaps reinstall it by going to the beginning 4. Congratulations, so2ro! (Sorry we missed that.)

The game now saves as the level ends. Basically, if you want the chance to earn a shiny gold username on the MB, submit a brand new map by August 31st! When replacing a sprite set, the four-c… He can swim underwater, too, which controls differently from gliding. We do not distribute Linux builds, but you can try the community-made Flatpak or … Go grab our latest update from the downloads page! See the full changelog here. Patching the game from here on out should be faster and easier. Okay, after you install them (or any model pack) follow these steps: 1. This stores some inputs in a buffer in case the network is slow, exchanging netcode induced lag for input delay. Then Head on down to the last column after turning opengl on to Opengl Options. This texture should be a grayscale texture; lighter areas of the texture are closer to white, while darker areas of the texture are closer to black. Any transparency in the texture makes the model use the colors from the base texture instead of the blending texture. Please read them over! This patch also has some other minor fixes, which you can read about on the full changelog. Linux Installation Sonic Robo Blast 2 – v2.2. Optimized loading of PNG graphics, greatly reducing the load time of levels that happen to use PNGs. Windows users: since v2.2.7 was so short-lived, we have made sure the new patch will work with both v2.2.6 and v2.2.7, just in case you missed our last patch.

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