They work alongside Gauntlet and Tigra.

Although he survived the blast, he was depowered due to a kinetic overload.

The story saw original New Warriors members Justice (formerly Marvel Boy), Speedball, and Silhouette return to team up with the new Nova, Scarlet Spider, Hummingbird, Sun Girl, Haechi and Water Snake. [1] Over the years the New Warriors, in their various incarnations, have been featured in five different volumes. This group of villains had been hired by Joe Silvermane, the former Blackwing. [28] Speedball has had trouble controlling his powers. A promotional issue #0 was given away with Wizard Magazine. During their first battle with Terrax, a former herald of Galactus, they are joined by Robbie Baldwin aka Speedball and Namorita. Later in the series the team is apprehending another new supervillain team, the Dread Dealers, when they are attacked by the New Warriors Task Force, led in part by Detective Bev Sykes. However, Justice wants to first find Nova, their New Warriors reservist member. [66] The Avengers Resistance later help the Initiative team called Heavy Hitters to secede from the program.

Introducing the NEW New Warriors – and the epoch of their thrilling new adventures! [71], In the ensuing fight, these three strange individuals tell Justice of how they once tried to help mutantkind but were instead betrayed by the X-Men. New Warriors had earlier encountered her in New Warriors #10–13. [24] Night Thrasher and Rage leave the team after a falling out over their absence on the team's previous mission, and the team also fights an enraged Namor, who eventually decides to help the team in their search for Kymeara. Turbo decides to use the suit to continue on in Mike's honor, and offers Hindsight the chance to share it with her as Mike did. [75], Marvel Comics has announced that on April 15, 2020, a new version of the team shall appear, this time with new characters forming the New Warriors: Screentime, Snowflake, Safespace, B-Negative and Trailblazer. Instead of dying, the New Warriors are transported to the year 2092, where they have seven minutes to save themselves before reality is unmade and stop Advent. The team decides to stay together and Speedball dubs them the New Warriors after a news report he had seen on the battle. [74], As the four recover on the roof of a nearby building, Mark succumbs to his emotions, the incident with the police being the last's straw on a series of awful days since he gained his powers (and the horn on his head). Coronary - A medical student who became a bio-telepath, capable of inducing different bodily states on other people - vomiting, unconsciousness, etc.

[61], In the pages of Avengers: The Initiative #6 (January 2008), the team's drill instructor Gauntlet is left battered with 'NW' (the New Warriors tag) sprayed on him. Aegis is accused of stealing his magical breastplate by Hercules, but it was in fact a gift from Athena. The series have been collected into a number of trade paperbacks:, "Superior Foes," "New Warriors" End in November, "Why Marvel's 'New' New Warriors Have Already Sparked Backlash", "Marvel unveils first non-binary superhero - though their name has already sparked a big backlash", "Marvel's 'New Warriors' Sets Its Cast — Including Squirrel Girl (Exclusive)", "Exclusive sneak peek: Squirrel Girl leads the team of Freeform's 'New Warriors, "Marvel's 'New Warriors' Gets Straight-To-Series Order At Freeform", "Marvel's 'New Warriors' Won't Air on Freeform, Series Will Be Shopped Elsewhere (Exclusive)",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.

[48] Justice has a prominent role in this series as trainer to the recruits.

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