Multiple factors went into making this top 5 list. During the Middle Ages, Slavic governments followed a feudal system, but in contradiction to other parts of Europe the power of the kings was constrained by that of high-ranking aristocrats called boyars. True. I believe the farming bonus was/is bugged such that it diminishes when wheelbarrow and hand cart are researched. Aztec monks are really the only monks that can tank damage and +3/+3 armor is way too little to change that.

If that isn't an option.

Upon settling down, the Slavs established several competing states throughout Eastern Europe, falling into either the Byzantine or Holy Roman spheres of influence. A Celtic ally makes all Slav Siege Workshops work 20% faster.

This is especially true on open maps like Arabia, and if starting from the Dark Age. View subreddit information or browse subreddits. They lack many technologies that benefit buildings, such as Architecture and Heated Shot. In fact the civ is quite versatile. Obviously their siege bonus is nowhere near as good as the Celts but in exchange they have way better monks.

This bonus is useful for rushing strategies and civilizations, because it allows population space to be built up quickly.

In imp if you have gold id probably go Boyar+Siege Ram+Halb push. The Leitis also leaves the Slavic Boyar basically "naked", eliminating the Boyar's main advantage (its armor). Allying with Byzantines makes them better healers, while Lithuanian allies grant Slav Monasteries an efficiency bonus to produce armored Monks quicker. Their navy is weak, although they can fully upgrade th… One thing to note here is that it makes their halbs compete vs Japanese/Gothic ones en masse.

Although archaeological evidence indicates that the Slavs had already settled Europe in prior centuries, possibly in the areas of present-day Ukraine and Belarus, the historical record first makes mention of them through Byzantine writings describing the large numbers of Slavs massing near their borders. 22 pop scout rush or man at arms/tower play is exceptionally good as the slavs. Wood saved from this bonus also benefits a Goth ally, because they are able to spend less wood on houses and more on Barracks, which are essential for the Goth infantry spam strategy.

Press J to jump to the feed. They're also one of the best halbs to deal with Cataphracts for the exact same reason although catas win on an equal pop basis. Civilizations such as the Aztecs, Burmese, Saracens, and Spanish can field monks to capitalize on this. Cuman players also benefit greatly from this bonus, as they can build Siege Workshops in the Feudal Age. As an infantry civilization, the Slavs have access to the full infantry technology tree and also get Druzhina, making their infantry units highly useful in mass battles.

Both civilizations have great siege, and the bonuses somewhat make up for the Slavs' inherent weaknesses. Either boom, siege monk push, castle drop into Boyars, though slavs need to push and kill fast as they have no Gunpowder late game and need to rely on their infantry/siege/boyar to deal heavy damage. The Eastern European architecture set the Slavs share with the.

Orthodoxy is a bit of a filler tech imo, but that's because there's so much power in Druzhina that the other UT would have to be on the weaker side. In terms of infantry, they benefit from the Goth team bonus (Barracks works 20% faster) and the Italian team Bonus (Condottiero available in Barracks). New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. The Slavs are advantageous on the Fortress map because players start with a Barracks (providing an extra 5 population space for them and their allies) and Farms (instead of sheep or boars). That's the best way to look at all 3 cav units tbh.

In the early-to-mid-Imperial Age, the strategy is determined by what tactic was chosen in the Castle Age. An FU castle age boyar can take on a non frankish FU cavalier and even beats a non elite TK.

This is compensated to a degree by their excellent Siege Workshop units that get a 15% discount.

In early imp it's better to use the resources to make army, take Druzhina later when you can afford it more comfortably. As an infantry civilization, the Slavs have access to the full infantry technology tree and also get Druzhina, making their infantry units highly useful in mass battles.
Siege and Infantry is correct though. The Burmese also perform well in place of the Italians.

Slavic archers are mediocre at best, as they lack important upgrades like Bracer, Thumb Ring, and Arbalest.

Under the reign of Yaroslav the Wise, the Kievan state not only became the largest of its time, but also achieved a high literacy rate, provided property rights to women, and punishments under law generally did not involve death sentences.

Any civilizations that rely on quantity over quality of troops (like the Malay, Goths, and Magyars), or high-quality trash units (like the Vietnamese and Berbers), will find difficulty against them. Slavic Onagers and Rams pose substantial threats to civilizations that rely on archers (like the Mayans, Vietnamese, and Britons), and Slavic Scorpions can decimate civilizations that field huge numbers of units (like the Goths and Malay). However, for balance reasons, they don't have either Hand Cannoneer and Bombard Cannon. Castle Age Boyars can take on any melee unit in a 1:1.5 ratio. In the beta, the Slavs had access to Bracer, but lacked Plate Mail Armor. (Elite) Boyar training time reduced to 15s (from 23s/20s). Both the Burmese and Slavs benefit from strong Monk tech trees, and from the Burmese team bonus of revealing the location of Relics at the start of the game. Didnt really leave any room for extra questions :D. Why should Boyars get 15 attack instead of 16? Although Great Moravia never achieved a dominant position, it played a crucial role in the balance of power between the Franks, Bulgarians, and Byzantines.

The archers, however, are among the worst of all civilizations.

They can also perform as a springboard due to their farming economic bonus. However, their speed was reduced to 1.3, much slower than Knights and thus, an easier target to Monks. Scrush benefits from this - you'll be castle age fast than other civs, your boom is always going to be really smooth to set up because of this allowing you to really have a strong mid game from a pocket position.

The first great Slavic state, the Bulgarian Empire, formed in 681 AD. Depending on how starting resources are positioned, a Slav player may be able to skip building a Mill and 4 houses and build a Barracks and a house with the initial wood instead in the Dark Age. The Slavs perform quite well in any map position in team games, but are favored in the flank position. On par with Aztecs after wheelbarrow. Introduced in Do they have hidden bonuses? Even some splash halbs for emergency raid defence from Hussars/Palas. A Slav-Burmese alliance amplifies the best parts of both civilizations. Luckily for slavs they get the cheapest SO/HScorps in the game to clear about both catas and eskirms.

It is a good tech but not one you see in a siege monk push because you won't have a castle up if going for such strategy unless you play RF or MR with a castle start but even then it's situational. The farming bonus is SO strong early game (even if it falls off to nothing after Hand Cart). Slavic armies are mainly composed of infantry, and to depict this, their other unique technology gives infantry trample damage, making them powerful in groups and against clusters of units, and they also receive Supplies (Tracking before the Definitive Edition) for free. This is most likely due to the fact that Castles already provide population.

Slav players can produce limited numbers of Boyars with effective results, and employ infantry and siege as the main army composition.

But then again infantry and siege may be correct as Franks are listed as cavalry yet have an infantry UU. Any civilization with robust anti-building units (like the Huns' Tarkan) or siege (like the Celts, Turks, Ethiopians, and Teutons) can destroy Slavic buildings with ease. I nurse painful memories of being crushed as Aztecs by a combination of slavic heavy scorps & onagers. WhatsApp. Strong siege, strong infantry, strong cavalry, weak archers, no gunpowder. This tech is good but it comes at a high cost. 1.4 vs 1.35 and the extra melee armour and cheap siege offsets the -1 PA over Paladins. Are monks must to go for Slavs? Slavs can get away with 2 especially if the halbs get a good surround.

I prefer the boyar over the cataphract as it actually can be useful outside of the very late game. However, their Farming bonus was nerfed to 10%, but still valuable to perform an economy boom or making early rushes. With patch 4.8, Boyars now move at a speed of 1.4. I feel like devs should change the farming bonus to carry +5 or +10 (or increase it per age) instead of making it faster. They also appear as allies or enemies in: In-game, Slavic units speak Russian.

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