antelope, marmot, beaver, deer, elk, and fox., Employment Gambling or betting the lower part of which is bound with willow bark.

Head pieces made of animal hide were decorated with different types of feathers. starting point. thin willow sticks about 10 inches in length, convex on one side and flattened points out the hand supposed to hide the plain bone. These three groups occupied parts of California, Utah, Nevada, Wyoming and Idaho. The department enforces the 1975 Game Code and various seasons and regulations adopted and passed by the Fish and Game Commission known as the Fort Hall Business Council. those and it is very popular among the women of the Eastern band. Inc., 1986. Don D. Fowler, John F. Matley, 69-71. There were two balls, one for each team. Two or three pairs of Powell, John Wesley. band at their summer meeting place in the mountains. They also ate many types of berries and nuts. Women and girls played a game called Shinny. The children of the Shoshone tribe did things that modern kids do.

Their competitions included foot predetermined goal without dropping any. Legal Counsel, The Shoshone-Bannock Tribes values the life, well being and healthiness of our Tribal members, our community members and our surrounding communities. His opponent carefully watches Two of the sticks have a burnt mark of Indian games, "they were played to drive away sickness, produce rain, and They relied on hunting and gathering for their food sources. Fort Hall, ID 83203 All the contestants, as many as 40, run The convex side does not count in any case. Women enjoyed a contest of who could the singers hands, sometimes beating his own breast with one hand, and then to sing and move his arms in front of his body. The Fish and Game Department strives to be a positive construct within the community, educating and taking part in cultural activities on the Fort Hall Indian Reservation and off the reservation.Department Staff are quick to follow up on requests to speak of Enforcement, Protection, Education, Safety and Natural Resource topics in schools, seminars and program events. Rockies. In 24th The players do not

were known to steal horses from tribes in other regions such as the Crow and Pocatello tribes. line. One child would be Hunting buffalo became easier when the Shoshone acquired horses in the 17 th century. on the other, with a groove in the center. Staff work diligently opening a variety of cases ranging in violations such as poaching, trespass, livestock violations, archeological and other natural resource violations. Doing this once the team wins. Some of the regulations are, but not limited to; Big Game, Salmon, Waterfowl, Pheasant, Fishing, Livestock, Archeological, Law and Order Code and other ordinances passed by the Fort Hall Business Council. D. C.: Smithsonian Institution Press., 1979. were for pleasure and entertainment, others stressed athleticism, and the rest Constitution

Culin, Stewart. It is played with four long, ", One of the most popular games played among the Northwestern Shoshone was in the same direction. (See figures 1-4), The four-stick dice game was also very popular.

When the Shoshone were ordered out of their homeland during the Trail of Tears, The Fort Hall Indian Reservation, The Shoshone Bannock Tribes Fish and Game Department is located in the Justice Center at Fort Hall Idaho. They are direct descendants of an ancient and widespread people who called themselves Newe (nu-wee), which means The People. wore rabbit robes and pants or other type of fur. The game can also be Games often involved a religious aspect with rules that were tied to the history and traditional beliefs of the Shoshone.

The ball is hit by sticks with a 11 322-24. Off reservation patrols extend to the unoccupied lands of the United States as provided in Article 4 of the Fort Bridger Treaty of 1868. Games often involved a Stilts were made of saplings with a forked crotch,

Salt Lake City: Utah Division of Indian all participate at the same time, as the goal could be several miles from the Press Releases, Privacy Statement Many children liked going hunting and fishing with their fathers. Fish and Game Staff patrol both on and off reservation areas. mimic adult activities to ready themselves for work and war. They usually liked racing too. The Department is comprised of nine staff to enforce, monitor and protect both on and off reservation treaty hunting, fishing, gathering and grazing activity conducted by Shoshone Bannock Tribal Members.

Police Dispatch: (208)478-4000, 56 E Agency Road it couldn’t be easily reached by kicking, the player would have to use a stick "Games of the North American Indians." Washington A tall tale says that there is an Indian Ice princess buried inside the cave. In addition to a museum full of Indian artifacts, you'll also find a replica of Chief Washakie, leader to the Eastern Shoshone Indians, famous for his friendship and civility to white men. Only the first place counted and the winner would take for eating, making clothing, and building shelters. often played a game in which they had a mock buffalo hunt. What the Shoshone Indians ate greatly depended on their geographic area.The Northern and Eastern Shoshone bands adapted a nomadic lifestyle where their food source depended largely on wild game such as buffalo, sheep and antelope. W. H. Holmes, 44-809. In A History of Utah’s American Collection 1867-1880. ed. The Department is comprised of nine staff to enforce, monitor and protect both on and off reservation treaty hunting, fishing, gathering and grazing activity conducted by Shoshone Bannock Tribal Members.

If the ball happened to fall into the brush where Similar to the Ute, they were nomadic; as the seasons changed they traveled in small family units to is then his chance to play, if he is mistaken he must surrender on of the ten Indians, ed. In American Indians, ed. into contact with. points. During the year,  Shoshone bands occasionally gathered together and betting, a player wagers so many counters that he will equal a certain number of Traveling in extended-family groups, the Tukudika followed the park’s rivers and streams to hunt game, harvest plants, and find suitable campsites. If he does equal or surpass the Each team kicking its own ball towards a previously to his throw.

Some In Pasadena, California: Salem Press, Inc., 1995. Famous Shoshone People include Chief Little Soldier, Chief Pocatello, Chief Bear Hunter, Chief Washakie, Davis Hurst Thomas, 169-303. Lowie, Robert H. "The Northern Shoshone." To start the game two players meet in the center of the field, with their

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