We are very, very frustrated and angry. BlueCurve TV is 1080p capable as well as HD compatible. I only need one. https://support.shaw.ca/t5/internet-articles/hardware-information-bluecurve-gateway/ta-p/5632, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, News and questions about Shaw products and services. BlueCurve Gateway is the Modem/Router Shaw offers for Internet subscribers (Sometimes paid for). I 'm looking for good lockdowns on porn for my teenager but don't necessarily need/want all other content that may deemed inappropriate for, say a toddler, blocked.

Or settings to change? Is BlueCurve purely internet or does it somehow involve our TV as well?

You will be able to edit the text before publishing. They are giving us the weather in Victoria which we don't need. Think analogue. You can get up to 3 wireless boxes (free rental), access to Cloud PVR features, and much more.However, your DCX3400 and Gateway will not work along with the new setup. To enjoy these feature, you need to pair the remote with your TV and you will need the Shaw Bluesky Remote Codes to do that. They offered internet 300 with the BlueCurve gateway, BlueSky pvr with 2 portals on a 2 year plan for $194 before tax. BlueCurve Gateway works using Internet Protocol and gives you the option of corded and cordless boxes. I would go back to Blue Sky in a flash if I had the chance, Sky wins best system hands down. Can you mix & match? They offered internet 300 with the BlueCurve gateway, BlueSky pvr with 2 portals on a 2 year plan for $194 before tax. This article provides an introduction to each BlueCurve TV cable box—also known as BlueCurve TV Players. All rights reserved. TV boxes are connected by cable.Technology is licensed from Comcast. Click here to learn how to upgrade. The best way to use BlueCurve Home is through a mobile app (Apple App Store or Google Play). The best way to use BlueCurve Home is through a mobile app (Apple App Store or Google Play). @DXER it certainly depends on what your current plan is.Base on what you are saying, Blue Curve Total TV on a 2-year Value Plan will better suit your needs. Currently, we have Internet 300, which I'm fairly happy with in general.

This is the platform of the future. Shaw Phone services may be added or removed at any time outside of the 2-year ValuePlan.

Shaw can not return the 6 hours I lost that they could have prevented by honestly and accurately advertising BlueCurve. This obviously a lie. Cloud based PVR services. I currently have a gateway with 3 portals and a standalone hd box.

If you're a Shaw Internet subscriber with a BlueCurve Gateway, you can access the BlueCurve Home experience at no additional cost through a mobile app or website. So, no "investment" for me.

You can’t mix Gateway gear with BlueSky /Blue Curve Gear.

We recently (October 2019) changed our TV Shaw Package to Blue Curve TV. Great Comment!

Rights Reserved, You Are About to Contact PissedConsumer.com. TV boxes are connected by cable or wireless(streaming).

Shaw states typical speeds when connected to a pod is 200Mbps and that's right in line with what I see. I'm a Gateway customer but offhand I'd say you would be missing the voice features of Bluesky, the ability to record to the cloud pvr and the ability to record up to 6 (?) Same hardware and... That is not true at Blue Curve is the rebranded Blue Sky... You have BlueSky confused with the gateway system. I notice the site mentions the package includes a "self-install kit", but I've found often what's on the site doesn't always match what actually happens. Touch base with our customer support team so we can go over the bundles with you! News and questions about Shaw products and services. I "rent" my Shaw Gateway PVR, for a net price, after discount, of $0.00/month.

No mix and match though. I believe the older Shaw Gateway will eventually disappear. It’s an old platform and quickly becoming obsolete. Like even the Managers at Shaw realize how counterproductive those choices are. Anyone want to sell me one?

Continue browsing in r/shaw . We are elderly and having a local weather channel is a safety thing for us.

The Shaw Bluesky remote is one of the accessories that comes with the Shaw TV. Users report that the PVR functions are better than the Bluesky and Blue Curve offerings.

Analogue based technology that is headed towards obsolescence. Gateway is based on the QAM (RF) standard.

@shep -- I will lose my investment in the Shaw Equipment world. @rickatk -- Gateway is a QAM based RF system.

So do I add more Gateway equipment or should I now move from Gateway to Blue Curve/Blue Sky?

I'm not exactly sure what this means, but it certainly could apply to us.

The channel /  dual tuner features, @dennisrobinson -- Curve ... [has] no memory, so then you jumping between two channels you can't rewind. Not even talking about pausing Wi-Fi for the kids, but the ability to show the wifi password in a click of the button is nice. You can also access BlueCurve Home online using a laptop or desktop computer at internet.shaw.ca. The pricing just doesn't make sense. My gateway keeps cutting out and it's making it nearly impossible to work from home. We just don't currently have any time to wait for someone to show up and install it.

PVR recording functions still done locally on a tuner. Otherwise, a monthly rental fee of $5 per month per BlueCurve TV Player will apply. You can use BlueCurve Home to personalize your WiFi network, view network activity, set parental controls, troubleshoot connections, access advanced settings, and more. Can we setup external HDD with USB to the bluecurve ? All rights reserved.

We lost our local weather channel which we need because we are out in the country and rely on our local weather channel. ©2020 Shaw Communications.

Username and password will be sent to you via email. 2. Blue Sky and Blue Curve is based on a hybrid IPTV/Quam standard. Does BlueCurve setup require a technician to come install it? Victoria weather is useless to us in Nanaimo..might as well give us Edmonton's weather or Ottawa's for that matter. Hi, I'm currently a Shaw Gateway subscriber (including internet and phone), it's costing me about $200 per month to cover 4 TVs. I just signed up for Bluecurve TotalTV and internet 600 bundle. Private messages do not impact your company rating.

What followed is a nightmare. Preferred solution: Think analogue. Or even setting up port-forwarding for Ps4 Online! Can it be shipped/picked up and installed manually? We PVR a lot and watch TV and I don't believe we stream. Would You Like to Convert It Into Review? Canadian Internet, Phone, TV & Wireless Providers, Shaw Cable HD tuner and HD PVR Discussion, Television Industry / Channels and Providers, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. The names are confusing and the website doesn't seem to have the answers. I own and am using a DCX3400 and have a Gateway loaner (still in its box).

We could get the hiltron modem for $187 before tax but I decided to get the BlueCurve. report.

Blue Curve is a rebranding of BlueSky.

Write a private message as Shaw Cable verified representative. Or even setting up port-forwarding for Ps4 Online! Is there a better router I can use? Shaw does not currently offer 4K services. Is BlueCurve TV IP based? There is an RDK tag on the back of the box to tell the difference. Telecoms typically dont offer promotions to existing unless contact is made by the customer. I just signed up for Bluecurve TotalTV and internet 600 bundle.

We also lost other channels and after many telephone calls finally got some of them back. Ask …

And they also tell us we cannot have our weather channel for Nanaimo. The website no longer has an tv equipment page and I can't see what comes with the new system. I've been considering the BlueSky because of the huge jump in HD stations. May 17th, 2019 4:15 pm #5; kazoober Jr. Looks interesting, but I thought maybe they'd want to get existing customers to spread the word about a new service.

Looks like we're skipping the BlueCurve idea. Is this modem necessary for Internet 600 or is the Hitron CGNM-2250 compatible? Is there a rate difference between Gateway and BlueSky because of the substantially more HD in BlueSky?

5 comments. hide. Our content is free because we may earn a commission if you purchase products after clicking ads on our website.

Check out the unique features of each player below, and visit the related links to learn more. Marlene P. Actually, we just realized this on our Blue Curve.

Think analogue. TV boxes are connected by cable.

Great for streaming. They tell us it is not being broadcast anymore. If you wish that your prior post be removed, submit a notarized letter. If you want your response With your Shaw Bluesky remote, you can use the voice control features to control your TV and cable box. Comment the review as Shaw Cable verified representative.

Previously with bluesky, you couldn't mix & match desktop boxes so you had to upgrade everything which wouldnt work in our scenario.

There is also 4K and wireless offerings with Blue Curve gear. The PVR functions in BlueCurve are now Cloud based.

BlueSky doesn’t allow you to pause and flip back and forth between channels. It seems interesting, and I like the idea of being able to have more control over our wifi. I'm just curious about the BlueCurve setup, as it seems Internet 600 would somehow be cheaper than what we have now. The router/modem of often referred to as a “gateway.” This device does it all: cable modem, wifi router and telephone. A quick way to identify a BlueSky TV box vs older devices we've provided is by the RDK label. @LD500 you will need new hardware for BlueSky TV the main box is an XG1v3 with RDK. You can either have a master tuner and satellites connected by coaxial which has elements of the older QAM platform or complete wireless which is full IPTV.

It's as if Shaw wants people to flip constantly back and forth between itself and its competition. Shaw BlueSky: Blended QAM /RF and internet based technologies(IPTV). Review #1720443 is a subjective opinion of ©2020 Shaw Communications. Shaw Blue Curve: Full IPTV standard. Shaw offered us an improved package for … You can’t  mix Gateway gear with BlueSky /Blue Curve Gear.

Does anyone have experience using bluecurve's content control features? What is the pvr size? Is Bluecurve the new wireless iptv or is it the same as Bluesky (just renamed)? I have read and agree to the Pissed Consumer.

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