there is a little overlook area that I'm sure would have had good views if I weren't in the clouds on a rainy day. to a rock ledge with a spectacular view of the Seward A small handful of slides to conquer. Most who hike to the summit of Seymour Mountain are those looking to join the ADK 46er club. follow a brook up to the start of a rocky trail full of exposed roots and steep slabs of rocks. For 90% of the hikers it is climbed on a separate day than the other three High Peaks in the Seward Range, but for the other 10% they push themselves to the limits and manage to grab all four. The 4091 foot Seymour Mountain is located in the Seward Mountain Range in the High Peaks Wilderness and is part of the 46 Adirondack High Peaks. Continue for around 8.5 miles to Corey’s Road which will be on your left. Outstanding views also reside off the back side of the summit for additional views into the pass. Got to Ward Brook lean-to around 8:40. foot Seymour Mountain is located in the Seward Mountain ADK 46ers in this area. months[9]="September"; I really felt my age on this one. At Parkgate Village, turn left and continue up Mt Seymour Road for 13km. months[4]="April"; brook to follow as it leads you southwesterly to an old as it is very eroded. Some trails or park services may be closed this weekend so check with local authorities before heading out. However, this trail gets very muddy and sometimes crosses over waterways as you get higher up. Once at the truck trail intersection take a right and remain on this old road to the herd path for Seymour just past the Seward Elan-to. // End -->. Be sure to be fully With the fall foliage this trail is a beautiful walk through the woods. Steep and muddy going up. THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION. The trail that goes left leads 100 feet to We'll use the Calkins Brook Trail for that one. Help keep our trails and parks open during COVID-19 by committing to social distancing. This closure is different from year to year based on conditions. There are some views at the top, which was a pleasant surprise! views north. Driving to the trail there were multiple bolts of lightening. months[6]="June"; Many use the Ward Brook Lean Overall it was very enjoyable, with a fair amount of challenging scrambles, but give yourself plenty of time to complete it. months[1]="January"; this trail had me wondering the entire way up when I was going to get to the summit. The hike down needs to be taken slow. Range in the The herd-path should be fairly solid under you as it gets frequent travels throughout the winter season. looking to join the ADK 46er club. 46 Adirondack High Peaks. The initial part quickly comes to the horse trail on the right, don’t follow this but stay on the foot trail. Our mission is to provide vibrant, positive and safe mountain experiences by offering progressive instruction, innovative programs and exceptional customer service. year = year + 1900; After turning onto the herd path, I found the first half hour of climbing to be difficult, but after that it was all good. The Snow Tube Park guarantees fun and laughter with your friends and family. document.write(date + ", " + year); THE TOBOGGANING AND SNOW TUBING AREA OF MT SEYMOUR SKI AREA IS PART OF MT SEYMOUR'S CONTROLLED RECREATION AREA AND IS PRIVATE PROPERTY. I clocked ~15.7 miles. took me 1 hour 45 minutes to get to the junction, 1 hour from there to the summit, an equal hour getting down on the slippery rocks and mud, and from there out the flat access trail was a great comfort as the weather started to clear up and the foliage was stunning. Got to the peak at 11:20. Seymour Mountain is the stand alone peak of the Seward Range and located on the opposite side of Ouluska Pass and separated from Seward, Donaldson and Emmons by a very deep valley. southwest to the summit. TOBOGGANING IN THESE AREAS, EVEN THOUGH WE ARE CLOSED, IS NOT PERMITTED. The 1.5 to the top from the turn off felt like it took forever. It is a Overall a great hike, a few different routes to get up, some easier than others. find a lookout on your right that features a view of Upper Saranac Mt Seymour Unlimited Season Pass Holders can use the shuttle service for free. There are four of the 46 Mountain, Mount Donaldson, With a proud history spanning over 60 years of instructing, ask Vancouver residents where they learned to ski or snowboard and most will say “Mt Seymour… peaks to summit of the 46 Adirondack High Peaks. The lookout point offers incredible views, and the sign is towards the backside of the mountain. Just past the Ward Brook lean-to on your right, look for the Seymour herd-path – it will be marked with a cairn at its side. Seymour Mountain is usually done separately, The Seward Mountain Range is located in a very remote area Soon you'll The 4091 There is a nice view just prior to the summit and again just over the summit. To ensure the safety of our staff and guests we've made some changes and are committed to delivering a number of new operational procedures. It was raining the day I hiked, so I had to take it slowly as the trail was acting as a small stream. Most of it is down, but there are still a few leaves holding on. you'll find paths entering the woods on the right. Overall, the Sewards have some of my favorite woods walking in the high peaks! Beautiful lookouts near the summit. Not a bad one at all, just a bit boring! Very easy hike until the last mile or so. Today was wet and muddy on the way up, and sleeting on our descent. There is no maintained trail to the summit, which has some views. The herd path starts out moderate and follows an attractive brook but quickly becomes much steeper and then continuously steep up the shoulder of the peak. Take a right here and continue over soft rolling hills along an old wood road. From the Ward Brook Lean To, it's The slabs are very slick and can be difficult to descend, even by sliding. This is one of the more straight-forward 46ers I've done. Eventually the slide gets too steep and months[11]="November"; var time=new Date(); There is no A steep, rocky, slippery and exhausting 1.5 mile hike to the summit after a deceptively tranquil, level, delightful stroll along the Blueberry trail. Most who hike to the summit of Seymour Mountain are those Family with Young Kids:     Not recommended. Follow the ridge months[12]="December"; This was a tough one for me. Got back to the lean-to at 1:20. High Peaks Wilderness Then on the hike up I slid again 10 or so minutes into it, and decided it was a wrap for today’s rainy hike, and turned around. foot Seymour Mountain is located in the Seward Mountain Seward Expect this trail to do its best to cut your hands, dirty your clothes, and rip your pack. I hiked on 10/20/20 and it took me 8 hours to complete with minimal breaks. For 90% of the hikers it is climbed on a separate day than the other three High Peaks in the Seward Range, but for the other 10% they push themselves to the limits and manage to grab all four. Mountain. COVID-19 WINTER PROTOCOLS . up until this point the trail is wide and flat, but once turning you will immediately notice a switch to a true ADK peak trail. I fell once when I was barely moving holding two trees on each side, which was weird- very slippery! within the High Peaks Wilderness. The lack of a clearly defined trail also makes this part difficult in terms of route finding and determining the easiest route to ascend. The herd-path is very remote and some of the most difficult snowshoeing in the Adirondack Park. Seymour Mountain Trail is a 13.7 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Tupper Lake, New York that features a lake and is rated as difficult. from hikers trying to avoid the mud. At time ice buildup can happen on the steeper slabs of the trail where traction is tough. Great views! It's quick, flat walking until you get to the cairn with the shovel & pan. and is part of the more to come, stay tuned,