information technology, computing, hotel management and tourism. Parent / Sibling(s) / Applicant must not have any arrears (issues) or are blacklisted by any government’s loan schemes. +6013 629 4880 PLEASE NOTE: that the persons or institutions authorised above for disclosure of your Personal Data are regarded by SEGi as essential for SEGi to carry out its functions as an education or training institution and in providing to you the services for which you have or will be contracting for. Offered by: SEGi College Penang. For each year CASh award holders completed his/her programme at SEGi, they will receive RM2,000 rebate for their tuition fees for the next year: New students who pay the required deposits and signed up early for their intake are entitled to the Early Bird Scheme rebates as below: *Students are able to use their forecast results to register and gain the rebates. Not exceeding 25 years old upon application. PLEASE NOTE: that should you at any time withdraw your consent for disclosures of any or all Personal Data to your sponsor (if applicable) or Concern Person, SEGi reserves the right to notify your sponsor (if applicable) or Concern Person that such withdrawal has taken place. Upon acceptance by you of the letter of offer, you hereby consent to the processing of your Personal Data for the aforesaid purposes unless you indicated so in writing. SEGi will also process personal data of current, past or prospective Students and visitors following its Privacy Policy which you may refer to at Registrar Amenities are convenient and readily available with eateries, banks, shopping malls The Ace rebates is applicable only to self-funding and PTPTN students. Applicant who has just completed their Matriculation, Pre-U, Foundation and Diploma courses, as well as those awaiting to pursue or currently doing their Diploma or Degree programme can also apply. SEGi COLLEGE PENANG. is required to meet a minimum CGPA of 3.70 every semester to continue the scholarship. Applicant is required to meet a minimum CGPA of 2.5 every semester and maintain their sports achievement at State or National level. Please note that it will be necessary for SEGi to process your Personal Data, without which we will not be able to continue to use your Personal Data for any of the above Purposes. persons involved in enforcing SEGi’s rights such as lawyers, courts or arbitration centres, credit reporting agencies (e.g. Note: Payment of subscription of additional shares will be deducted from the approved loan. However, total rebates are limited to RM3,000 for each student. The applicant must hold the requisite additional shares ranging from RM500 to RM2,000 shares for each child depending on the loan amount applied for. Each new student will receive a monetary incentive based on the programme that the group enrolled to and the size of the group: Note: This scheme is applicable for new students joining SEGi for the Jan. – Apr. For full terms and conditions, please refer to: Applicants can also be children of contributors who died while in employment because of injuries, or died before reaching their 55th birthday. : 04-263 3888 / 04-262 8127 Setelah penerimaan [surat tawaran] oleh anda, anda dengan ini bersetuju Data Peribadi anda diproses bagi tujuan-tujuan tersebut melainkan bantahan dilakukan secara bertulis kepada SEGi. The air of preservation and vintage of Penang has been the veneer to SEGi College Penang for two decades. Complaints received will be investigated and appropriate action will be taken.SEGi may modify or update this Privacy Policy to reflect any changes to its privacy practices. and UEC school leavers who have achieved outstanding results are entitled Serving as SEGi’s education hub to students in the Northern Region of Malaysia, the campus located in Green Hall, which comprise modern facilities and a conducive study environment, providing existing and future students with a more complete learning experience. SILA AMBIL PERHATIAN: Pendedahan kepada orang atau institusi yang tidak tersenarai seperti di atas akan dibuat hanya dengan persetujuan anda melainkan keadaan-keadaan tertentu seperti yang dibenarkan undang-undang. Group Rebate Scheme is mutually exclusive to F2F scheme (either one only). maintenance of the Student record (including personal, academic or training details,) and management of academic or training processes (for example, programme delivery, academic or training audits, examination boards, issue of transcripts and awarding of degrees, certificates, etc); the management of Student services, including provision of learning resources and facilities, Student accommodation, transportation, immigration, pastoral care and welfare services; the provision of advice and support to Students (via, amongst others, immigration services, Student services, Student accommodation services, the counseling services, the Students’ clubs or association, careers services, internship, practicum or other industrial engagement); provision of applicable extra curricular activities (for example, Student leadership programmes, Student ambassador programmes, outward bound programmes, career development programmes, etc); fees, Student loans (including creation, management and administration of Student’s loan accounts) or scholarship processing, payment, collection, credit reporting and recovery of debts; submissions, research and all other information as required by regulatory or statistical authorities agencies or bodies including the Ministry of Education, Malaysian Qualifications Agency, Ministry of Human Resources and the Department of Skills Development, Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad, Ministry of Home Affairs and the Department for Immigration, Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional, Perbadanan Tabung Pembangunan Kemahiran and, in relation to International Students, foreign authorities and embassies or consulates of the Student’s home country; to provide you with information on the programmes activities and services of SEGi and related corporations in relation to SEGi or its related corporations’ programmes, activities and services; internal and external audits or disclosures or such other functions required to be complied in law; administration, including enforcement of SEGi’s rights such as commencing legal proceedings, reporting to credit reporting agencies, etc. providing existing and future students with a more complete learning experience. A Data Subject has the right to a copy of the current personal information held by SEGi. Take Note: Request for Result Slips, Transcripts, Certificates, Academic Results shall not be treated as a Data Access request. The updated version will be available on this website which you may periodically review. (collectively “the Purposes”). SEGi College Sarawak: 211 Jalan Bukit Mata Kuching, 9311 Kuching, Sawawak. SEGi College Penang As a Computing student in SEGi, one of the benefits is having unlimited access to the industry: our mentors are Software houses and we receive help from them constantly. The completed application form with relevant documents should be sent to the address below: Ketua Eksekutif PERKESO Pertubuhan Keselamatan Sosial. Send the application to your the Registrar at your College: Possess minimum 5 credits in the 2013 SPM/ UEC examination. CASh holders are also eligible for other rebates scheme, but subject to a total maximum amount of RM6,000. Butiran ini menunjukkan sifat notis pemberitahuan ini tetapi bukan secara menyeluruh. You may at any time hereafter make written inquiries and, upon payment of a prescribed fee, request in writing, for access to, or correction of, your personal data or limit the processing of your personal data by submitting such request to the Registry. Serving as SEGi’s education hub to students in the Northern Region of Malaysia, the campus located in Green Hall, which comprise modern facilities and a conducive study environment, providing existing and future students with a more complete learning experience. If the scholarship recipient does not meet the minimum required academic requirement, he/she will undertake to pay either the re-sit/ retake fees as deemed necessary by the respective faculty. This scheme is an interest-free flexible payment scheme from SEGi for the shortfall amount, net of PTPTN loan. CTOS), etc; disclosures to person or institutions not listed above will be made only with the student’s consent unless exceptional circumstances apply, as provided by law. Download The Star Education Fund Application Form from. Personal Data collected in respect of Prospective Students and visitors. Family member of successful applicant will be given chance to apply this education loan if only if he or she (the successful applicant) has started the repayment of loan for at least 6 months. Students under this scheme are required to repay 6 months after graduation or upon securing employment (whichever comes first). SEGi mungkin mengubah atau mengemaskinikan Notis Privasi ini sekiranya terdapat perubahan dalam amalan privasinya. *International students are required to pay international administrative fees. State level athlete is entitled to 25% rebate and National athlete is entitled to 50% rebate on tuition fees. The HAS will cover percentage of the new students’ tuition fees based on their results: *UEC – Total points of 5 Best Subjects: © SEGi University & Colleges. 43, Green Hall, the Data User is not supplied with such information as he may reasonably require: in order to satisfy himself as to the identity of the requestor; where the requestor claims to be a relevant person, in order to satisfy himself as to the identity of the Data Subject in relation to whom the requestor claims to be the relevant person; and that the requestor is the relevant person in relation to the Data Subject; the Data User is not supplied with such information as he may reasonably require to locate the Personal Data to which the data access request relates; the burden or expense of providing access is disproportionate to the risks to the Data Subject’s privacy in relation to the Personal Data in the case in question; the Data User cannot comply with the data access request without disclosing Personal Data relating to another individual who can be identified from that information unless :-. Nevertheless, as the aforesaid Purposes and persons or institutions authorised for disclosure are deemed essential for SEGi to carry out its functions and its services and failure to consent or withdrawal of consent at any time to the Purposes or disclosure to all or any specific persons or institution above may affect or disrupt, the functions or services to be provided by SEGi to the student and to such extent SEGi shall not be held responsible for such disruption of service and may, if deemed appropriate by SEGi, terminate its services to be provided to the student and claim for reimbursement of benefits conferred on the student., Follow us on social media to keep up-to-date with our news and events. Submit the application form with a stamped (60 cents) self-addressed envelope (25cm x 30 cm) to: A minimum of 6As in SPM, 3As in STPM, 5As in UEC or a 3.5 CGPA (in STPM, A-Levels, Matriculation, Foundation, Diploma and Degree). that other individual has consented to the disclosure of the information to the requestor; or it is reasonable in all the circumstances to comply with the data access request without the consent of the other individual; Registry is not supplied with the information reasonably required, (i.e the identity of the student); insufficient information to decide if Personal Data is inaccurate, incomplete, misleading and not up to date; information provided by the student of the Personal Data is inaccurate, incomplete, misleading and not up to date; correction of the Personal Data is not accurate, misleading or up to date; or.

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