Now you do (h/t @AthleticBiz). 2000: A patch for the Seahawks 25th season is displayed on the left collarbone area of both sets of jerseys. Also, a tiny bit of feathered trim can be spotted on a three jerseys. I wonder if they taught him a couple of verses of It Makes a Fellow Proud to Be an Astro? There were some scrimmages that were held without the logos (thanks M. Princip) but all preseason and regular games had logos on their helmets. San Francisco 49ers Franchise History - A Fan's Es... Los Angeles Chargers Uniform and Team History. I can’t see it. The most unique aspect of the Seahawk’s uniform for me was the the oversized numbers on the front of the jersey, bigger than the number on the back. Also, if anyone posts any stupid bullshit about “why didn’t they mention the Seahawks blank helmets in 1976?”, can we have them banned? Not the greatest, but tolerable. And now, I’ll turn the rest of this over to Tim: Seattle Seahawks Uniform History The in-state rivalry between OKC and Tulsa would continue though. The logo does change ever so slightly, with the face of the hawk looking a little meaner. I think with all the serious social issues that we discuss on UW, the occasional bits of humor can’t hurt…can it? It’s all about the education. I’m writing to ask if you would link to the story on Uni Watch and ask for uniform/logo design submissions to be sent to Want to help decide which throwback uniform your team is going to wear next? I get that they (or the Bucs) weren’t around in 1975, so every pre-82 Seahawks Topps card had no logos on the helmets, but didn’t the other 27 teams also not have logos for 76-82 Topps cards and that would make it apparent that it was airbrushed photos and a Topps rights issue and not the helmets themselves? The 1970 Cowboys wore blue in Super Bowl V, and had only worn blue twice during the regular season, and the next fewest after the Seahawks and Cowboys were the 1985 Patriots, who went exclusively white at home during the regular season, they wore red as home team in Super Bowl XX, yet had only worn red in three road games during the regular season. Shawn says, “I can’t ever remember any of the uniform combinations in Bears history having a stripe.” Anyone know anything more? In June 1974, the NFL gave the city an expansion franchise. For the Seahawks, that meant the cards from 1976-1982 all showed blank helmets. • Uni Watch reader and contributor Mickel Yantz has his own Seahawks uni history blog that is quite in-depth. Big (huge) thanks to Timmy Brulia (and Rob Holecko) for the great Seahawks uniform history. (h/t Andrew Domingo). Kinda resembles Mark Belanger if had he played for the Angels. The top half of the hawk’s neck is the same shade of blue as the helmet and the lower stripe of his neck is more of a navy shade and now the logo is outlined in white. The Seahawks uni history neglects to mention that they used a unique lettering font for NOB until they went to the gunmetal gray uniforms. 2004: The Seahawks go with just two uni combos, all white and all gunmetal. ..and I didn’t realize that around here people were asking the ‘green dot’ question in jest, I guess because outside of Uni Watch most people really don’t know what it means. Helmets: The color changes from silver to a rather unique shade of blue that I prefer to call “gunmetal blue”. … Good Esquire article detailing ‘One Man vs. Denver Broncos Fans, and Seattle Seahawks Fans, and Richard Sherman’s Mom‘ (Tommy Turner). And for the list suggesting all these expansions, to places like Norfolk, Portland, San Antonio, Las Vegas, Omaha… there’s expansion, and then there’s over-expansion. 2008: The league wide Gene Upshaw memorial patch is worn on the white jersey for Week 1. Tennessee Titans Franchise History - A Fan's Essen... Tampa Bay Buccaneers Uniform and Team History. You guys love uni/logo contests — give it a shot! to view/purchase, or watch our growing youtube video channel. … Last night the Rangers wore their Stadium Series jerseys at home (white at home, as God intended) against the Isles. 1991: The pant stripes sees a slightly thicker green striping and the white separating the inner blue from the outer greens getting even thinner. Why no other teams, only the Seahawks? A little long but worth the watch. Each painting can be purchased in one of the three formats shown above. 2009: The first alternative jersey in franchise history lasts all of one game, as the Seahawks … They’re still OK in my book, but they used to be among my favorites in the league. 1 i learned what a FLAVICON is and a PORCINEOGRAPH in the last 48 hrs thanks to UniWatch. I played D1 college soccer a few years ago. And they also used a number font unique to the NFL but used commonly in MLB, which is still seen on their practice jerseys even after the Nike changes. I just wish they wore the grey pants with the home jersey more often. The jerseys now feature thin green, blue and white trim on the collars. If you like it, I’d love if you could spread it around — Twitter, Uni Watch, anywhere your powerful social media arm is willing to reach!” … Here’s a good piece on the decreasing size of NFL shoulder pads (thanks, Paul). They continue to be undefeated in them, winning 4-1. Out goes gunmetal and lime. Put a team in Memphis and Oklahoma City, and all you need are three more cities for a football team to get to 4 divisions of 5 teams or 5 divisions of 4 teams. With everybody going nuts over Omaha, it’s time to give them some consideration! This is why you see all of the teams who use the horizontal stripe template use two colors since one color and white is virtually unwearable. I would assume ASU’s hockey team is club hockey. For those of you who aren’t reading these comments, it’s not working for you either. Plays DI in the American Collegiate Hockey Association, the club hockey version of the NCAA. Among Snyder’s aides on the Redskins nickname defense is George “Maccacca” Allen, noted American expert in using nicknames to honor people of color. Moot, though, I guess, since nobody wears sleeves long enough to have that today. The front wordmark is new and in gunmetal, as is the NOB. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Franchise History - ... Kansas City Royals Uniform and Team History. The forward facing logo features a neck with blue on top and green on the bottom (separated by a thin strip of white) that wraps around the back of the helmet, with a break at the center ridge portion of the helmet. …and one last note from The Gridiron Uniform Database, Did you know that this year Seahawks’ Super Bowl uniform combo of white over navy, which was worn only twice during the regular season, Week 10 at Atlanta and Week 15 in this very stadium against the Giants, isn’t the fewest amount of times that a Super Bowl combo was worn by a team during their regular season? 1983: There are some tweaks made to the helmet, jerseys and socks. The helmet is silver with logo being the head of a seahawk with an homage to the native American totem style. Oh well. This blue jersey has white numbers on the ..., Thank you for taking the time to add a comment - all input is welcome, especially the constructive kind! The blue jersey has large white numbers front and back and normal sized white numbers on the sleeves., The Giants in orange, at LA late 82., “Did you know Jerry Lewis (the comedian) actually played in (and got a hit) a preseason game with the Astros in 1973?”, Well I did, because I sent that into Uni Watch back in August 2012. Topps Vault has auctioned off some of the original negatives used for their cards and it shows what they airbrushed out. 2002: For the first time in team history, the Seahawks undergo a major uniform change. The new one is more of a throwback to the awesome one worn from 1978 through 1982 … The Washington Nationals have put a red, textured coating on their concourses to help keep them cleaner looking (thanks to TommyTheCPA). … This photo shows some Bills and Broncos helmets and logos (save for the real Bills going to white helmets recently), sent in by Joseph Bailey. (They’re all going to want a team once the current teams move.) 2010: The Seahawks return to a sense of normalcy with only the monos (white and gunmetal) worn during the regular season and post season (making the playoffs with a 7-9 record). Sorry Phil, that one’s wrong too. They don’t get it.” Wonder who he’s rooting for. Uh… the link for the “throwback” jersey in 1994 goes to a picture of 3 football cards which show the normal jersey, not the throwback. Washington Capitals - Franchise, Team, Arena and U... Vancouver Canucks - Franchise, Team, Arena and Uni... Toronto Maple Leafs - Franchise, Team, Arena and U... St. Louis Blues - Franchise, Team, Arena and Unifo... Arizona Coyotes - Franchise, Team, Arena and Unifo... Pittsburgh Penguins - Franchise, Team, Arena and U... Philadelphia Flyers - Franchise, Team, Arena and U... Ottawa Senators - Franchise, Team, Arena and Unifo... New York Rangers - Franchise, Team, Arena and Unif... New York Islanders- Franchise, Team, Arena and Uni... New Jersey Devils - Franchise, Team, Arena and Uni... Montreal Canadiens - Franchise, Team, Arena and Un... Los Angeles Kings - Franchise, Team, Arena and Uni... Edmonton Oilers - Franchise, Team, Arena and Unifo... Detroit Red Wings - Franchise, Team, Arena and Uni... Dallas Stars - Franchise, Team, Arena and Uniform ... Colorado Avalanche - Franchise, Team, Arena and Un... Chicago Blackhawks - Franchise, Team, Arena and Un... Carolina Hurricanes - Franchise, Team, Arena and U... Calgary Flames - Franchise, Team, Arena and Unifor... Buffalo Sabres - Franchise, Team, Arena and Unifor... Boston Bruins - Franchise, Team, Arena and Uniform... Toronto Blue Jays Uniform and Team History.

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