Return to top The GTX is upgraded with the 657X engine and an optional touring seat available. With the introduction of this hull, that changed to a “lean-in” design. The GTI did not. In 2012, SeaDoo will incorporate iControl across the whole line up. Return to top Without the gauge being married to the ECU the Doo will not start. The jet ski had a fuel capacity of 7.7 gallons, an oil injection reservoir that held 95 oz. The 1997 951 engines were painted white. The SP, GS, GTS and GTI models are the same as the prior year other than graphics. The GS and GSI both have the 720 engine with a single carb. It was the same 1494cc platform and design as the naturally aspirated 155hp power plant, just tuned to 130 horsepower. In 2008, SeaDoo launches six new model variations while maintain all the models from 2007. The GTX hull and top cap are completely redesigned for this year. For 2017, Sea-Doo has added new models, discontinued some, and tweaked almost everything for the better. We have dedicated a separate page for the Spark Model Summary The GTI is positioned as the mid tier three passenger and has the same hull as the GTX, but it came with a 720 engine and did not include the LCD information display gauge. New for 2000 is a RX model which was available in two versions, a carbureted 947 and DI 947. Fuel/Air Parts As a point of reference from 2010, the MSRP of the 2011 RXP-X (without iControl) is $13,499 compared to $13,699 in 2010. The GTX model was upgraded to include the more powerful 657 engine, rear view mirrors and a complete gauge package. and features it was rare to identify any difference between 2014 and 2015 models, other than colors. The value priced, go-fast GTR 215 will certainly suffer from the extra weight on top end and acceleration. On my site, I refer to particular engines by the Rotax model (587,657,717,787,947). There is a new hull and top cap this year for some of the three passenger models. They all incorporate the 587 engine with single carb. The three models of the GTX (4-TEC, 4-TEC Supercharged and 4-TEC Limited Supercharged) are not changed much in 2005, other than the GTX 4-TEC Limited Supercharged increases to 215hp. Much has been written about the Spark and simply writing more of the same would be of little benefit. Ceramic is a very good material for heat dissipation, but very brittle and tends to shatter when it fails in this application. Return to top In addition to the more horsepower compared to the 2007, WAKE the WAKE 215 also has trim. They were only produced in limited quantities. The XP had improved performance over the SP with the addition of a twin carburetor set up. The RXX was introduced in 2001 as a race version of the RX. 2015 Sea-Doo Models Both the GTI and GTI RFI are base model three passengers with no mirrors and minimal analog gauges. Other than color changes, there were other minor improvements. This is a significant manufacturing and design process change for BRP. the GTS 130 with a $400 MSRP price drop and the Spark basic 2up that remained at 2014 levels of $4999. Disconnect your VTS unit. equipped 1995 up Sea Doo? This is the first year trim is available in a three passenger. While the SPX stays the same as 1997 some weight was removed to make it lighter. The old DESS security system design, at times, made it difficult to achieve a robust You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

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