Chord’s designers were realizing that the weight of all the connections were practically lifting the the 2Qute off the table surface.

Advanced filters, 5V Micro USB powering, changeable output voltage, etc.

And this: " ....and allegations of corruption will not be tolerated.".

Oh ... JA ... please webify that 1995 Fabio article.

It's good to see comparisons. Qutest uses the snazziest FPGA technology and most advanced Watts Transient Aligned filters to make it sound even better than the 2Qute. Basically, a DAC isn't going to help you hear God's whisper. One thing that the Qutest is missing, however, is the Bluetooth capability that you get on the Hugo 2. Listen to all sorts of music, prefer a massive resolution with great detail, stage, and rhythm. So, heavy is good. Pre-amps tend to have sensitivity issues and sometimes overload at certain inputs. The best way to jedge DACs is with headphones.

And it's just as easy to remember "this sounds most to my liking on the blue filter" as it is to remember the "quick rolloff HF filter".

that appeals to some. Hyperion recordings are often remarkable as you have written numerous times. It's even worse with the Qutest, they do the same with the filters too.

Sadly auditioning the Yggy is near impossible for me as I don't think anyone in NZ stocks either units, and certainly not in Christchurch.

27 sec.)

“Chord Electronics FPGA DAC Technology Explained” (Video: 5 min. Just saying where I am coming from. It is better sounding than all more-modern DACs in my collection (that feature delta-sigma). JA can't seem to cut the 'Chord' :-) ............ May be JA could review the new Chord Hugo2 and Hugo TT2 ........ and review the new Meze Empyrean 'phones with the Chords and compare them with his Audeze LCD-X headphones? For example, with the form factor of DAVE (and similar DACs going back to 2001), Chord managed to squeeze in all components (incl. Only two buttons control the many features.The Qutest is quite a bit heavier than its predecessor, the 2Qute. My Esoteric Audio Store Ownership experience provided convincing evidence that Audiophiles are a combination of Neurotic & Psychotic behaviors.

I'm putting the 'reviewer' to the test for the sake/benefit the reader (potential customer) -let him answer for himself, or explain further. Deep bass.

Oh man.

But I do not think a microchip is interesting enough as to need to see it inside my DAC.

The only unbalanced interconnects I had that were long enough to reach the amplifiers in use were the 3m Canares I usually use in the test lab.

I recently spent some time with Aqua Acoustic Quality's Formula xHD, from Italy, which Jason Victor Serinus reviewed in June 2018, and in June 2017 I reviewed the DAVE processor, from British company Chord Electronics. In keeping with Watts's philosophy (see my 2017 DAVE review for extracts from my interview with him) is very long, with 49,152 taps compared to the typical 128 or thereabouts. I used to have Yggy Analog 2 compared directly to Chord Qutest (Sonus Faber Venere S, Tannoy Kensington GR, Mcintosh MA6700, Accuphase E-480, Rogue Cronus Magnum 3). Nevertheless, I like the overall "Apple-like" product design. Let’s leave it at that.

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