One such safety feature is its seat safety switch. 1. ***This is used to depress the shut off button when assembled*** 5. Stens 430-690 Seat Switch Replaces AYP 121305X John Deere Am104403 MTD 925-3166 Scag 48717 Troy Bilt 1761083 Simplicity 1714770SM Great Dane AM104403 Toro 740275. What is the sears model number. You must log in or register to reply here. Can be bad switch or the connection to the switch , you can oil the switches with WD40 or similar light oil. Just me but I would try that first and it will probably make the overall ride even on smoother areas better.
4. The switch automatically disengages the engine when weight is taken off the seat, such as when you dismount to change the bagger. Remove the negative battery cable from your Cub Cadet with a wrench. Scag Low Oil Pressure Switch 481812. He will need to find a way to bypass the seat safety switch if he doesn’t want the engine to stop. Anyone familiar with how to disconnect safety seat shutoff switch? This prevents injury in the event the rider falls of the mower while operating it. I would hope 5' 10" 163lbs would be sufficient enough. Whether or not the mower deck is engaged or not doesn’t really matter — if the operator is not in the seat then legally there is no-one in control of the machine and (so the ‘logic’ goes) it should cease operation completely. By creating an account you agree to the Hunker. Remove the seat 2. Super glue 2 nickels (or washers to the same thickness) to the inside of the outer housing. Quick View. Another tractor I just cut out the offending wire / wires then thru away the wiring harness. JavaScript is disabled. I did the same thing. Unscrew the screws attached to the bottom of the seat. unplug it, and bend a chunk of wire into a U shape. 917-28921 ??? First of all, I don't need a lecture, I know its dangerous, but my mower keeps snorting at me when I bounce up and down and come up off the seat. Can you post pics of the area showing the cut. I still haven't tried to unplug it and plug it back in, a sort of reset if you will. Removing the seat safety switch takes about 10 minutes.

New toro timecutter 16-44 zero turn owner. The safety switch is attached to the bottom of the seat. I e-mailed Scag this morning, but probably won't hear back for a couple of business days. Just wondering if the grass looks flat and even or choppy. Locked the brake, arms to neutral, then hopped up and the damn thing kept running. the least of your worries, if that mower is making you bounce out of your seat hard enough to trigger the safety switch, that usually means you're mowing too fast and to put things in perspective you're probably not just going a little bit too fast. |Quick Tip 4| How To Bypass A Riding Mower Seat Safety Switch $21.28. I am am going to mow today, I will pull the harness off of the seat switch and do some tests to see if I can figure out why the engine is dying when I get up in park. Add To Cart. You must log in or register to reply here. I found my registration card and my exact model is the SFZ52-25BS . This item HD Switch Lawn Mower Seat Safety Switch Replaces Scag 48717 - Normally Closed. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

It cant be good for the mower. Homeowner, or commercial operator just depends on how safe you try to operate I would think? Haha, no I'm not going to chop my foot off. I dont know we have had a few commercial operators here roll over trying to mow steep inclines on ztrs, and get killed.
Put everything back together Use the screwdriver to remove the small screw on the switch itself. Remove (Twist) the seat shut-off assembly 3.

$25.07. $26.44. © 2010-2020 I asked a question to help a 37 year old enjoy cutting his lawn. I have got to take this thing off some how. If it's got two wires going to the switch unplug it and run a jumper wire to the two terminals. Genuine Scag switches for lawn, zero turn rider, three wheel riders, stand on, and walk behind mowers.

Eat more McDonald's.

Seperate the shut-off switch (grey) and the outer housing (black). Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. Add To Cart. This switch, commonly called a "kill switch" turns off the engine when the mower deck is engaged and the rider gets off the seat. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Quick View. I also think you need to slow it down before some engine nearly cutting off becomes. Your set! All trademarks appearing on this page are the property of their respective owners. In addition to its reputation for durability, the Cub Cadet also has many safety features. Maybe a little love tap with the old screwdriver will clear things up. Well, how about this for chance. Push it into the female part of the plug. I don't have my serial number in front of me, I started to e-mail their CS this week and they needed it as well so I decided to wait till this weekend when I have it out. Ashton Daigle, a New Orleans native, graduated from Southeastern Louisiana University in 1998 and went straight to work as a journalist. Daigle is writing a collection of essays: What It Means to be a Saints Fan. Either the wires are going bad or I'm losing weight, I do a good bit of running when it gets really hot. JavaScript is disabled. I'm fully aware that I shouldn't stick my finger/hand/foot/tongue in the blades as it will cut them off. Slopes, and ztr mowers dont go good together but there have been a few incidents here with kids that are to young to mow their own lawn get hurt. The wiring diagram I was looking at looks like you need to just disconnect the gray wire. You may be cutting too fast, need a good suspension seat and forks or maybe both. I mow A LOT of rough areas and I'm tired of my mower nearly cutting off then gaining its power back when my butt lands back on the seat. I don't need a lecture on things. Removing your Cub Cadet's seat safety switch is a simple process. I would press the switch down and then drill a hole thru the body and slip a pin into the body to keep it down. rip the wires out and twist them together.

Try it out and make srue your ok. Then tape the piss out of it. You must log in or register to reply here. Been on that mower for 4 years now, pretty much have it down pat. The Cub Cadet is among the most popular riding mowers on the market today. Removing the screws will release the assembly.

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