| Shipping Information SSP1-TKY. There is a noticeable “on target” pellet count difference between the two at 40 yards and beyond, and any time you squeeze the trigger on a big tom, the goal is to make a quick, clean kill. The very small bore of the gun produces a narrow shot pattern with a long shotstring regardless of choke constriction. In this Santee Cooper tournament, I ran up the river and fished channel swings and current breaks with three or four types of lures.

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The little gun has a 26-inch barrel optimized for Federal TSS loads and weighs in at just a tick over five pounds. and are a guide to the price you may expect to be charged locally for those products. Let’s take a look at some of the more popular optics that would fit a .410 turkey gun perfectly.

He designed his custom chokes with release ports to dissipate the gases as the payload is exiting the choke, which results, according to the company, in a slight reduction in felt recoil. That conversation seemed to dominate the internet turkey talk sites over the past few years, but now the talk has shifted to finding that magical blend for the smaller shotgun gauges, including the diminutive .410. For many hunters, Halloween, as well as the days surrounding this holiday, are not only for spooky movies and trick-or-treating; it is also a time when hunting is at its best.

Every Kauger Arms firearm is made to order in the Hazlehurst, Georgia. Before I got totally involved in the outdoors, the outdoors appeared to be a very scary place to me for people with disabilities. The guy features a vent rib, fiber optic front sight and is compatible with Beretta/Benelli Mobil choke thread patterns. A 6mm MOA model is also available. It’s always interesting when something new, new hits the market. Local outdoor organizations may rally round a person with a disability to help raise money to purchase adaptive equipment. I guess it’s a product companies trying to be the best of the best, and they have done a phenomenal job of developing remarkable products. Some use scopes while others go the red dot route.

I break down adaptive equipment into three categories: equipment originally designed for able-bodied people but that can be used by people with disabilities, equipment specifically designed for people with physical disabilities, and equipment or modifications of equipment people build in their garages and workshops. I caught my biggest bass of 7 pounds, 12 ounces, by using my Humminbird Mega 360 feature on my depth finder. Jeb’s Head Hunter Turkey Choke Jeb’s Choke Tubes has introduced a turkey choke for the .410 following a very successful launch of … New for 2020 is the Mossberg SA-410, a semiautomatic .410 gauge shotgun that is loaded with custom features.
Many people made the assumption that if you had some type of disability that being in the outdoors and participating in outdoor sports were off limits for you. In addition to the popular Mossberg 500 pump model, the company has reacted to the needs of hunters who prefer a semi-automatic shotgun. Youngsters want to have everything you have, so I always make sure I have a gun that will fit them.

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| FAQ Instead of noting a defined constriction in the chokes, Jeb’s offers their .410 turkey model in Improved, Modified, Full and Extra Full. And 30 was a bit of a stretch. Your e-mail address, street address, telephone number and purchase information will be kept strictly confidential.

Both shot options offer a decided performance advantage over what their predecessors had at their disposal years ago.

New for 2020 is the Mossberg 500 .410 turkey gun. Get Mr. Tom in range and enjoy the thrill that turkey hunting up close can provide. 2020 © Braztech International, LC Rossi and Amadeo Rossi are registered marks of Braztech International, LC

CUSTOMER CARE 229-210-2727 or 800-948-8029. Back in the day, when turkey loads only contained chilled or slightly hardened lead shot, turkey guns, regardless of barrel length and choke, were limited in their range to harvest a gobbler at much more than 40 yards. Each gun comes with five different choke tubes. The .410 choke restrictions for turkey guns ranges from .380-.390. Much of the move to the smaller gauges has been due to the improvement in choke tubes, shotshell wad designs and heavier-than-lead shot, which has proven to pattern very tightly in 12-gauge guns at distances well beyond that 40-yard benchmark. Gun Cases . Rossi Tuffy Turkey Single Shot 410 Ga, 26" Barrel, 3" Chamber, Bead Sights, OD Green. SINGLE SHOT TUFFY™ 410 Bore 26" TURKEY BLACK / OLIVE DRAB GREEN . For the really diehard turkey hunters among us, a turkey hunt is not about how far you can shoot one….it is all about how close to the gun you can get one. Let’s face it, facts are facts, the TSS pellets are 22% more dense than tungsten and 56% more dense than lead.

This reticle features standard crosshairs with two vertical ovals that allow you to center the turkey’s head in the scope for a quick, clean harvest.

You will find that these new loads are quite a bit more expensive than lead ammunition, but when all the beans are counted, you can bet that your ammunition will be the least expensive part of your turkey hunt.

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The optic is adjustable for windage and elevation, features an MOA reticle and 1X power magnification. When all is said and done, the .410 today is most certainly a much more viable option for the turkey woods than ever before. The scope uses the Weaver mount system that most shotguns readily accept.

But it is important to get a real handle on the capabilities of the little gun when it comes taking a shot at a distance.
You will also find that these loads are roughly half the price of the TSS loads. Solo Hunting: 7 Safety Tips for Hunting Alone, Bill Lowen Fishes Various Lures at Santee Cooper Bassmaster Tournament, 5 Tips for a Successful Public Duck Opener, Brandon Palaniuk Catches His Biggest Bass in the Santee Cooper Tournament, What to Wear Fly Fishing and Items to Bring with You. Prices Listed are M.S.R.P. 30 yards and a .410 Killer Posted by Dennis Proffitt on 7th May 2020 I have several chokes in my 410, this JEBS choke turned it in to a 30 yard gun. | Privacy Policy Products may vary from those depicted, and Rossi reserve the right to modify, change or discontinue product, pricing or features at any time without prior notice. Now, this isn’t an issue with the .410, but the tubes are designed the same way through the spectrum of gauges. That said, it really is important to understand the ballistics capability of the .410 shotgun. This jebs choke tube is great fun in my .410. For early dove season in the South, I don’t believe there is a better pattern than Mossy Oak Obsession. Turkey Choke; Item Number : P902 Works only with Turkey Gun - Item No S121240ST; $18.00 ; Qty: View More.

Turkey Hunting with a .410: Shotguns, Loads, Chokes, What You Need to Know, NWTF Announces NWTF TV Sponsored by Mossy Oak, Bobby Sears of JEBS Chokes Achieves Single Season Turkey Slam with .410 Handgun, Camouflage, and the Best Guns for Hunting Doves, Gear Review: Stevens by Savage 301 Turkey, Types of Adaptive Outdoor Equipment for Hunters with Disabilities, Ashlee Lundvall Recommends Outdoor Adaptive Equipment, Ashlee Lundvall Lives the Outdoors Lifestyle Despite Disability, Bill Lowen Explains His Lures and Equipment for the Santee Cooper Tournament.

Because of the interchangeable choke system, this little gun could double as a great early season dove gun when fitted with a more open choke.

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