Hercule BRASSAC (GC Ch. 20 April 1834 Spons: Honore BOUTTE & Victorine BOUTTE. Fr. Flavius Henri ROSSI (Opel. : v.3, p.290-A), CHARLES ZEPHIRA Indians (Chanaque & Hortance - Indians) bt. Spons: Cyprien ARCENNEAU & Josephine NEZAT. (Charenton Ch. Fr. In an interview with Ebony magazine, Tina once recalled that her mother made altar boy robes and other garments for the church so her children could attend Catholic schools. In the year 1898 Indian Creek became Charenton, a name not flattered by those who know something about its origin. : v.1-A, p.212), Indian, child (Severine - sauvagesse [Indian] buried 10 Jan. 1830. Fr. : v.8, #702), BOUTTE, Marie Philippan (Philippe Philippan & Pelagie, sauvagesse) b. P. DEVOS (GC Ch. 23 Oct. 1780 at age 36 yrs. (GC Ch. The couple lived in Vermilion, Louisiana, where Odelia had 18 children, two of whom died. This picture of Beyonce and Tina showed the two promoting the business surrounded by racks of glossy outfits - being watched over by a large silver frame with a charming photograph of Agnes in her youth. Spons: Louis BRUSSARD [BROUSSARD] & Marie Adelaide MON (?). 20 July 1856 (Opel. (Charenton Ch. of yellow fever (Charenton Ch. She had seven children including Tina, the mother of Beyonce, who has become a successful entrepreneur. : v.9, #9), AUGUSTIN - sauvage (Alexandre - sauvage & Marguerite - sauvagesse) bt. Leclair G. 19 April 1802 at age 11 mths. 21 Nov. 1819 at age 1 1/2 yrs. Fr. : v. 1, p. 39), PAULINE, an Indian d. 2 Nov. 1867 at age 50 yrs. 19 June 1855 (Charenton Ch. Find Rosalie Jean's phone number, address, and email on Spokeo, the leading online directory for contact information. Maternal Grandparents: Sazeme, Indian & Marguerite, a free negro. Join Facebook to connect with Rosalie Jean and others you may know. Michel Bernard BARRIERE (SM Ch. 15 July 1839 at age 8 yrs. IRENEE, of Pointe Coupee. Rosalie had 5 siblings: François Marie QUETTIER, Jean Louis QUETTIER and 3 other siblings. After her first marriage failed, she married a salt mine employee called Albert Lumas Buyince, left. : v. 1, p. 98) NELSON, William f.m.o.c. Jean Louis Marie Eugène Durieu (1800–1874) was an early French amateur nude photographer, primarily known for his early nude photographs of men and women.. A number of his male and female models were also painted by Eugène Delacroix, with whom he was friends. We have traced Beyonce’s family tree back to 1800 and found her great-great-great grandmother, a black slave called Rosalie Jean Louis who was born that year. 9 June 1811 at age 6 mths. However, given the widespread prevalence of slave ownership among the population of Louisiana at the time and his relative wealth, this could certainly be the love match between a slave owner and a slave to which Beyonce referred in her interview. We are no longer accepting comments on this article. Published: 22:18 GMT, 8 August 2018 | Updated: 11:34 GMT, 9 August 2018. Spons: Pierre LABICHE & Louise GARRIGUES Flaujac nee [born] KERLEGAND [DeKERLEGAND]. (Charenton Ch. 7 Sept. 1832 (SM Ch. : v.1-A, (Opel. were buried in the Cemetery of Charenton. Her great-great-great grandmother, a black slave called Rosalie Jean Louis, was born in 1800 Rosalie escaped slavery by marrying Joseph Lacey, a well-off white American merchant Pedro de ZAMORA (Opel. Disclaimer: By using this website, you accept the Spokeo Terms of Use. Agnes Derouen, Beyonce’s grandmother, was born in 1909 and went on to become a renowned and skilled seamstress in Louisiana. : v. 1, p. 91), ALFRED (Caroline, sauvagesse) b. She never attended school and was unable to read and write. Rosalie Louis Jean • Destine Tijean • Maelle Louis Jean • Karl Louis • Florence Pierre Pierre • Jean Rosalie Louis • Christene England Louis . : v. 1, p. 103), ANTOINE - an Indian (son of Patate - residing at Andre MARTIN) bt. ‘He was present at the first of their children’s marriages in 1872 and the last before he died.’. In a sign of her admiration for Agnes, Tina named her fashion line House of Dereon — an adaptation of Derouen, her mother’s maiden name. Spons: William WEST & Marie Marthe BELARD. Sale of land to several Whites. : v.1-A, p.96), MASSE an Indian, a batchelor d. 26 Dec. 1867 (Charenton Ch. Jean Louis Marie Eugène Durieu (1800–1874) was an early French amateur nude photographer, primarily known for his early nude photographs of men and women. The fact he owned slaves has not been confirmed by historical records. 20 April 1829 at age 8 yrs. : v.8, #702), BOUTTE, Philippe (Philippe Philippau & Pelagie - sauvagesse) b. : 17 March 1890. (Laf. First priests came from New Iberia. 16 May 1860 (Charenton Ch. Unavailable. Ch. Jean ROSTI (GC Ch. : v.2, p. 152), MARIE JEANNE an Indian Succ. First priests came from New Iberia. Fr. Fr. ‘Although Eloi had married Rose, he spent most of his adult years in open concubinage with Tine.’. The first church was built A church record, which is disputed by Landry and other genealogists as a case of mistaken identity, has been found by the Mail. (Charenton Ch. : v. 1, p. 39), CHONRITE, Marguerite (Chonrite, sauvagesse) bt. : v.1-A, p.169), MICHEL - sauvage Atacapas [Atacapas Indian] bt. Spons: Michel PITHON & Clarisse LEBLEUE. Do not use this site to make decisions [1836] (GC Ch. Site Designed by ASBA Creative Studio, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Forgotten People: Cane River's Creoles of Color, François Lemelle and Charlotte Christine Labbé, Antoine Boisdoré and Marie Françoise Magdeleine Veillon, Gabriel Fusélier de la Claire and Jeanne Roman, Gabriel Fusélier de la Claire and Hélène Soileau, Antoine Boutté and Françoise Hiacinthe Verloin de Gruïs, Alexandre Joseph François de Clouet and Marie-Louise de Favrot. According to U.S. genealogist Christophe Landry, who uncovered the illicit liaison: ‘Eloi and Tine’s story is not one of rape. (Charenton Ch. 12 Oct. 1821 Spons: Hoobert [perhaps Hubert] BELARD & Brigitte AUGE. Jean was born on April 25 1812, in Rennes, Bretagne (Région), France. Ch. Jean ROSTI (GC Ch. : v.1, p.165), CELESTE LOUIS, an Indian (Marianne, an Indian) bt. Fr. Flavius Henri ROSSI (Opel. According to U.S. records, she escaped from a terrible life of slavery by marrying Joseph Lacey, a well-off white American merchant. 10 June 1834 (Opel. : v. 1, p. 98), TELSAMIN, Pierre - Sovage [Sauvage - an Indian] (Marie TELSAMIN- sovagesse [sauvagesse - an Indian] died 22 April 1824 at age about 8 years; buried 23 April 1824 in the parish cemetery. Fr. : v. 1, p.60), DARDEN, Pauline (Frederic & Marie Louise BOUG, an Indian) bt. The word "creek" so called because of the Bayou Teche which moves its waters in a bending form across the fields; the word "Indian" was added because of the "Techi-Ti-matchas" tribe which resides here, on the shores of the grand lake. Victor PAILLASSON (GC Ch. Fr. : Slave Baptisms (1756) v.1, p.81-A), Indian - "un sauvage" [an Indian] died 11 March 1821 at age about 16 years; buried 12 March 1821 in the St. Charles church cemetery.

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