Tom Dubois is possessed by Stinkmeaner's spirit. He is a regular character on The Boondocks cartoon, as well as the comic strip. During the episode Stinkmeaner: Begun the Clone War Has, Granddad undergoes extreme training and becomes skilled enough in H2H combat to nearly kill the enhanced Stinkmeaner clone. The aftermath of the horrifically dangerous ordeal saw Robert doing some jail time with the Freedom Riders leader, Sturdy Harris, who was of questionable sanity.

He lives with them in the suburb of Woodcrest and really likes ladies.

But for him to be present during World War II and several civil rights events, he would be 90 to 110 years old today (taking into account his cartoonish antics, his relative stamina and energy versus others his age, and the minimum age of World War II participants - at least 86 per 1945 participation). Robert Jebediah Freeman's popularity ranking on CharacTour is #4442 out of 5,300+ characters. Riley is fascinated by firearms, and displays a tendency to violence. He frequents dating sites and constantly tries to get with women who are significantly younger than him.

He is the legal guardian of Huey and Riley, after their parents were in some sort of accident, and live in the exclusive suburb of Woodcrest. Robert was trying to skip town back home to Chicago but got on the wrong bus with the Freedom Riders. Family Robert has also been shown to not like reading importants stuff like contracts and forms. He used their inheritance money to move the family to the affluent, white suburb of Woodcrest in Maryland.

Though he would seem to be everything his brother is not, Riley demonstrates his ability to rationalize and plan, such as when he left attorney Tom DuBois speechless after debating with him in "The Trial of R. Kelly". View the profiles of people named Freeman Jebediah Robert.

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When Riley want to get in trouble Huey often stops him but when granddad comes Riley tells what happens and lets Riley go away free. your own Pins on Pinterest

During the war, his wingman, Moe, often took credit for things that Robert did or that they dually accomplished together, and Robert's angst about this culminated at Moe's funeral, during which he blows the lid off of some of Moe's more embellished accomplishments. Also, he has recently discovered internet dating and is aware of social networks such as MySpace.

He is also shown to have loved his deceased wife, and was touched when Riley painted her on the house. Even at a young age, Robert was skilled enough to beat several men down with his belt. BitchesPops Mature pages are recommended for those who are 18 years of age and older. But he also finds it extremely difficult to have any form of respect for him, given Robert's antics and how he can be selfish, prideful and arrogant. Robert has also been revealed to be extremely incompetent with money and finances. He is the grandfather of Huey and Riley Freeman. When describing his experiences during those times he shamelessly includes himself alongside several important figures during that period.

Last strip Friends/Allies Nickname Robert Jebediah Freeman is the tritagonist of The Boondocks. In the comic strip, Huey's best friend is Michael Caesar, who effectively counters Huey's pessimistic world outlook with his upbeat personality and temperament. Uncle Ruckus, a self-hating black racist, butts heads with Robert often.

Robert Freeman

However, he resents that Rosa Parks gets all the glory for refusing to give up her seat on the bus after the driver ignored the fact that he had refused first.

In the episode The Itis he funds Robert's Soul Food restaurant venture seemingly as part of a plot to lower property values in the area so that he could purchase the nearby park and develop it. "The Boondocks: Exclusive Character Profile – Kanye West", "The Boondocks: Beware Colonel Stinkmeaner",, Articles with unsourced statements from May 2013, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 4 October 2020, at 18:15. Robert has three different looks as a young man throughout the series. Join Facebook to connect with Robert Jebediah Freeman and others you may know. Elderly Parent, Riley Freeman (younger grandson)Unnamed wife (possibly deceased)Unnamed son(possibly deceased)Unnamed daughter-in-law (possibly deceased)Cookie Freeman (sister)Jericho Freeman (second cousin)Mr and Mrs Freeman (Presumably Deceased Brother or Sister). This is shown when he fought with Thugnificent and made numerous videos dissing him. He also begins dating a long-lost Kardashian sister and winds up on a reality show.

During the war, his wingman, Moe, often took credit for things that Robert did or that they dually accomplished together, and Robert's angst about this culminated at Moe's funeral…

It is not known when Robert was born, but taking into consideration how he fought in WWII, he was probably born sometime in the 1920s.Robert was a Tuskegee Airman and flew a P-51 Mustang, and was an active participant in the U.S. civil rights movement.

Mooncake • While living in Alabama during Jim Crow law, Robert was an accidental and unwilling participant in The Freedom Rides. Riley •

Robert seems to have a soft spot for Jazmine, referring to her as "Little Baby" and often addressing her with a great deal of affection. In the television series, this role is played by Huey's neighbor Jazmine Dubois, who balances Huey's character with her childlike, naive innocence, often causing Huey to have to resolve a situation where she is being taken advantage of. It oftens seems that Robert treats Jazmine more like his grandchild than he does his own grandchildren.

He isn't exactly the best parental figure or influence. He then forces Riley to paint over the side of the house. Stanley Goodman • ", though this title is often questioned by others throughout the series.

He is voiced by John Witherspoon. These punishments don't seem to deter Riley, however, and he is much more unrelenting with his disrespect as a result. Riley and Huey tracked Ebony down from information in her Twitter feed.

Robert Jebediah Freeman is the tritagonist of The Boondocks. Living... in Woodcrest, Maryland.

Brock Samson • It was a big shock to Huey and Riley, who had lived on the gritty South Side of Chicago. Although Robert did participate in some civil rights marches, he tends to exaggerate how much of an impact he had.

It's also shown that, despite being a womanizer with a thing for younger women, Robert still loves his deceased wife and was touched when Riley painted her on the house. Stickmeaner and Robert exchanged words and he later went on to step on Roberts shoes.

The closest thing Robert had to a mutually loving romantic relationship and quite frankly would have been the single most wonderful thing to happen to Robert was Ebony Brown. The Freeman family in The Boondocks series is portrayed as an all-male, African-American trio, each having very different personalities.

He never accepts responsibility for his actions, nor does he learn any lessons.

He believes in strict discipline, quick to go for his belt when the boys step out of line. He also had a grudge against Rosa Parks for "stealing his thunder", as he was sitting next to her on the bus and likewise refused to give up his seat.

Cartoon Network Heroes •

In the episode The Itis he funds Robert's Soul Food restaurant venture seemingly as part of a plot to lower property values in the area so that he could purchase the nearby park and develop it. Because of his experience raising a child (Huey and Riley's father) and then raising Huey and Riley he knows when to use a belt, how to use a belt, and whom to use a belt on.

Last episode Full Name Ethnicity

He maintains an austere, yet strangely loving relationship with his brother Riley, and occasionally goes out of his way to prevent his brother from succumbing to bad influences (giving some "tough love"). — Robert Freeman. At Christmas, he declared himself "The Santa Stalker" and attacked the Santa at the local mall with Airsoft Glock 17s, hitting many innocent bystanders.

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